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The suburb of Lindfield is located in Sydney’s Upper North Shore in NSW Australia. The suburb is known for its affluent residents and friendly community. This makes it a great place to visit or purchase a house when you’re in need of a friendly environment. Lindfield is located approximately 13 kilometer northwest of the Sydney Central Business District.

Public Transport

Although Lindfield is heavily suburban, there are several modes of transport available. Lindfield has a station (Lindfield station) which is roughly a 30-minute train ride to central via the T1 line. Additionally, the suburb (like most suburbs) has a well-oiled and consistent bus service that operates throughout the day.

Lindfield train station
An image of Lindfield Station


Lindfield had a 2016 census recording of 9,791 people living within the suburb. However, in 2021 the suburb had an increase in population with a 2021 recording of 10,943 people.

What housing types are dominant in Lindfield

The suburb has a wide variety of dwelling structures including separate housing, medium, and high-density dwellings. Roughly 49% of homes are separate houses in Lindfield, followed by 41% being high-density dwellings and 8% being medium-density dwellings compared to greater Sydney’s average of 53%, 27%, and 18%.

Lindfield house with we manicured gardens
An image of a Lindfield House

What attracts home buyers and investors to Lindfield

To be honest, there is an abundance of factors that drive buyers and investors to Lindfield. The suburb has a quiet and calm ambiance perfect for any family dynamic. In addition, it has a wide variety of stores and areas for young individuals to venture off to. Simply put, Lindfield is a great family suburb that provides adequate amounts of entertainment and practicality.

The tranquil & luscious Lindfield streets

Future infrastructure and development

The Kuringai council plans to develop the Lindfield Village Hub which will be an active, vibrant village green. Planned to have cafes and dining areas facing a beautiful new public park. This Hub will include a new library and community center, child care facility, park with park-side dining, underground parking, town square, housing, and shops.

Lindfield hub NSW
Lindfield Hub – image credit @

What my money can buy

For a suburb like Lindfield you would expect the median house price to be quite pricey. As of 2022 in Lindfield the median house price is $3,875,00 for a home and $1,217,500 for a unit or apartment. To rent a home, the median rent price is $1,350 per week for a house and $622 per week for a unit or apartment.

Lindfield Café, Restaurants and Bars

Popular Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars in Lindfield

Cafe LyonLindfield
Café Lyon

Known as Lindfield’s local French Bistro, Café Lyon is a cozy, informal café that plays on the concepts of contemporary French cuisine and the vibe of a neo-bistro. The stylish Sydney restaurant aims to replicate and bring the ambiance of neighborhood eateries in Paris and Bouchon’s of Lyon. The menu at Café Lyon is always changing and features traditional bistro dishes prepared with elegant technique and presentation: Perhaps a dish of salmon that has been citrus-cured and served with celeriac remoulade and crunchy prawn beignets, or a delicate pork loin with apples cooked in cider, red cabbage, and grain mustard sauce.

Monkey King ThaiLindfield
Monkey King Thai

Monkey King Thai is a family-run Thai restaurant known for its extraordinary food and amazing service. The restaurant serves using their Aunt’s legacy as an example and standard of how to cook, but also how to live life and enjoy the pleasure of food. With their variety of authentic Thai cuisine – Monkey King Thai is able to transport diners to Thailand to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine.


Olea Lindfield is a new Cafe, Bar, and Bistro which has a modern yet sophisticated ambiance in the middle of Lindfield. Olea is a restaurant that gives customers and employees a sense of place through community, connectivity, curated cuisine, and cocktails. A warm and welcoming environment is created by great food, service, and environment.

The Greengate HotelLindfield
The Greengate Hotel

The Greengate Hotel is ideal for catching up with friends over a drink, enjoying great food and live entertainment, or hosting a special occasion. The Greengate Hotel prepares quality food for lunch and dinner every day of the week using quality produce and fresh, local ingredients. The environment and old-school aesthetic almost invited you for a schooner of your favorite beer, a glass of wine from our extensive list, or one of their cocktails.

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Lindfield Schools

Lindfield has a wide variety of education centers to guide children throughout their learning ventures.

