Mirror Tray Styling: Our Growing Obsession With Trays

mirror tray

A serving mirror tray is a highly versatile home décor piece that may get arranged in various ways than most people realize. Even though they are referred to as serving trays, their duties extend much beyond that of serving. They help serve as catch-alls for related items, keeping things organized and tying a space together with strategically placed pieces on top of them.

Types of Trays & How to Use Them in Your Home 

The first step is to select the most appropriate tray for the available area. After that, decide on the shape of the tray you want to use. There are many different geometric shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, and more variations. If your design contains a lot of straight lines, you might want to consider using a round tray to soften the look. For example, if the space has many round or soft features, a tray with sharp edges could provide some nice contrast to break things up a little.

And, of course, color is also crucial in this context. If you choose trays in neutral colors, they are the most adaptable since you can quickly relocate them to another location if you so like. It’s also possible to be more inventive with what’s on the tray. On the other hand, the tray could be an excellent opportunity to introduce a pop of color into a room that is predominantly neutral in color. 

What is the general design style of the space? Do you prefer a more minimalist or a more maximalist appearance? Minimalist aesthetic aims to make everything as essential as possible. For a tray, no more than 2-3 ornamental things should be placed on it, and there should be enough negative space left. However, if you want a maximalist aesthetic, you may fill it up completely. Just remember to maintain everything in balance, have a clear goal, and have everything be complementary to one another.

These are the types of trays you can use for décor in your home and how to use them:

1. Mirror Tray

round mirror tray
Mirror Tray

It is a fantastic and classic option when displaying specific things, such as fragrances. Mirror trays made of glass are a classic design that dates back to the era of Hollywood starlets in black and white films. And now, you may feel like a movie star as you display your perfumes, rings, or whatever else you think is deserving of attention on one of these stunning glass mirror trays. 

A mirrored tray is a terrific way to keep all of your cleansers and other items organized and in a single location in the bathroom. Everything stays arranged on your countertops, and it’s simple to find what you’re searching for because everything is in one convenient place. A mirror tray in the guest bathroom is convenient to set out fresh towels and soap for your guests while staying at your home. The light in the bathroom that bounces off the mirror tray will make pictures of the products in your home look like they got taken at a hotel. 

2.  Gold Tray 

Three aspects should always be included in every display, regardless of utilizing your gold tray as a centerpiece or creating a show in your home: various heights, textures, and empty space. Different sizes and textures offer interest, but a tiny amount of open space prevents the tray from seeming to be jammed full with just a lot of junk. You never want your gold tray to look cheap by crowding things on it or placing it in a place where it does not become the center of the decor.

Gold trays come in different sizes, and depending on the aesthetic of your home, you can always position them in other places. A gold tray can get used to frame a vase or sculpture. The use of glass bottles helps fill out the area without taking away from the vibrant aesthetic of the vase. Make sure you get a vase that is a solid color. You can get a black vase with gold trimmings or a solid black vase to make the gold tray pop. 

3. Beaded Tray 

beaded tray
Beaded Tray by Inspire-Me-Home decor

With a beaded tray, you can maintain everything in its proper place. Yes, we have all seen the specialty organizing trays explicitly designed for bedroom dressers, nightstands, and the inside of drawers, right? However, think about how you can organize it in plain sight while making it a part of your overall aesthetic. Keep all of the goods you need close at hand, but they’ll appear more attractive if they’re organized in a tray. You can keep your beaded tray in the kitchen and place all your utensils and condiments. 

What makes a beaded tray unique is the detail on the tray, the beads to be specific. You can use it as an organizer in the kitchen and use the same tray in the bedroom. You can use it in the guestroom and set it on the bed when visitors arrive. What an excellent spot to keep a few chocolates, a couple of water bottles, reading material, unique soaps, and other trinkets together! A little framed printout of the Wi-Fi password can be included in the beaded guest room tray when you put it together. 

4. Marble Tray with Handles

marble tray with handles
Marble Tray with Handles

Using a tray be it marble with a mirror option in the kitchen is an excellent technique to keep specific objects organized. Because salt and pepper belong alongside other commonly used items such as oils and garlic, why not put them all together in one handy area to easily access them? It’s also a good location for keeping herb pots. A marble tray may contain lemons, a cutting board, and a shrub or herbs, making it simple to flavor the cuisine as it is being prepared. To taste on this tray, you may keep all of your culinary staples, such as oil, vinegar, and salt & pepper. 

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5. Round Gold Tray 

round gold tray
Round Gold Tray

A round gold tray vignette may be intimidating because of its small size, and it’s tempting to believe that you should only use tiny objects to fill the space. That’s a no-no! Of course, the size of your tray has a role in how well it appears, but utilizing significant pieces that are grouped looks excellent and makes a more prominent statement than having a few tiny objects scattered throughout. 

Make it a point to vary the height and form of your pieces to provide a pleasing visual effect. Also, keep in mind the rule of threes: anytime you build a vignette, you should always include at least three different things in your composition. Items arranged in odd numbers are more appealing and remembered than things arranged in groups of even numbers.

