5 Essential Rules to a Happy and Healthy Business Life

What is important in life for one person does not normally apply to everyone. For some people, just being able to wake up to the sun shining in the morning is enough to bring a life time of happiness and health. Regardless of the fact that human beings are incredibly diverse, we are brought together by positive emotions like love, happiness, compassion and appreciation because they tend to evoke similar universal feelings in us all. Today, l have 5 awesome and essentials rules for you to consider for a happy and healthy business life.

The Awesome and Essential Rules

1. Money Beliefs

Yes, you heard right, money beliefs. I know what you’re thinking. Everyone knows the myths and stories that the world has shared regarding this subject. I agree to disagree with some common misconceptions about money. Here are a few examples:

“Money makes the world go round”

“I don’t make enough money, so why bother?”

“It takes money to make money”

“Money is the root of all evil “– Is it really?

Firstly, I believe that you should not avoid discussions around money.  Instead, you hand down empowering money beliefs to your families and children so that they understand that money is a mere accessory.

Make no doubt that money makes life easier and more enjoyable. Nonetheless, there is no direct correlation between it being responsible for all your happiness and other important things in your life.

Time, happiness and health are more valuable than money..

In order to exist and be able to provide your valuable services or products, you require money or the equivalent of it so that you can positively impact your communities.

However, actual happiness has little to do with having a lot of money despite the popular misconceptions. Instead, it has a lot to do with how you think about money; a great topic for another day. In short, it’s essential to have in your personal and business life but it’s not a must when it comes to your happiness or health. A great relief, l know! 

2. Relationships or Family

You’ve probably heard of the expression by Michael Imperioli that says, “my family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me”. Well, he couldn’t have said it any better. Admittedly, for most, family (whatever that looks like for you) is the backbone of our existence. It is a place where we feel most secure, it is a place of warmth, love, nurturing and peace.

“my family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me” – Michael imperioli

The great thing is that the term ‘family’ doesn’t refer to biological ties only. It also extends to individuals who are close to you which encompasses your workmates, business partners or clients. Individuals who resemble a family in terms of the amount of value and significance they bring into both business or personal lives.

Therefore, forging healthy relationships and being accepted is essential for your overall happiness and health.


By nature, human beings are creatures of habit, emotion and not logic. Hence, our sense of joy and fulfilment is closely tied to positive relationships that surround us.  You are motivated and activated by emotions.

It’s what drives you and makes you want to excel in most endeavours that you take on.

This makes you feel accepted and recognised by the immediate people around you. Which automatically defines for you what we deem to be important.  


3. Self-Awareness

One of the best-kept secrets for success is self-awareness. In my previous articles l highlight, some inspirational success quotes that you can benefit from as a business person. We know that with success comes some level of happiness. Hence, the reason why self-awareness makes it onto my list today. This is because a strong sense of self-awareness promotes a great level of confidence. Armed with adequate confidence you can face challenges that will see you through the up and downs that come with business life.

Key facets to self-awareness firstly require you to be truthful and honest about your abilities. Secondly, it calls for you do not lie to yourself. Instead, it encourages you to be more valuable by being an expert in areas that you naturally excel in. Ultimately it makes you appreciate that you cannot do everything on your own. Hence, the need for any thriving leader to have a strong team that helps you execute your business vision.

“Stop lying to yourself. When we deny our own truth, we deny our own potential”


Undoubtedly, through self-awareness, you develop a passion for your business or line of work. This is usually an attribute to your level of fulfilment. As they say, it’s only after you become aware, do you have a shot at becoming more self-aware. Therefore, in order to achieve any level of happiness and health that you desire you will need to be aware of the following;

  • the bad habits,
  • negative thoughts,
  • negative behaviours and emotions that stand in your way.

This calls for a shift in your mindset from negative to positive. Such that you eventually attain your pursuit for happiness and health.

4. Exercise or Work-Out

Scholarly articles that support the science of exercise and happiness state that endorphins released into our brain during sustained, vigorous exercise ease mental and physical pain which in turn boosts happiness. According, to the Harvard Business Review article regular exercise, is linked to great benefits that include but are not limited to improved concentration, enhanced creativity and sharper learning.

No wonder the world of high performers such as; ‘sports stars or high-flying corporate executives & founders,’ always highlights how most favour morning routines that start with some form of exercise.

So, now you know what contributes to their brilliant results. It’s easy for you to duplicate them by adopting the same disciplined approach so that you access these benefits. It’s not all about looking great in that red dress but rather for long-lasting health benefits.

Therefore, next time do not skip out on leg day or cardio at the gym. Doing so will have detrimental consequences to your mood later on at the office. A good reason for you to be active, fit, healthy and happy

5. Plan and Practice Gratitude


Planning makes life easy, maybe not totally true but rather manageable. Having some form of daily focus points or a to-do list done in advance will make a difference in your life. This will serve as a guide for your workflow during the day. It is important to note that a plan doesn’t have to be overly ambitious or complex.

Plans differ from person to person depending on your level of responsibility. Consequently, yours can just consist of short bullet points that are easy to comprehend without making yourself feel overwhelmed.

Have something tangible jotted down that will not only make life easy but will also contribute to your joy and overall happiness. To be frank we all want to effortlessly tick off essentials from our to-do lists.

Arguably, planning reduces the frustrations stemming from being underprepared, neglecting to do certain tasks and being viewed by your colleagues and friends as unreliable. 

Thus, planning will not only improve your relationships but also change your overall view of life. Resulting in a healthy, happy and profitable business life.

Practice Gratitude

To top it all off you will need to inherit a culture of gratitude. Firstly, it turns out, that gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to get that ‘warm-glow feeling. Secondly, you become more aware of important things in your life such that you gain a greater appreciation for what others do for you.

” A big part of my morning ritual is to take a minute to breath deeply, be grateful and set my intention for the day”

Arianna Huffington

As business leaders showing gratitude towards your staff is known to positively increase employee’s satisfaction. Research shows that teams that are acknowledged, praised and encouraged perform efficiently. Don’t just take my word, according to a 2012 study by the University of Kentucky, practising gratitude promotes positive emotions, well-being and health through reducing depression and aggression.

It’s the little things in life & a simple thank you note goes a long way.

The act of adopting the habit of gratitude is versatile. No one universal standard applies. Therefore, for you it can be as simple as sending your workmates, coach or partners an email of appreciation every week, a stuck on ‘thank you note or if you are highly religious praying. Whatever works for you and helps you reflect on the positive deeds that others do for you goes a long way. After all, human beings love to be appreciated as James Williams puts it;

“The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated”.

James Williams

To Sum It Up

Here you have my 5 essential rules to happy and healthy business life. Awesome tips that you can consider adopting to help you achieve that elusive happiness that we all yarn for. As always drop your thoughts and tips in the comment section below l appreciate your feedback. Till next time let’s spread cheer and happiness. After all, life is more enjoyable when you spend it with family and friends.

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