Does goal-setting and success go hand in hand?

An attempt to uncover the truth….

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‘The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same’

“Don’t wait for opportunity,

Create it!

What do women millionaires do differently? If you had the opportunity to sit down for half an hour to chat any inspirational and successful female role model in your life today, what secrets would you want to know? As the saying goes, ‘your net-worth is equivalent to your network’ one is left wondering what sort of knowledge would you be more privileged to extract from these influential figures. What thought process would you bring to the table? Would you be more inclined to know the exact steps they implemented to reach their current position (time permitting) or would you rather want to understand their thought processes and planning tactics that they have adopted throughout the years? In particular the need to adopt well defined goal-setting skills in order to successfully achieve your desired objectives.

‘Your network is equivalent to your network’

These are some of the questions an everyday aspiring achiever goes through as they battle to figure out and uncover the secret ingredients required for executing the first steps towards achieving ones dreams. We sat down with a group of intelligent, driven and aspiring individuals and it was certain that they all knew that achievement of a one goal required not only ambition but determination, careful and successful planning goal-setting coupled with other essential factors such as belief etc. It was clear that planning is a fundamental process in life a subject that we all could benefit from if we were taught in school or from childhood.

Goal-setting is essential for success and long-term achievement!

The group came to a conclusive decision that a refocusing exercise should be part and parcel of an individual life but what really is ‘re-focusing or goal-setting/ planning’ in laymen terms? Why is it necessary for success or rather, is it?

It was unanimously agreed that the starting point of all success required some personal or business re-focusing exercise as an ongoing process as it is vital to take a step back and re-evaluate your current circumstances – set objectives for the future (physically document your plan with focus on short, medium and long-term goals. It also includes understanding wealth creation strategies and how one can pivot from good debt to achieve certain personal financial goals. It’s really amazing how powerful such a seemingly easy exercise would greatly impact ones outcome ans some of the take home points for your information (FYI) are as follows:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” ….. Benjamin Franklin

Achieve greater success by setting


  • S – specific (clear and concise goals)
  • M – Measurable (track your progress)
  • A – Achievable (set challenging goal)
  • R – Relevant (to your overall life plan)
  • T – Timely (goals that have a target & time specific)

  1. Feel your days with productivity and great thoughts after-all, you are what you think!
  2. Failure is a reality of life, and at some level, we need to fully understand that it actually helps us grow. In business you never lose when you try & fail but, you learn something (build the knowledge base that will allow you to reach bigger & greater heights in future). Therefore, take failure as lessons and building blocks. After all, a man’s character is not judged by his wins but by what he does when his back is against the wall.
  3. So, no matter how great the failure or severe the setback is, you Never Give Up! Instead, pick yourself up and push yourself forward.
  4. Understand that the next level of your life will require a different you plus a different version of yourself and that’s okay (stay focused and in-line with your set-goals.
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set smart goals to fully realise your dreams

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Believe in your destiny

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Focus and determination are necessary in-order to successfully attain your set-goals

Most often we tend to sit back and let others determine our lives/future. Learn to goal-setting and execution – you’re not just a carbon copy of what already exist. You’re capable of doing better, being better and thinking smarter…. and on your way to achieving desired success

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No one will give you the power, you can only take it.

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