Primary Schools In Lindfield

Lindfield Primary SchoolLindfield
Lindfield Primary School

Lindfield Public School is a where students can feel at ease and proud to be a member of the Lindfield Public School family. The school is a unique environment. Lindfield Public School is successful because so many people work together to make it so, including students, staff, parents/caregivers, and community members. Lindfield Public School is a safe, happy, and caring environment in which all students are encouraged to achieve their full potential. The student’s learning is supported by relevant and diverse programs taught by our professional and dedicated faculty.

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Holy Family Catholic Primary School – Lindfield
Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Holy Family Catholic Primary School recognizes that a school is a place and time for children to hone their skills and interests. Holy Family Primary School has undergone significant transformations. In the last year or so, they have worked on having inspiring and committed teachers, an on-site pre-school and long day-care center, a before and after school care and vacation program, and a massive school building program allowing Holy Family Primary School to thrive. Holy Family Primary School is a great place to send your children if you want them to not only learn in a safe and nurturing environment – but also understand the faith of all kinds and spread love and kindness.

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Secondary Schools in Lindfield

Lindfield Learning Village – Lindfield
Lindfield Learning Village

The innovative and new Lindfield Learning Village is a great place to send your children to hone their talents and skill and allow them to flourish both academically and creatively. The school aims to make every day at school better for every student. At the Village, they question everything in order to improve. Lindfield learning village does not do what they have always done because they know it will yield the same results. The school wants every day to be better, and they pursue the individual relentlessly in order to meet them where they are at any given time on any given day.

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Lindfield’s Medical Centres

Lindfield Medical Practice – Lindfield
Lindfield Medical Practice

If you are ever in need of a reliable, safe, and caring medical practice to visit in Lindfield. Lindfield medical practice is an amazing place to go. Their caring and skillful staff and doctors always ensure that your safety and health are your first priority. Their wide variety of doctors specialist doctors is able to aid you in any medical situation in a caring environment.

Lindfield family medical practice
Lindfield Family Medical General Practice
Lindfield Family Medical General Practice

Lindfield family medicine is a highly experienced medical practice that provides excellent general medical services. The practice has a group of 12 dedicated medical professionals who aim to provide the highest level of healthcare to individuals and families. They have a wide variety of special interest areas so that their doctors can provide care for almost every medical problem or issue an individual could face.

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Lindfield Sport, Health & Fitness

Lindfield has a great selection of sporting clubs as well as fitness activities to join. The vast selection not only helps you become a healthier person. But additionally, it gets you out of the house and socializing with your community more, and meeting new people. A great example of an amazing sporting club is Lindfield FC. Lindfield FC is a soccer club that has teams open to all ages. Not only does Lindfield FC have amazing teams of an amazing caliber, but they also have a friendly and supportive environment. this environment is consequently, one of the reasons why so many people decide to call Lindfield FC their football home. The suburb also has a great variety of gyms and fitness gyms you can join. Which are easy to apply to, to start using their workout machines as well as partake in yoga and fitness group classes.

1. Lindfield Football Club

2. Plus Fitness 24/7 Lindfield

3. F45 training Lindfield

4. Form Fitness

Lindfield’s Outdoor Facilities and Area

little blue gum tree trunk
An image of Little Blue Gum Creek Track photo credit @
1. Little Blue Gum Creek Track

If you’re ever in Lindfield and in need of an area to complete your dose of outdoor fitness, don’t fret. The Little Blue Gum Creek Track is an amazing place to get to do just that. The beautiful pocket of green haven is a magnificent track full of elegant trees and lush flora. You may even meet the odd adorable animal appearing from hiding to say hello! This track is one of my favorites. It has an amazing wooden path that will lead you through the bush abundant area. If you are ever in need of a break from reality – trust me we all do – then make sure you pay Little Blue Gum Creek Track a visit.

2. Lindfield Village Green
Linfield village green NSW
An image of Lindfield Village Green

Now sometimes I really don’t want to do any exercise but I do need my daily dose of Vitamin D. But I’m glad there are a few places where I can go to get just that. The brand-new Lindfield Village Green is a great place to go if you need to soak in the sun. Or even better, have a relaxing and fun-filled picnic with a significant other, friend, or family member. The area was made to be shared – with an open green area and café to make the location complete. The ample amounts of greenery additionally add to the peaceful atmosphere. And with all of the thought-out components curated together, it is an area filled with beautiful liveliness.

Lindfield Village Green – Ku-ring-gai Council

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Author: Thabo Mazambani


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