8 Important Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Retire

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    Options for retiring happy and comfortable requires clever strategy & thought...

    What are some of essential issues to consider when looking at retirement options for most immigrants? For those people, who have lived in the diaspora/ first world countries for a long time but wont still not call it home. Those of us that strongly believe that home for them is back in their birth-places or homes such as Africa, Philippines or Nepal etc. We look into various options available to them to help bring some clarity into their varying circumstances.

    As we grow older, its inevitable that the topic of retirement will start to loom in our heads. As a result, a lot of questions will arise.

    To help tackle this dilemma we have come up with 8 things one can take into consideration when making the decision on where you wish to retire;

    Comfort in retirement is what you do today…
    1. As you grow older, your health will start to deteriorate. Ageing conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure and other cardio vascular diseases start to kick in. This comes with the need for medical attention. First World countries (Diaspora) provides first class and, in most cases, free medical health system. This means you will still enjoy the free health care as well as hugely subsidised medication. Will your home country offer the same facilities, if not then this can be an important factor in considering where your retirement will be.

    “Truly understanding one’s Retirement goals requires one to first understand their values”

    1. By the time retirement kicks in, most of us will have grandchildren. If those grandchildren are born in the diaspora, which is most likely will be the case, then as a grandparent, you will be inclined to be part and parcel of witnessing them grow up.

    After all, perhaps your assistance may a big part in helping to raise them.

    1. Family first; grandchildren will be an essential part of the decision for most…

    Human beings are social creatures.

    1. One element that validates this is the need to have friendships. During your stay in the diaspora, you probably have made long lasting meaningful relationships that have lasted for years. Perhaps you attend the same church, you worked together, been neighbours or simply have met at regular social gatherings.

    We share, we anticipate & we mirror each other’s movements – when we’re on the same side

    1. First world offers well designed social security that helps retirees afford a decent retirement lifestyle. For example Australia Centrelink offers a combined annual income of up to $36,000 per year tax free age pension to retirees.

    The Centrelink age pension eligibility and income may be affected if you leave Australia to go and retire back in Africa or your respective place of birth. In some instances, this may mean not getting any Centrelink at all.

    1. As you get through your working life, you are building assets to enjoy in retirement. If you have invested your entire wealth in one place or country, and then deciding that one day you will sell and pack your bags and go, there may be some significant financial ramifications to consider in doing so.
    Great planning will ensure that you retire secure & comfortable…

    “To retire secure & comfortable through building a financial cushion to fund you”

    Family means you are part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life no matter what

    All too often, people will find themselves in foreign lands sometimes not through their own personal will but rather prevailing & inevitable socio-economic situations at anyone given time. Making the best of ones life will require careful planning to ensure that they at are in sole control of their destinies & retirement options.

    1. Positives of moving to Africa like the extended families that supports and caters for elders.
    Family plays a major role in our identities…


    etire comfortably, retire secure & retire in style

    1. The food & culture that you are familiar with
    Food is the ingredient that binds us together…

    he phase of retirement can be fun-filled if planned efficiently. A phase characterised by new goals and wishes for the one experiencing it.

    1. Nursing homes & retirement villages are a retirement pathway that you will have to accept if you settle for first world countries however, one can be in the position of avoiding this phase with a planned & structured relocation move to your place of birth.
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