12 Habits Of Highly Successful People That Will Set You Up For Life

What Is Success?

There are many definitions of success. Most people think success is subjective. However, all the greats agree on one thing; perseverance in the face of failure or adversity will eventually lead to success. It is well documented that the journey to the top leaves behind visible tracks. Therefore, as a keen student of this subject, studying the daily habits of successful people will make you capable of achieving similar or even better results.

Before you think it’s all too much to grasp, remember that success is a journey and not a destination. Consequently, you are required to learn and do the necessary work to reach great heights. As a result, this calls for sound adjustments and implementation of the valuable knowledge. For now let’s dive in and look at the habits first….

While it might seem easier said than done, any successful individual will tell you that good habits are imperative when you are on your way to achieving your goals. Mark Wahlberg famously shared his daily routine in 2018 that shook the internet. The gruelling routine involved him waking up at 2:30 am and over ninety minutes of physical training. This may seem like an extreme case to some however, Wahlberg accredited his onscreen success to his strict regimen. Certainly, there has to be a method to his madness because it earned him the respected title of highest paid actor in 2017. 

“Successful people are slaves to their good daily habits”


Studies reveal that a well-balanced routine and good habits are linked to success.

Follow success pages on social media such as Watudaily to help you stay motivated and inspired in business, property investment projects or life in general. Always take valuable lessons from the greats. It pays to be a good student.

Here are the 10 habits that will surely send you on your way to achieving your goals.

1. Get Up Early

We have all heard of the age-old proverb “The early bird gets the worm”; turns out there is more stock to the term than one might realise. In fact, studies have shown getting up early has several benefits.

These benefits include: increased productivity, less stress and encourages a pragmatic outlook. When an individual allows themselves more time in the morning to start their day, they are less likely to find themselves rushing out the door; ultimately minimising stress.

The early bird gets the worm

Firstly, planning your day effectively is achieved with level minded ease and a positive outlook if done the night before. Prepare seemingly simple tasks upfront as this will give you a head start the next morning.

This will include choosing the clothes you will wear and what you will eat in the morning. Secondly, pack your bag for the day’s activities, e.g. gym bag, to knowing where your car or office keys.  Subsequently, this will make your morning run smoothly, sets you up for an effective day because you do not spend too much time getting ready for the day.

2. Make A Schedule

Organisation has proved to be beneficial in boosting productivity. Plan and create a schedule allows for a sense of control, therefore creating a clear roadmap – in other words a strategy – in order to reach ones short term and long term objectives. 

It’s true that getting ready for your working week is best done on Sunday, “Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Addicted2success.com. Allow yourself time in the mornings to review your daily objectives in preparation for your day. This habit will encourage the establishment of professionalism, routine and reliability.

< img src = “to do list planner.jpg” = make a schedule = “success habits”>
Make A Schedule – Your To-Do List

One actionable way to do this is to have a ‘To Do” list. Always set for yourself an effective and practical to do list for each day. This will help you with time management and prioritizing the tasks that you have for the day. Whilst some of your tasks are monthly or yearly, breaking them down into daily task will keep you on track.

It will help you pick up uncompleted task from the previous day and carry forward what is outstanding form the current day.  A To Do list keeps you focused and saves on time. 

3. Take Action

Plans without execution simply gather dust and are eventually neglected. According to Washington Mazambani (Your Wealth Mentor) taking action “triggers motion”, “necessary to facilitate desired results”, “creates good habits” and “validates your sense of accomplishment”.

These give you positive energy and additional life and professional experience. Ultimately, starting your plans and following through consistently cultivates confidence and decisiveness. This is helpful when it comes to decision making.

< gif src = “man saying take action.gif” = success quote= “success habits”>
“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” – Chris Grosser

Avoid procrastination at all cost. People procrastinate for various reasons which include task aversion, perfectionism, overestimation of time required to perform a task, fear of failure, mere disorganization and poor time management, among others.

It is clear therefore, that people experience procrastination differently and for different reasons. Whatever the reasons, we need to exercise self-control and never leave for tomorrow what we can do today. Procrastination is an obstacle to successful goal achievement and as the common saying goes, it is

“a thief of time”

Edward Young

4. Be Health Conscious

A well-oiled machine performs at its best. This is the same with regards to your body. The healthier you are the greater your output capacity. Being health conscious is a cumulation of mental health, nutrition and physical fitness which contribute to a growth mindset necessary for business success.

< img src = “black men upper body exercise.jpg” = health and wealth= “success habits”>
Health Is Wealth

When you’re healthy, there is one less obstacle you need to worry about thus, you would be able to focus intently on your tasks. In addition, good health leaves you feeling motivated and encourages positivity. You can maintain your health by eating well, sleeping well, exercising and/or consulting a mental health professional.

