What is a Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is essentially a journal for tracking your manifestation goals. Positive energy, ideas, and behaviors display the law of attraction to draw things into our lives. Similar to how a vision board is a visual representation of the things you wish to attract, you may think of a manifestation notebook as a written record of your intentions. Keep your goals in mind as you write and feed your purpose. This is so, as energy flows in the direction your attention is focused.

open manifestation journal with daily thoughts written
write down your thoughts

Tips on How to Start a Manifestation Journal?

Advance your intentions by using a manifestation journal. They assist you in translating your optimistic thoughts into action by inspiring you to put pen to paper. Here’s how to start your journal, no matter what you want to draw.


When we start a notebook, we allow whatever ideas arise in our minds to flow onto the page. You can get beyond the blank page’s resistance with its assistance. Removing distracting thoughts or feelings may be helpful if you’re unsure what to write about. 

Consider expressing your feelings and revealing personal information that you have kept hidden. According to research, sharing these intense sentiments with someone else may help them release. It is simpler to make room for your ambitions and dreams once the sludge has been removed.

Believe in yourself

To clarify your purpose, use affirmations, which are powerful positive statements. Doing so will inspire you to keep moving toward your objective. To assist us in achieving our objectives, the law of attraction uses the power of the mind. Repeat your affirmations in the present tense to make you feel the goal has already been accomplished. 

Manifestation naturally occurs once our thoughts believe this to be true. Our ability to accomplish the things we want in life is frequently thwarted by a negative outlook or a lack of self-confidence. We offer ourselves a better chance of success by having faith in our abilities, potential, and future. 

Concentrate on acquiring a growth mindset in your journal—the conviction that even your most fundamental skills can be improved with commitment and effort. When we adopt a growth mindset, we exert more significant effort to increase our skills because we think it will be beneficial.

Alberta, Canada
picture exactly what you want to manifest – Breathtaking Alberta, Canada

Just try to picture it

You’ll want to write about what you’re trying to manifest in detail, but you should also totally lose yourself in the sensation of writing. More often than not, you are aligning with the vibration of what you want when you can feel it as if it were already actual. 

You may get into that emotion by expressing things that would make you happy if they came to pass, which generates the energy frequency that helps you connect with your goals. Once you’re in harmony energetically, you’ll be able to take the inspired action required to bring about whatever it is you’re trying to create.

Set smart goals

Research supports the notion that having fairly ambitious objectives may help us achieve more, despite science’s skepticism of “Law of Attraction” techniques to manifestation. We can utilize a manifestation journal to get clarity on our initial intentions. Look at the ‘SMART’ method below and use it as a template while you write about your objectives.

  • S – Specific
  • M – Meaningful
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Trackable
set business goals
Always set your goals

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Make your intentions clear

Why do you wish to make this desire a reality? How would this ambition improve the lives of those around you and you? Understanding “why” is crucial because it will determine whether you draw positive or negative experiences in life. The Law of Attraction states that because your ideas and beliefs work like a magnet, you will attract to your life situations that are consistent with them. Your energy creates your reality. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep in mind that when it comes to manifestation, your feelings are what draw things to you.

Find Meaning

You might want to take some extra time to consider the meaning of your goals once you have established them. Start by providing your journal with the following responses:

  • Why do you care about achieving this goal?
  • What would you gain by reaching this objective?
  • How will you feel after completing this objective? Do such emotions last?
meaningfulness and meditation forms part of your manifestation journal
Meditation & meaningfulness

Write a manifestation list

A manifestation list is the second format you might utilize. I go into more depth about this process in another post so that I won’t go into it again here. The basic idea is to make a comprehensive list of everything you want to be, do, or have in your life. Start with generic feelings and get more specific as your good energy increases.

Journal about limiting beliefs

Although writing about the bad things in a diary devoted to attracting what you desire may seem contradictory, doing so is necessary to get them out of your system. Airing out your limiting beliefs will teach your brain to focus on fresh opportunities, solutions, and possibilities rather than restrictions and obstacles if you’re experiencing any resistance in your manifesting process.

Get your vision straight.

It’s crucial to be clear and precise about your aims when attempting to manifest something: the more information, the better. For instance, if you wanted to manifest money, you might write it down several times and then include a ton of information about all the fantastic things resulting from your manifestation.

Thinking from the end

Finally, “thought from the end” is an excellent format for your manifestation notebook. This exercise will assist you in visualizing your goal as already attained. The aim is to focus on your ideal manifestation and write about it as much as possible.

End with gratitude

Always remember to record your blessings in your manifestation journal. Gratitude enables you to focus on everything you have rather than what you lack. By recognizing these, you may preserve your optimism, which will draw favorable outcomes in the future. The highest vibrating emotion you can experience is gratitude.

