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A self-managed super fund, or SMSF, allows you total control over the investments made with your retirement money. The investments can be made in investment property, shares, term deposits, or other allowable investments. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) estimates that...

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Lifestyle and living

8 Important Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Retire

What are some of essential issues to consider when looking at retirement options for most immigrants? For those people, who have lived in the...

Does goal-setting and success go hand in hand?

An attempt to uncover the truth.... "Don't wait for opportunity, Create it! What do women millionaires do differently? If you had the opportunity to sit...
city lit up at night

Embrace good debt and avoid bad debt

Reasons why you should ... In this article, we will explore what is good debt and what is bad debt. Debt is borrowed money. It is...

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Money Matters

smsf purchase

Is Buying Property In Self Managed Super Fund Right For You?

A self-managed super fund, or SMSF, allows you total control over the investments made with your retirement money. The investments can be made in...
debt load

What is Debt Recycling?

Debt recycling is a strategy that seeks to assist you in paying off your non-deductible debt (for example, your house loan) as quickly as...

New Habits For A Happy New Year

As the old adage goes, "a dollar saved is a dollar earned but seldom vice versa," - Evar Esar. We all want to see...


Manifestation Journal 101 – Your Ultimate Guide

What is a Manifestation Journal? A manifestation journal is essentially a journal for tracking your manifestation goals. Positive energy, ideas, and behaviors display the law...

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Property Investment for Beginners – An Introduction

property investment for beginners
Property investment has been a hot topic in the past decades. Why? Because it has generated a lot of wealth. When it comes to...

Property Investment Guide – Part 1 (The Risks)

property investment risks
Previously, I’ve illustrated the fundamental concepts of property investment. In this article, I’ll highlight the risks in property investment and provide several valuable tips...

Property Investment Guide – Part 2 (The Tips)

property investment guide
Property Investment Tip #1: The most important - plan and research before you buy Now that you understand the risks in property investment from the...

10 small business ideas you can start with $0 capital

small business ideas
Most people think that starting a small business requires large sums of money. Some people go to the strengths of borrowing thousands of dollars...

5 Great Ways To Diversify Your Income

social networks
In these uncertain times, a lot of people are beginning to realise that a single stream of income is probably not going to cut...

The importance of children’s financial literacy

Parent teaching child
Financial literacy is about knowing money – why it’s needed, what it can do, how it’s made, how it should be spent and the...
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Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset: How does mindset shape your business?

Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset Investing In Your Growth is important. Every individual (be it in business or property investment) wants to succeed in...

15 Best Success Quotes That Will Inspire You In Business and Life

Quotes On Success For most entrepreneurs realising financial freedom is the icing on the cake. However, in most cases helping countless people along the...

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WatuDaily editors select each product featured. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission.  Many parents may share horror stories concerning their children's bath time & bedtime. Both bath time and bedtime rituals and routines for kids...
Many new parents want to strike a balance between discovering a distinctive baby boy name and selecting one that will be instantly known and not be challenging to say or spell. A name's popularity can fluctuate over time. Additionally,...
Falling in love is relatively easy. You can effortlessly describe the sexual passion, romance, and excitement you felt. There were undoubtedly some challenges in deciding whether to open your heart, wallet, and bed to this fascinating individual. But you...

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