How To Be A Standout Hostess By Using A 3 Tier Stand

3 tier cake stand for a wedding

3 Tier Stand and hosting

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Regarding hosting, how you prepare your home is vital, but what’s even more important is how you greet your visitors after they arrive. The most incredible way to start a visit is with soft music, some food and drink, and well-kept home and hostess who has everything together. There is nothing more refreshing than walking into a place that has a beautiful spread and a 3 tier cake stand because that is a sure way to get conversations started. Whether the stand has plants, fruits, cupcakes, or a cake, people will always appreciate a well-thought-out spread. 

3 tier stand with pastries
3 Tier Stand with Pastries

You can always purchase 3 tier cake stands online, or you can make your own at home to add your character to the stand. The beauty of making a stand is that you can drill the pieces together or glue them together, and you do not need a lot of supplies. When making your stand, you can choose from a basket stand, a tiered tray stand, or making an unconventional stand. Although a stand is made to your taste as a host, the main aim is to create pieces that will enjoy being in your home. Your stand is an integral part of any event you will host in your home, and you need to ensure that the finished project looks promising. 

How to make a 3 tier cake stand

When making a 3 tier cake stand, you need to establish what theme you want your cake to fall into. You have several options, from the mad hatter tier to the traditional cake stand. Allow yourself plenty of time to think about the design of your stand, including the components, the balance between them, and the color scheme. It is time well spent to produce a piece that you will be satisfied with once you have finished setting up your three-tier cake stand.

DIY 3 Tier cake stand using glue

An alternative method of making a 3 tier cake stand using glue

First and most importantly, you must establish an “anchor” in your project’s development. In part, because most porcelain glazes are pretty slippery, if you try to drill through the glaze with your bit, you will not be able to maintain control over the drilling, and your plates will move all over the place. Some people like to use painter’s tape, but I have found that this method is faster and more precise. Start slowly and carefully drilling at an angle into the plate while still dry to obtain adequate “bite.” Even though you can see how much dust gets generated, you need to gain a strong foothold before proceeding.

Another crucial point to remember is always to begin drilling on the side of the plate that will get shown. It is typical for the bit to make what is known as “love bites” as it departs the plate, which means that the exit hole is not as clean as the entering hole when the bit left the plate (especially if the bit has been used a few times already). There are some scenarios when you need to flip the component, and in most cases, the hardware will conceal this, but it is best to be cautious than sorry.

DIY 3 Tier cake stand using a drill bit

Once you’ve begun drilling the anchor ditch, gradually straighten the bit and continue to drill SLOWLY, maintaining steady pressure and allowing the bit to do the majority of the job rather than you! At this stage, fill the container with plenty of water as you go. The absence of water shortens the life of your bit and causes additional stress on your delicate china in the form of heat and friction, both of which are harmful. It means that in addition to cooling the bit, the water serves as lubrication! When the exit spots are approaching, you will sense it, so proceed with caution at this point. As you can see, this procedure results in a pretty clean hole. Once you’ve meticulously drilled your components, all that’s left is to put them together to create your masterpiece!

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How to decorate a 3 tier stand from plants

As you are probably aware, 3 tier stands are available in various sizes, styles, and colors, making it simple to pick the ideal one for your needs. There are many creative ways to use a 3 tier stand that doesn’t entail putting a cake on the tiered stand. Nowadays, decorating with houseplants is a high-level trend, and as your plant collection expands, so do your design possibilities for incorporating them into your home’s interior. One of the most effective and visually appealing methods to showcase your plants is to use a three-tiered cake stand to hold them.

If you are a fan of houseplants, you are a fan of the unique textures that every plant adds to your home. And these days, you can get some fascinating plants with exciting leaf textures to add to your collection that is both beautiful and unusual. Aside from that, you got it: leaf textures earned a position in our article since using different textures in different groupings may make your plant collection shine.

3 tier plant stand
3 Tier Plant Stand

When putting your plants together, you need to consider the texture, colors, and height of your plants. The last thing you want is your tiered stand to look chaotic, so you need to be careful how you set up the plants. Houseplants with vibrant, colorful leaves may add a whole new depth to an arrangement of flowers or a vase of flowers. Introducing color variations to a collection of plants creates depth and focuses the viewer’s attention in and around the collection, making it more intriguing for them to observe. In an assortment, when you group plants of varying heights and sizes together, the contour of the arrangement becomes more organic and natural in appearance. And by using a variety of plant sizes, you may draw a person’s attention to your 3 tier stand. 