Manifestation Journal to help you work towards your goals
5 minute manifestation journal
5-minute Manifestation Journal

How to Use a Manifestation Journal?  

Here are some simple steps to follow to use a journal effectively.

Pick up your journal

You should pick a journal you love; it should be something that compels you to pick it up daily.

Set intentions

What do you want to accomplish with your manifestation journal? It should be what you want in your outcome, how it will make you feel, and the actions you take to achieve that outcome.

Free your mind

It would help to relax your mind to let go of limiting beliefs before you start writing. It would be best to let go of all thoughts and opinions that don’t serve you.

Start writing

In this step, you can write anything. You can free write about ideas, make a list of things you wish to attract, or write as much as little as you want.

Write often

It doesn’t have to be every day but do it a few times a week so that it becomes a routine.

manifestation notebook - be brave, be bold, be beautiful, be you
Be you

How Does Journaling Help with Manifestation?

Manifestation journaling is helpful because it helps you live more consciously, realigns you with the universe, and encourages you to think, feel, and behave as if your desires have already come true. Here are some more benefits of manifestation journaling.

Improves your mood

Due to its success in assisting people in expressing their emotions, journaling has been a well-liked and valuable practice in psychotherapy for decades. Numerous studies have demonstrated the therapeutic benefits of writing about negative emotions. 

For instance, it has occasionally reduced depression scores even when journaling for just 20 minutes per day for three days straight. Additionally, it has proven to have several other advantageous outcomes, including a reduction in burnout.

It helps organize Thoughts and Emotions

With its emphasis on objectives and aspirations, manifestation journaling exposes what’s impeding you from achieving your goals and brings your deepest wishes to the fore. Using the appropriate prompts, you can recognize the unfavorable thoughts and feelings preventing you from moving forward.

child siting on a beach thoughfully
Sit back and be thoughtful
Increases mindfulness

By paying close attention to the pen in your hand and listening to your thoughts and feelings, you enter a mindful state, a focused mental state that centers you in the present.

Since it exists for thousands of years in many forms, mindfulness is not a new practice. it has only lately been introduced into Western wellness therapies.

According to research, mindfulness can have various advantages, such as lowering stress and emotional reactivity while enhancing working memory, cognitive flexibility, and focus.

It helps establish a path for goal setting

Making a plan for the future is difficult, but once you start a manifestation notebook, you’ll have accomplished the first step: expressing your dreams. Developing a plan for achieving your objectives is the next step.

Fortunately, a wealth of information on adequate goal setting is supported by data. The most obvious one is the effectiveness of smart goals, goals that are precise, measurable, achievable, relevant and have a set deadline.

These more manageable objectives are essential building blocks for accomplishing your larger life goals, even though they occasionally seem unrelated.


What are some manifestation examples?

As manifestation is something that can be seen or smelled as evidence that it exists. The smile on a woman’s face when her spouse arrives shows how much she loves him. It is a shape that an entity assumes or is believed to manifest itself.

Why can journaling help with manifestations?

The benefits of manifesting include improving your relationship with the universe, rewiring your subconscious, encouraging more conscious living, and assisting you in thinking, feeling, and behaving as though your desires have already come true.

How do you address a letter for manifestation to the universe?

Record things that make you feel lovely. You can be grateful for past manifestations of your desires, record your favorite affirmations of gratitude, or be thankful that you are in harmony with the Universe’s loving presence. You can even feel as though your desire has already come true.

How will I know if my manifestation is successful?

When you begin to sense good energy all around you, that is one of the most obvious signs that you are winning. This can signify that you are drawing positive things into your life and beginning to attain your goals. You might also detect an increase in your sense of vitality and energy.

Is keeping a manifestation notebook a good idea?

By keeping your book, you track your progress, make yourself responsible, and improve the clarity of your goals and intentions. Mainly, it can assist you in becoming very clear about your aims and goals and the activities you must take to achieve them.

What does a manifestation journal mean?

You can record your aspirations, objectives, and desires in a book with blank pages known as a manifestation journal. It’s a manifestation technique, similar to the law of attraction, that, even if it doesn’t “make” things happen, can help you stay motivated and focused.

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By keeping a manifestation journal, you may track your progress, make yourself responsible, and improve the clarity of your goals and intentions. More precisely, it can assist you in becoming very clear about your objectives and the activities you must take to achieve them.

In addition to aiding in goal clarification, it also highlights any changes that must be made, such as limiting beliefs to attract the things you desire. So pick up your diary and start writing, whether you’re hoping to make money, call in love, or land your dream career.

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