6. Marble Tray 

marble tray rectangle
Rectangle Marble Tray

Using a marble tray on your dining room table is a simple method to dress up the table and keep items close at hand all at the same time. Pepper shakers and salt, fresh flowers, chandeliers, and other ornamental objects assist in elevating the table’s aesthetics and make it easier to relocate everything when it’s time for cleanup. A marble tray on the dining table can get used to hold candles and flowers that coordinate with the rest of the decor, resulting in a well-organized table that is simple to clean up after dinner.

7. Metallic Tray

silver tray
Metallic Tray

The traditional elegance of some bar items like decanters, martini shakers, and even some bottles may get found in their design. Rather than tucking it away in a cabinet or cupboard, keep bottles and your bar tools on display on a metallic tray to draw attention to them. Your area will appear more sophisticated as a result, and it is a simple method of creating a fashionable vignette. A silver tray may carry a water pitcher, a few shot glasses, a tall decanter, a copper martini shaker and allow you to have everything in one place and visible. The secret to using metallic trays for décor is that they need to be sparkling clean. For a tray to enhance the aesthetic of your bar, it should have no stain on it. 

You can also use the metallic tray in the lounge. If you have a circular metallic tray, you can place it on a chair or ottoman. It appears more planned and elegant because the circular tray on a square ottoman adds movement to the display, and the varying heights of the things on it make it appear more intentional and beautiful. The tray may hold a few coasters, flowers, and candles, which will offer both usefulness and aesthetic appeal to the living area.

8. Perfume Mirror Tray 

round perfume tray
Perfume Tray

A display mirror tray in my bedroom is the most convenient place to keep all my scents. Modern individuals may not be aware that the decorative mirror tray on which their perfume is displayed is a vanity tray. They have gained popularity as a fashionable and attractive item in recent years. They are available in various sizes, ranging from a simple 12 inches to over 24 inches. It might be in the form of a painted pattern or silver or gold. Some are made of metal, while others are usually made of glass, and the mirrored bottom is the most popular variety of this item. If you’re searching for something a little more luxurious, jeweled versions are available, including crystal, glass, genuine emeralds, and diamonds. These can be classified as definitive status symbols.

Your perfume bottles will look beautiful on a vanity tray, which may also serve as a decorative element in and of itself. It is beneficial for those scents that you receive as gifts for Christmas or birthdays but that you do not like or like using. If you cannot return it, you can use it as wall art in your bedroom. If it has a mirrored bottom, clean it at least once a week to keep it looking good. Smudges and grime are created by simple daily activities and dust, accentuated by the mirror. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking anything unique and different or something vintage and bejeweled. It is truly an attractive solution for keeping clutter organized on your bathroom counter or dresser! How many modern ladies are familiar with the term “vanity tray”? The term was given to them centuries ago because it contained ladies’ stuff to make themselves look better.


Trays are excellent, adaptable components to incorporate into your home’s décor for many purposes. Their sleek appearance is universally appealing, and they also help make a place appear more orderly and less crowded. If you have a collection of tiny pieces of décor, you may arrange them on a tray and give them a more defined function. Different decorative trays may be placed almost wherever in the home, including on an ottoman or a side table and on the kitchen or bathroom counters. The options are virtually limitless because they are available in various forms, sizes, and colors. 

There is something so basic and neat about trays, and they can be utilized in various places, including bedrooms. A tray is an excellent place to keep objects you use daily together. Therefore, think of lotions and potions, jewelry and scarves, make-up, etc. You may most likely go with a giant tray for the top of the dresser instead (if you have the surface space). Whenever you use a tray as a part of your room’s design, be sure to include some decorative components such as a vase of flowers, candles, or anything similar so that it doesn’t appear to be entirely practical.

The presence of a tray by the front door makes everyday comings and goings far less stressful, even if you’re running behind schedule. Designate a central location in the entryway for storing home and automobile keys; this is a lifesaver when many family members are on the go. If you choose a large enough size, it will serve as the only drop-off location for mail, masks, sunglasses, and school permission sheets, among other things.

Author: S'tha Maz

I'm passionate about spreading positivity, and inspiration so that l can help others reach their greatest potential. I believe that we all owe it to ourselves to live a meaningful life and live it well. I am a naturally curious person, favour my creative side of thinking, and enjoy researching new topics and motherhood. I hope you find my digital storytelling intriguing and inspiring. I started WatuDaily to serve as a go-to source for families on various topics such as (home & living, travel, lifestyle, and wellness/success). – B Business – Financial Planning (RMIT)


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S'tha Maz

S'tha Maz

I'm passionate about spreading positivity, and inspiration so that l can help others reach their greatest potential. I believe that we all owe it to ourselves to live a meaningful life and live it well. I am a naturally curious person, favour my creative side of thinking, and enjoy researching new topics and motherhood. I hope you find my digital storytelling intriguing and inspiring. I started WatuDaily to serve as a go-to source for families on various topics such as (home & living, travel, lifestyle, and wellness/success). – B Business – Financial Planning (RMIT)
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