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How to decorate a 3 tier stand

There are countless possibilities for decorating your cake stand, so get creative and have fun with it! By using one or several of these ideas, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and unique display that will wow your guests. Decorating a tiered stand can entail draping the stand with yarn or placing flowers around the stand. It can also include using smaller pieces on the stand to decorate the space that is left on the stand. Here are some innovative ways you can decorate your 3 tier stand. 

1. Rope/String/Yarn

This idea works best when you have a similar color scheme for your whole piece. Take long pieces of string, yarn, etc., and wind them around each level in one direction. By doing so, you’ll create a beautiful, textured look that will be visually pleasing to the guests in your home. You can use colorful yarn to add some color to your stand if you use old traditional stands. Be careful how you add the thread because you want it to create a beautiful design that looks like a portion of the stand. Be cautious of the glue you use because you don’t want white stains that will be difficult to get rid of. 

2. Roses/Flowers

You can use flowers to decorate your tiered trays. Fresh or artificial flowers will work great if you go the floral route. You can place them all around the stand or in specific areas, such as the top or at each level’s edge. It is a beautiful way to dress up your cake stand and make it extra special. Using flowers is a great way to add some character to your stand. If you are hosting in winter and looking for ways to add the summer feel to your stand, then even petals will do. You do not have to stick to the traditional red rose petals. You can use purple petals or purchase artificial orange petals. The color that you use should not clash with whatever it is you are displaying on your stand because that should always be the star of the show.

3 tier cake stand decoration with roses
3. Chocolate/Candied Fruit

If you are not sure what to do with your cake stand, one option is to use chocolate decorations or candied fruit on your stand. The beauty of using chocolate or fruit is that these can complement a cake or be the main attraction. It will give it a sweet and elegant look that will impress guests. There are different types of fruits that you can add to your cake stand to bring life to it. You can use other colored grapes, add strawberries and even add a touch of dark chocolate. 

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4. Mirrors

If you want to make your cake stand pop, mirrors are a great way to do it. You can either attach your mirrors directly to the stand or place them between each level. It will add some extra sparkle and shine that will be sure to catch everyone’s eye. Using mirrors to your cake stand also adds depth to the pictures of your cake stand. You can create beautiful art on your stand when using a tiered tray.

mirrored & glass stands

How to make a 3 tier cupcake stand

There are occasions where you would rather put cupcakes instead of a cake on your tiered stand. Using cupcakes is fashionable because the guests can pick the cupcakes they prefer and keep them moving. There will be no need for cake slices or crumbs on your beautiful tiered stand. To make your 3 tier cupcake stand, you can use trays or baskets or any other traditional tier that will focus on the cupcake. Keep in mind that you will have different types of cupcakes on the stand from time to time. It means the materials you use to make your stand and how you decorate your stand should always bring attention to the stand’s contents.

Making a 3 tier basket stand

If you do not want to purchase a basket stand, you can always make one from the comfort of your home. You can use rod baskets to prime and paint or any basket you want. The secret to making basket stands is ensuring that the baskets are not too deep and people can still see your display without hovering over the basket stand. As you pick your basket, make sure it does not clash with the décor in your home. 

Making a 3 tier cupcake stand

Tiered trays make the most beautiful cupcake stands because your cupcakes are in full view. You can purchase porcelain trays or silver trays to make a cupcake stand that you can pass on from generation to generation. The trays do not always have to be silver, but they should be in pastel colors or colors that will never steal the show from the cupcakes. With 3 tier cupcake stands, you do not have to worry about decorating them as you make them. You have a chance to decorate the tray every time you put your cupcakes out on display. You can use petals or add artificial grass on your tray depending on the event’s theme you will be hosting. 

The Takeaway 

To be a standout host, you need to think outside the box. The food you serve and the ambiance people find in your home should be second to none. You need to coordinate everything in your home and make sure that your 3 tiered cake stand looks good regardless of what is on the stand. To decorate your tiered stand, you can draw inspiration from the seasons. You can use colors that either go with the season or brighten up the season. Clean the 3 tiered stand properly each time you use it, especially if it is made of metal, to ensure that your stand looks brand new every time. Till next time, happy hosting 🙂

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