15 Lessons To Draw From The Inspirational Story Of Madam Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris


Madam Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris Makes History For Being The First Black Woman and First South Asian American Women In The American Presidential Office.

Her journey to the top job is nothing but pure ground breaking inspiration to many. Today, I will look at the lessons we can uncover from her story. Lessons without day-to-day application are not beneficial to anyone hence, in this article l will attempt to relate the lessons to you as a business owner as well as in your everyday life. Whilst I acknowledge that there are obvious differences between business and politics, I know that leadership is a common trait required for you to excel in either fields.  Before we get there, here is Harris’s brief background.

Personal Life 

Kamala Harris born 20 October 1964 (aged 56 years) is an American politician and attorney who is the vice-president elect of the United States.

Parents: Donald HarrisShyamala Gopalan Harris

Education: UC Hastings College of the Law (1989), Howard University (1986), Westmount High School (1981)

Children – Ella and Cole Emhoff. Harris honoured them in her victory speech for their support during the campaign and beyond, “To my husband Doug; our children, Cole and Ella; my sister, Maya; and our whole family, I love you all more than I can express,” she said. 

Spouse – Dough Emhoff

The Victory Speech – Her Powerful Story

Firstly, Harris captivated the world with her inspirational story of her journey to the top job. On the day she delivered the victory speech in Delaware, she did so with graceful poise and confidence. Like most, l could not help but fall in love with her story. A reminder why you should share your business and personal stories because this allows you to form an instant bond with your audience.


Furthermore, through mastering the power of positive influence, you gain the ability to connect with others and formulate deep relationships. This is an old simple tool that most business leaders often neglect to utilise. Today, l will take a page from Madam Vice-President elect’s rise to power journey and uncover the lessons that you can use to build your business. Here is my list:

The 15 Lessons

  • Always Smile – Harris reminded the world about the power of a smile. As William Arthur Ward puts it, “a smile is the universal language of kindness”. This signals to your audience and stakeholders that you are approachable, relatable and positively improves the relationship you have with them.
  • Inspire Others – Inspire people to do good and stand up for what they believe in. Therefore, allow the world to see a hint of hope so that they spread peace and not hate.
  • Choose truth – and always be true to yourself. The truth will set you free. In business you have an obligation to be truthful to your staff, colleagues, shareholders and other stakeholders. Businesses built on strong foundation last the distance and stand the test of time.
  • Spread faith where possible – More so in 2020, the business world needs more stories of faith and resilience. After enduring a period of sadness mainly brought about by the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Influence Others – Influence others to see the best in themselves so that they can excel and be productive. This is a tactic and skill that all business leaders should embrace in order to get the most out of their staff.
  • Share a message of hope from time to time – give people around you a reason to dream, especially the young.
  • Hard work pays off – In order to achieve any milestone in life you are required to put in the necessary work.
  • Never give up – Discover your unique fighting spirit and develop a mindset of determination, especially in the competitive and innovative entrepreneurial environment.
  • Stay focused – never take your eyes away from the end goal. In business you set your goals frequently and you are taught to re-evaluate them at set intervals. This allows you to remain on track to get to where you want to go.
  • Do things for the people or rather with peoples’ needs in mind – As the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to for far, go together”. This is essential in the business world where your main purpose and reason of existence is to solve people’s problems in one way or the other.
  • Women are capable – of achieving success and being great leaders just as well as their male counterparts. In Harris’s words, “I might be the first women in this office but, l am not going to be last”. That line resonated with millions of other women out there and undoubtedly a lot of women will be confident to go after senior roles in the workplace.
  • America is the land of possibilities – A welcomed message for those that have global business interests as it builds confidence and a sense of security for you moving forward.
  • Team work – is essential and be a team player at all times. In business you work as teams to achieve your desired results. As, “no one man is an island”. Knowledge and experience are gained and developed from learning from others.
  • Listen to what your audience, customers or people want – This seemingly simple task is often overlooked by many business people. It’s essential because listening meets a person’s primary need of validation and acceptance. Therefore, in order to run and operate a profitable enterprise you need to adopt this skill.
  • Lastly, be authentic – To influence people you need to be authentic. In the business world you cannot afford to be a carbon copy of someone else. You are required to find your voice because they is too much noise out there. Thus, to standout from your competition you will need to differentiate and brand yourself.


What She Wore To Her Delaware Victory Speech

Harris graced our television screens looking elegant. If you have ever dreamt of being a corporate girl or leading lady in your business you would have imagined yourself in a pant suit. She embodied authority and elegance in one look.

Like most women l sat there and l was not only inspired by her brains but her outfit as well. Harris’s outfit on the night in Delaware was superb. So in true service to all the curious fashionistas out there l have the amazing Harvard university graduate Claire Samuels founder of fashionbombdaily to thank for this worth while research.

Madam Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris In Delaware

According to Claire Samuels and her team on that iconic night in Delaware Madam Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris wore the following:

Suffragette White Pant Suit – by Carolina Herrera

Designed by – Wes Gordon

Shoes – Manolo Blahnik heels (not quite my shoe collection Mazkollection but you never know, maybe one day soon after all, this has taught us that it’s okay for a girl to dream).

Vice-President Elect Victory Speech

In case you missed this historical and inspirational moment here is her speech from the night as reported by The Guardian

Opening Quote – “Democracy is not a state, it is an act” – John Lewis (the late Congressman and Civil rights leader)


What lessons do you draw from her road to victory? Share your responses in the comment section below. As always, l learn from you as much as you do from me. Till our next short, informative and inspirational ‘did you know?’ section – never be afraid to dream..

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