5. Make Time To Wind Down

While being energetic and productive is a major component in the formula of success; a good winding down routine is just as important. Decompressing and unburdening yourself of the day’s work benefits your mental wellbeing and sleep quality. Good sleep hygiene is paramount to a good night’s rest.

Put down your devices at least an hour before bed as per experts recommendation. Mediation and relaxation will help release all the day’s stressors. According to entrepreneur.com mediation enhances learning and memory capacity as well as tame negative emotions among other benefits.

Sleep Is The Best Meditation – Dalia Lama

Furthermore, use the end of each day to reflect on your day without dwelling in the past.  This is not an easy process to incorporate. However, you can achieve this by setting questions that you ask yourself daily. You can achieve this by going through your regular To Do list and reporting back to yourself. Use daily reflections to help you improve and achieve your goals and not to simply highlight your failures.

6. Read More

Reading is the oldest gateway to knowledge. Successful people know they will discover new information by reading material intended to expand the scope of their knowledge and improve their lives. According to healthline.com reading improves cognitive connectivity, vocabulary and comprehension. Lesser known benefits are that reading provides you with topics of discussion when conversing with like-minded people in networking scenarios.

Successful people know they will discover new information by reading more!


7. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Spending time with like-minded individuals will keep you on the right track. Surrounding yourself with individuals who lack motivation and are not goal orientated can rub off onto you thus, making you a source of negativity. Instead, thrive to surround yourself with people who inspire you and impart valuable wisdom and information. In this respect, you will create a support network which is essential when overcoming any obstacles in your way.

8. Avoid/Get Rid Of Distractions

Despite having a well-planned out day, there is always something that will crop up and call for your attention. It is important to master the ability to identify and get rid of distractions.  Whenever you set out to do something always ask yourself if it is the best use of your time. You can use the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize your tasks and eliminate time wasting activities.

Successful people understand that time is money and as such, they cannot afford to waste any of it. Reduce or minimise any unproductive activities that consume too much of your valuable time. Distractions like social media, streaming services and excessive socialising can be damaging. Prioritise your goals and objectives. Do not waste your time on non-essential activities. It is time you will never recover and time better spent elsewhere.

9. Be Prudent With Your Income

In other words, manage your income effectively with sustainability in mind. Develop a budget and stick to it. In addition, having more than one income stream. Do not rely on only one source of income. Therefore, when one stream no longer yields you have the comfort of knowing that there is another way you can generate income in the interim. Avoid lavish non-essential spending in your fledgling years. However, don’t be afraid to reward yourself for any major achievements just keep it sensible.

10. Develop A Habit Of Gratitude

Make it a habit to consciously practice gratitude. When we cultivate a spirit of gratitude and place our focus on the good that we have already received and not what we do not have, we thrive in various areas of our lives, emotional, social, health and career. Research says that gratitude is associated with long term happiness.

Feel Proud Of Your Achievement – Take Time To Be Grateful…

Take time to focus on your small success daily as small steps lead to great achievements – here are 15 best success quotes to help you stay motivated and grateful.

“Feel proud of your achievement, no matter how small they are and create or renew a spark of determination within yourself so that you continue to work hard.” – Amy Pengergrass. 

This will fuel you to achieve more.  Every new day becomes an opportunity to take another step towards the ultimate big goal.

11. Believe In Yourself

Self-belief is having the feeling that you are capable of anything. Self-belief is natural for some but has to be cultivated for some. It is important for one to believe in one’s own worth and abilities. Individuals with self-belief feel empowered and confident and therefore set themselves up for success. 

Equally important, practice resilience. I believe that being Resilient is an underlying trait of successful people. Resilience is the ability to rise above challenges, easily adapt well to change and ultimately achieve business goals. Furthermore, do not let setbacks, failures or obstacles paralyze you but propel you to success. It is in the toughest of moments that we have the greatest opportunity for growth.

12. Communication

Last but not least, good communication. Developing and improving communication skills is crucial in order to succeed. Never leave emails unread and inquiries unresolved. Constantly inform your employees, clients and stakeholders.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

This creates clarity, direction and better relationships. Communication is a skill that takes a long time to master thus it is advisable to always be learning and developing new ways to do it well.


Some people can argue that the definition of success is subjective. However, there are some universal habits that collectively define a pathway that you can follow to become a great person. Now that you have the list, see how you can use it to better yourself. This can be achieved by taking small steps necessary to re-direct you so that you can get to your destination. The aim being to become a better person and set yourself an admirable life ahead. Have anything to add? Leave in the comments below. I learn from you just as much as you learn from me. Till next time, stay curious!

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