Spiritual energy dictates how one feels, and its manipulation can alter one’s life, whether for the better or, the worse. As is the case with almost everything in this world, we must learn how to regulate our spiritual energy and achieve balance to succeed. It requires a great deal of patience on the part of the viewer. However, the good news is that anyone can do this task. There are several benefits to properly comprehending and, as a result, skillfully managing your spiritual energy, which are listed below. The majority of people who genuinely understand the significance of spiritual power has had many extraordinary experiences.

What is energy manipulation?

Energy is a supernatural, animating life force that we can all relate to in terms of how we feel daily. We frequently make the definition of energy more complicated by explaining it in scientific or mystical terms. Simply being silent and tuning into ourselves or our environment is all we need to grasp the concept of energy. We may experience an energetic charge when we feel present; when we feel attracted or repellent, we may experience an energetic discharge; and when we laugh or weep, we may experience a release of our energy, among other things. Certain events or persons might deplete our energy levels.

meditation bowl
Meditation and energy flow

Magic is the art of manipulating energy to achieve the desired result. The ability to capture the energy and control it is of the highest significance in this situation. By mastering the art of manipulating energy and employing strong tactics to guide it in the direction of your desires, you may effect changes in the very fabric of the universe and make your ultimate desires materialize throughout all worlds. Theory and practices in Energy Manipulation will undoubtedly enable you to tap into and manage this unlimited power and utilize it to your benefit. It is also important to remember that everything is composed of energy. Within you and all around you is a mystical energy that may get felt.

On the other hand, the majority of individuals are not aware of how to utilize this energy. In reality, they are entirely unaware of what is going on. This energy is significantly more potent than what mainstream science now understands it to be.

This magical energy possesses unlimited power, and it is available to you if you know how to harness this great force to your advantage. Even while this ancient art of controlling magical energy has been kept under tight secret and revealed only to a select few and selected persons in the past, today, anybody who is interested in learning can do so.

Types of energy manipulation

Hydrokinesis and ergokinesis are the two types of energy manipulation that people focus on. Because there are so many various sorts of energy in the cosmos, ergokinesis is one of those skills that may be pretty beneficial in one’s daily life. When learning Hydrokinesis for the first time, the most important thing to remember is to make things basic and straightforward for yourself. Don’t be lured to start with a large sum of money. You’re not going to create a splash, and failing to do so will discourage you from doing it in the future.

Let’s look at them further:


Hydrokinesis is the capacity to manipulate water in some way. It gives you the ability to control liquid by using the power of your thoughts. Humans have a bodily water level of around 65 percent, which is something you should keep in mind since it can assist you in connecting with the water.

Find a comfortable meditation position and sit in it for five to ten minutes to enable your body and mind to decompress and rejuvenate thoroughly. Even this is a critical component of your hydrokinesis training regimen. Ensure that there is no stress or anxious thoughts in your head or body, as this will only serve to distract you and prevent you from attaining a state of total and complete relaxation.

calm boy sitting by the beach - sea water and birds
Calm & tranquil

As telekinetic ability is a form of participation, you must have a deep connection with the water to move it. It is a fundamental guideline for every sort of telekinetic talent. However, because you are mainly composed of water, it may be simpler for you to establish a connection and get a knowledge of what it feels like to be water and what it feels like to be water itself. That is how you comprehend the concept of Hydrokinesis. Additionally, it vibrates at a higher vibrational level, so making sure you are putting out pleasant, high-frequency vibrations may also aid you in connecting with the water.


An individual may achieve specific consequences on a variety of non-animated items, other biological organisms, and even inside themselves by absorbing, molding, and manipulating energy in various ways.

Assume, for the moment, that science asserts that all matter in the cosmos is essentially made up of energy. As a result, by being able to perform Ergokinesis (which translates as “energy manipulation”), you will be able to influence the operation of anything in the universe. However, keep in mind that there are certain restrictions or constraints to this affirmation regarding how you may go about doing it. According to universal consensus, Ergokinesis is the skill a human can utilize to control or manipulate various external energy forms — with “external” meaning “outside of the individual’s body” — to achieve the desired result.

How powerful is energy manipulation?

The first step in manipulating energy is to become aware of one’s energy. Regardless of what you do, if the energy in your life, relationship, or self is stagnant and unpleasant, it is unlikely that anything will change. We are indeed comprised of the same stuff as the planets and universe. We are very energetic beings, and learning how to manipulate the energy we have and the energy around us can help us create the lives we want.

