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Candle gift sets make for thoughtful and warm presents suitable for many occasions. Candles are something I personally enjoy fangirling over. I mean what is there to hate about them? Candles are small delightful jars of wax that carry the amazing aroma of any scent of your choice. However, they can also carry significant sentimental value either representing a core memory or experience in one’s life.

But trust me. With the wide selection of scents, shapes, and purposes candles I understand how confused anyone would be trying to purchase one as a gift. So that is why I have curated this post. To guide you through the magical and sensory-overloaded journey of candle set gift hunting.

sentimental candle gift set
candles help create sentimental and romantic spaces

Despite its humble origin, the present-day candle has more versatile use than just simply being used as a lighting source. The first indication you are near any candle store is the overwhelming combination of fragrant aromas in every scent category. From sweet to savory, flora and earthy, natural to artificial, and food to wilderness-inspired scents. So, you don’t just need a candle when the lights go out. My personal favorite use for candles in my home is either to help me relax after a long day of work or simply just to sweeten the air in my home.

When you think about choosing a candle to buy for either personal or gifting use, you have to make considerations. Firstly, you must think about what type of wax, wick, and scent you are after. Secondly, you will consider how you will present the candle. You can opt for individual candles, a candle gift set, or even be accompanied by a few other small items which harmonically fit the aroma of your chosen candle.

candle gifting and sets

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Is It Okay To Give Candle As A Gift?

YES OF COURSE IT IS. There is nothing more magical and sentimental than receiving a candle from someone you care about that has an amazing meaning behind it. Candles are versatile and universal gifts that smell amazing and are also gender-neutral. They either serve as an accessory in one’s collection or home or be used for relaxation and more soothing purposes.

However, you do need to think about and have a reason for why you are purchasing the candle. I believe when you have reasoning behind the gift it carries sentimental value, therefore making it special. And that’s what gift-giving is all about. Whether it be your favorite scent or a sweet dessert you ate together on a special occasion you should always have a reason for your gift choices.

gift box with white ribbon
Gift your loved one’s candle sets this festive season

If the person you’re gifting the candle to enjoys a specific season, you should look at seasonal scents that either “smell” or reminds you of that month or smells like a popular food item associated with that season.

If they enjoy being outdoors – then a floral or earthy-scented candle would be best. Or rather something that highlights a favorite food choice like chocolate cake or strawberries. You then get them a candle that is fragranced after that item.

Candles are so customizable that you can purchase one that smells or looks like anything you would like it to look like so why not make that candle set gift special?

personalised candles

What Makes A Good Quality Candle?

There is way more behind candles than what meets the wick – a cheesy joke I know. However, they can be way more complicated than you think. I mean the array of different types of candle waxes’, wick types, and scents – the number of scents out there – all matter when curating the perfect candle set.

So here are a few things that make a good quality candle that you should look for.

1. Paraffin Wax

The cheapest and all-in-all not-so-favorable candle wax option you could choose is paraffin wax. It’s cheap for a reason! Due to its chemical components when burnt, it does produce soot which can be harmful to your lungs if inhaled and eyes if they is prolonged exposure.

2. Soy Wax

Soy Wax is an ever-growing favorite in the candle community for a reason. It’s a naturally produced type of candle wax that has natural, healthy, and sustainable ingredients.

The production of soy wax helps support local farmers and agriculture due to the waxes’ need for soybeans. Another reason why it’s so popular is because of its long-lasting, slow-burning properties which mean you will get a better quality and longer use out of your candle.

Furthermore, because soy wax is biodegradable, it is an environmentally friendly wax option. Although soy candles are initially more expensive, they are actually a more cost-effective option because they burn much longer than their chemical counterpart, paraffin.

candle set ideas
3. Palm Wax

Palm wax is the wax derived from the oil of the palm fruit. It is different from the carnauba wax, which is derived from the leaves of the carnauba palm. Similarly, to Soy wax, palm wax will produce a natural, long-lasting, and durable wax candle.

And due to palm wax being an aesthetic crystalline natural wax, palm wax produces good-quality and long-burning candles. However, all these benefits don’t come without a cost.

Generally speaking, a good quality palm wax candle will be more expensive than your standard paraffin wax candle – but you do get more use and better quality out of the candle.

A major con of palm wax is its links to unethical labor and farming practices in the palm industry. Although the types of wax are renewable and eco-friendly, their association with unethical and detrimental production process make it a candle wax to be wary of.

4. Beeswax

Beeswax is a great natural and renewable type of candle wax. Due to its production, it doesn’t produce air pollution and its overall burn is stronger and brighter compared to other candle wax types.

Beeswax candles are often known to burn up to three times longer and drip less compared to paraffin wax and when burnt, the smoke emitted is often very little and clean.

However, like every natural candle wax on this list, due to its properties, it is a more expensive candle wax to buy and does not hold the scent as well as other candles.

So, if you were looking for a candle that will hold its scent throughout the duration of its blissful life, then beeswax isn’t for you.


1. Cotton wick

Cotton candle wicks are, believe it or not, made out of braided strands of cotton where they are first dipped in wax and compressed to ensure that they hold their shape.

As the name suggests, these are made out of cotton and then dipped in wax. Therefore, they are cheaper and require less maintenance compared to other types of candle wicks.

