10 Cosy Inspirational Home Décor Themes (It’s All In The Details)

modern style decor

Not everyone has a vision in mind on how to theme their home. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a new glamorous home décor theme that can transform your home into an aesthetically beautiful space. A true eye-catching view for your eyes and all your guests. 

While this sounds good and simple sometimes it’s just not that easy to design our homes as having too many options can prove to be overwhelming.

We, humans, are very vivid creatures but sometimes the image doesn’t come easy in our minds. In this article, we have simplified a rather complex subject so that you will have the missing pieces to help you decorate your home with ease. Here are our 10 cozy inspirational home décor ideas that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

1. Hamptons Style

inspiration Hamptons style living room décor
Hampton Style Inspired Living Room

The Hamptons Style is the ultimate luxury theme for your home. This is mostly due to the gorgeously decorated homes that bring comfort and relaxation in beachy surroundings. If you’re a summer person that loves the beach then this is the theme for you.

This is bringing tropical beach vibes into your home. There isn’t a better way to relax at home after work or to continue your vacation when you get home. All in all, this theme is composed of brownish, orangey, or pinkish items, accessories, and furniture. You can paint your walls with white crisp shade color. And, some tropical plants will do the trick!

Despite its carefree feel, it’s still elegant and it’s best used on beach homes. However, if done right it can be used in every area.

2. Mid-Century Modern Style

mid-century inspired décor
Mid-Century Inspired Design

This living room theme has a feel of the mid-century. And, is mostly composed of bright tones and sophisticated grey and white color to create a beautiful and homely atmosphere. 

The features of this theme consist of classical, understated looks, and clean lines with little fuss. Here the functionality is very important with minimal ornamentation. You need to focus on the juxtaposition of different materials or contrasting materials. But also explore a little bit with different traditional and non-traditional materials. 

This theme is so popular that you can’t get enough of it. It is everywhere… from books, TV shows, news magazines to personal blogs and offices.

3. Nautical Style

nautical inspired décor
Nautical Style

It’s so easy to see why this theme still appeals to people. It’s fresh, elegant, and it’s an amazing way to remind ourselves of faraway shores, vacations, and plenty of natural color and textures.

The Nautical décor is mostly defined by the natural color of the sea, sand, stones, and driftwood. The brighter shades are inspired by the luminescent turquoise in the Caribbean. 

And, what makes this décor very popular these days is the priority in homes. This natural and popular trend has taken an important meaning.  Plus, the decoration varies from warm and rich color schemes to more pared-back shades.

4. Bohemian Style

bohemian style décor
Bohemian Style Decor

The Bohemian theme is for those who like their homes full of culture, life, and interesting accessories for everyone to experience. This aesthetic theme is a modern sensibility and it embraces carefree, creative, and unconventional décor. 

Boho is for the people who want to lead an unconventional life like travelers, writers, and actors. The combination of objects, colors, and different patterns from many places of the world are representing this Bohemian style of living. 

There are no rules when it comes to decoration for this theme. Most common are warm and earthy colors as well as metallic and jewel tones.

5. Shabby Chic Style

shabby chic style décor
Shabby Chic Living Space

When thinking of Shabby Chic the first thing that comes to mind is clean and white linen with antique furniture. The key characteristics of this theme are the distressed furniture – mostly coated in chalk paint – and the muted hues, floral patterns, and ruffles.

If you’re feeling romantic and grounded this is the theme for you. It has a very relaxed appearance and is defined by a vintage atmosphere. While this theme is far different today from past years, it doesn’t mean it lost its relaxed and happy touch.

The colors in the Shabby Chic theme are inspired by the English style and that’s why it’s popular and used in British shows.

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6. Modern Style

modern style interior décor
Modern Style Living

The Modern theme consists of natural materials, earthy or natural colors, and eliminating unnecessary detailing. This style mostly uses monochromatic colors but that doesn’t mean you can’t use something else.

There is a certain philosophy about this theme that makes it a perfect match for someone who is looking for something simple, uncluttered areas with clean lines and of course lack of fussy adornments. It also goes well in the open floor plans. 

Here the structural elements are often exposed. And, there are fewer curves when emphasizing horizontal and vertical lines. There is no fussiness or fluff but there is a lot of natural light and plenty of unadorned windows. For this theme natural woods and wood, veneers are used with a reflective surface like steel, glass, or chrome.

7. Contemporary Style

contemporary style dining inspirational décor
Contemporary Style Dining Room

The Contemporary design evokes a welcoming and comfortable feeling without being dark or cluttered. This style is not only used in everyday homes but also in offices, traditional homes, and loft apartments.

By focusing on space, color, and shape, you’re creating a contemporary environment that is sleek and fresh. The main colors for this theme are black, white, and neutrals. Black is used the most for grounding and defining the room. And, the walls are normally painted neutral. Everything else should be bright.

But, the most obvious element that creates this Contemporary atmosphere is the lines and spaces. It doesn’t matter if you put vertical or horizontal lines the results are always astonishing. The lines are always in some architectural detail and the space on the walls, between furniture, becomes very important in this theme.

8. Farmhouse Style

farmhouse inspired living space décor
Farmhouse Inspired Interior Decor

The comfy, cozy, and charismatic atmosphere in this inspirational Farmhouse decor is astonishing. It is as popular as ever and is being used in TV Shows and all around the world. People are flocking this look and they’ve been embracing traditional looks in their homes. 

Most importantly this theme creates feelings of comfort and warmth. It’s very traditional, classy, and it’s not fussy as well. This Farmhouse theme makes you put up your feet and just chill for a while. 

There are plenty of vintage furnishings and also traditional fabrics. Adding a neutral color scheme and smooth lines makes this theme even more relaxing. Kinda like the Contemporary style but with more hot cocoa. It’s similar to the country style but the Farmhouse has a certain level of sophistication.

9. Rustic Style

rustic style interior décor
Rustic Style Interior

To have a Rustic theme you don’t need to live on a Treehouse or a cabin. You will need to put some emphasis on the organic and neutral. Most Rustic décor is made from real wood, they are either entirely natural or lightly treated. Just think of natural wood and raw materials that come straight from the earth.

This theme does feel unpretentious or stuffy but it’s a type of design that is very approachable and relaxed. Calming and traditional is the way it should feel with its color palettes. 

The colors on this theme are key and they should be natural and neutral colors… such as whites, browns, beiges, and grays. Make sure to keep it muted and monochrome because you won’t find a lot of splashes of bold paint.

10. Beach Style

beach style kids bedroom décor
Beach theme kids bedroom decor

There is always something special with the Beach style. Can it be the sea air or the soothing sounds? Or maybe it’s more connected with the furniture and the style of the room…

All of them make the perfect Beach-style atmosphere for you to enjoy. The theme is so appealing you can sense it when you enter the room. You can feel instantly relaxed and happy with this Home décor. And, it evokes positive emotions around the house.

It consists of a casual layering of no-frills furnishings created from natural materials, collected finds from nature, and pops of fun colors. And, let’s not forget the charming nautical and coastal elements found in the accessories, lighting, shades of blue, and also plenty of windows.


The process of transforming your home to some of these Home décor themes can be fun. But also it can be a little bit challenging. If you just bought a new house it’s easy to start from scratch and create the theme. And, if you want to transform a room you can always use what you got plus you can add something new. You don’t need to buy new furniture if your furniture represents the Home décor theme you like.

While using these themes as an example you can even combine the themes or create something new for your home. You’ll be more proud of yourself and you will have more fun. Don’t forget to call your friends and family to help, it’s always better with them.

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