The manipulation of energy can lead to the ultimate power: the alteration of reality. Self-mastery is dependent on your capacity to maintain control over your energy level and emotional moods. A person who can keep control of their emotions can thrive in any circumstance. Our energy begins with your vibration, which is influenced by your actions, words, feelings, and thoughts, among other factors. People who can manage their energy and emotions understand how energy is gained and expended in various situations. Producing your energy allows you to be self-sufficient and assertive in your endeavors. Harnessing and releasing energy on command will help you stay in tune with yourself and detach from what is not meant for you.

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Hints and tips for getting to know your energy system so that it works for you.

One of the most effective methods to see and comprehend energy manipulation is recognizing when it does not operate as intended. Emotional and cognitive are the critical energy blocks that prohibit us from doing what we set out to achieve effectively. We need to spend time alone to know and understand our energy system. Spending time alone away from the noise that comes with absorbing other people’s energy will allow you to go within and harvest your energy. To this, you can try the following:

1. Deep breaths

At least five minutes each day should be spent resting and taking deep, diaphragmatic breaths. It will assist you in clearing your thoughts and may even aid in raising your emotions. As a result, you will be more open to receiving energy due to this. Ideally, it would help if you did this first thing in the morning and again before going to bed before falling asleep. Find what works for you and stick with it. Hold your breath for five seconds, then exhale and empty your stomach for another five seconds. Repeat this process three times more. When it comes to energy management, something seemingly insignificant may have a significant effect. Most significantly, it aids in the dissipation of old emotional baggage to make room for new requests. Imagine taking a miraculous medicine with no adverse effects and costs nothing. It’s nothing more than the force of your breath. 

woman inhaling taking in a deep breath - energy manipulation
Deep inhale
2. Use affirmations

Many of us do not know the power that we hold. Affirmations work because we harvest the energy we want and use it to create reality. It would be best to have a clear mental picture of what you want before beginning. It is necessary to accept that what you desire is already available and that you already own it. Try not to overthink things. Please don’t spend too much time thinking about it. You will not be able to deceive the universe. You must put aside all forms of opposition.

When you have decided what you want, write down an explicit request to send out to the universe, no matter how absurd or grandiose you believe it to be. Prepare your affirmation and let yourself FEEL it. Invoke the sensations that you already possess from deep inside your being. Bring up the anticipation and relief you anticipate having when you receive this gift. 

3. Visualization

When you employ techniques such as visualization of what you desire, your mind cannot distinguish between a memory of something that has occurred and something that you are attempting to bring into existence. By envisioning a future version of yourself, you communicate to your subconscious that this must be the way things are. When we imagine, it is necessary to be calm and, if possible, in a positive frame of mind. Close your eyes and fantasize in-depth, as if you are reliving a memory in front of you. If you are working towards a long-term goal, practicing visualizations every night will be beneficial.

In addition, if you feel compelled to do so, you can consider creating a vision board with specific imagery and affirmations that you can view and read daily. Perhaps you’ve written a confident statement on your bathroom mirror so that it’s one of the first things you see and one of the final things you see before bed. 

4. Change your perspective

Developing a positive outlook is essential for self-mastery to take place. Having a positive outlook does not imply disregarding the bad aspects of one’s life; instead, it means seeing beyond them. Positivity is, at its core, a practical, realistic, and powerful way of thinking. It is impossible to stress the importance of maintaining a positive attitude.

5. Listen to music

The vibration of your body is affected by music. Your vibration is the frequency of your particular energy that is unique to you. When you boost your vibration, you elevate your state of awareness to a higher plane of existence. The greater your degree of consciousness, the greater the amount of your higher self that you can communicate with. You can listen to different frequencies and raise your vibration and energy. 

6. Take charge

It takes time and effort to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and train your mind to stay in the present moment. It is true that the more you do it, the better you will get, and the outcome can have a significant influence on your overall well-being. Once you are in tune with your strength, you need to harness it and take charge. You need to do your part and move to have the outcome you manifest. Get out of your comfort zone and allow the universe to meet you halfway. 

The takeaway

Even with the best intentions, there are always limitations to what can be done. Although the planet is filled with a tremendous quantity of energy, those in possession of this power will not be able to witness the real impact because humans are only capable of tolerating a certain level of energy before it becomes too much. With time and experience, your limitation threshold will rise and rise until you reach your maximum capacity. At that point, you will be able to absorb and control much more energy than you ever imagined you would absorb and manipulate. Remember that everything and everyone around you put out energy, and you must be careful of the energy you absorb hence the need to learn how to manipulate energy.

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