However, cotton candle wicks do burn faster than other types of candle wicks – which means you may either see that your candle is burning very fast, or that it leaves quite a bit of wax on the very edges of your container.

2. Wood wick

Wooden candle wicks are made out of slim slabs of wood. They are known to be more expensive but good quality items when it comes to candle-making standards.

Wooden wicks do make quite a soothing and beautiful crackling noise when burnt which does transport you to a fireplace somewhere. However, they don’t require more upkeep and maintenance compared to cotton wicks.

On the contrary, it requires you to babysit the candle whilst you await it to ignite. The burn of a wooden wick is additionally more subtle compared to a cotton wick. This, therefore, creates a smoldering flame.

candle sets and wicks
cotton candle wicks

Types of candle set ideas

1. Fresh soy wax coffee candle set

This candle set is perfect for any coffee table or coffee lover’s home. Fragranced with coffee beans, as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee spreads it makes the space smell as though someone is drinking a delightful cup of coffee.

If you love the popular hot beverage of coffee, you will love the complex fragrance of cream, toffee, and sugar cane in this candle set.

2. Ecoya – Sweet Pea & Jasmine Little Luxuries gift set

The beautiful gift set features sweet pea and Australasian white jasmine essences. Accompanied by uplifting notes of watermelon and cucumber. Overall the captivating scent of this set is a floral and elegant fragrance.

This luxurious gift set includes Ecoyas’ signature Sweet Pea & Jasmine fragranced Madison and Mini Madison candles, as well as a large Diffuser. This Gift Set is a luxurious gifting option, presented in a premium metallic rose carton and wrapped in a blush-grey sleeve.

3. Palm Beach Collection – Clove & Sandwood Mini Candle

With your favorite Palm Beach Collection fragrances, this mini duo will transform your space. With up to 25 hours of burn time and 1.5 months of scent life, this pair proves that good things do indeed come in small packages!

Palm Beach’s clove and sand wood candle set are earthy and opulent. Jasmine notes at the heart give way to a rich woody base. The ultimate combination of warm spices and musky masculine tones.

4. True Home – Signature Gardenia & White Flowers Mini Candle and Diffuser Duo

The scent of gardenias settles like a memory onto your soul, as sultry as a summer evening and as intoxicating as an alluring perfume.

A luxuriant blend of white gardenia flowers, fresh lily, and tropical tiara flowers, accented with sensual notes of rich moss and a lingering hint of garden-fresh flowers.

customised candles
Customized candles
5. Dusk – Raspberry & Rosewater Little Luxuries Soy Gift Set

Indulge in life’s Little Luxuries with this delectably scented set made with our best-selling Soy fragrances.

Light the candle to create a relaxing atmosphere to enhance the fragrance experience. Layer with our coordinating reed diffuser and intensify with our soy melts, or use it alone in your favorite space.

Mojo candle lovers gift box
Mojo candle lovers box

A perfect present for the candle enthusiast in your life! This box contains:

  • Mojo Reclaimed Wine Bottle Candle in your preferred scent
  • Mojo Reclaimed Beer Bottle Candle in your preferred scent
  • Mini Ceramic Candle from our Daisy Cooper collection in the color and scent of your choice
  • Mojo Candle Care Kit in your preferred color

Handpick each candle scent and candle care kit color, and leave a gift tag message at the end to make it completely unique and perfectly tailored for your special candle-lover recipient.

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Different candle uses

1. Set the Mood

We’ve all heard that a candle can create an atmosphere like no other. Using multiple candles of various shapes and sizes also helps to set the scene.

There are numerous ways to create different moods; for example, if you want a cozy atmosphere like a warm fireplace, choose a candle with crackling wood wicks.

These candles actually flicker and emit a sound similar to wood crackling. Most people find this extremely relaxing. A cotton wick candle is a good option if you want a more traditional candle.

2. Home Decor

Before you commit to a candle purchase, you are first drawn to the style and packaging. This entices you to pick it up, and then the scent hits you and you completely fall in love.

There are numerous options available, including minimalist styles, stone styles, glass, and tins. It is critical to select a style that complements your home and matches your aesthetic.

You can add a touch of elegance to a room by using a stone candle, or you can add a fun pop of color in a tin to your space. Whatever you choose, make sure it brings a smile to your face.

3. Relaxation Aid

Do you have a habit of associating places with memories? We may associate our home workspaces with stress now that many of us work from home.

To counteract these negative associations, lighting scented candles can create a lovely calming effect, allowing us to relieve any tension and focus on our work.

Of course, this only works with scents that you like. If you can’t find a scented candle that you like, you can make your own, which is a relatively simple process that can become a fun family activity.

lavender scent candles
Lavender scent


The universal and worldwide beloved item of a candle is so versatile yet holds so much sentimental capacity. Every last inch of a candle is customizable, with a wide variety of wick, candle wax, fragrance, and holder options.

You can purchase uniquely shaped and colored candles to remind you or a significant other of a special time in your relationship. As a bonus candle sets give people more customizable options to personalize. This versatility and uniqueness make them a brilliant gift choice.

The special and hidden features of candles do not only made it a good gift idea but an amazing one. Any candle or candle set will certainly provide a fulfilling amazing gift for that special person in your life.

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