Miss Travel? 10 Ways to Travel on a Budget.

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Do you miss travel and want to know some of the best ways to travel on a budget? Missing travel for financial reasons can be very heartbreaking and discouraging. The good news is that there is a way out for you. What if I told you that by the end of this article you will be in a position to travel to any destination of your choice even on a tight budget? In this article, we reveal some of the most unknown secrets of how to travel on a tight budget. If you are worried about not having enough money, this is the article for you! 

So what are some of the ways you can travel on a budget? 

Miss Travel? We have a Few Solutions For You & Here’s Our Countdown from number TEN to One

10. Cut Costs On How Much You Eat ( And What You Eat As Well)

To avoid missing travel, rather than going to an expensive restaurant for lunch, try out a local food market or a relatively cheaper supermarket. Find cheaper zones around the areas you visit that will help you cut costs. If you are used to taking a bottle of beer every time you are having your dinner or lunch, consider drinking water instead- It’s not only good for your waistline alone, it is good for your wallet as well. Local food markets offer the most affordable ways to eat on a budget while also experiencing the local culture. Check out the local eateries around, and try out eating some of the street foods served in the local markets.  Nothing can be more adventurous than trying out street foods. Eating at local eateries will have you trying foods that would generally cost three times more, than in a restaurant. 

miss travel? - street food vendor in Seoul
Seoul street food

Another way to hack this is to consider cooking your own meals. Cooking for yourself remains to be one of the best ways to cut costs. Eating out can sometimes mess up your budget and have you running out of cash. Looking for accommodation in rooms that have a kitchen is therefore very important. It gives you the space to cook whatever you want while enjoying the best moments of your time. You do not need to spend a lot of money on food. Consider skipping a meal or two to save some cash rather than miss travel because of the budget constraint. Missing a meal won’t ruin your trip-it won’t have you dying of hunger.

9. Miss Travel? – Work During Your Travel Tour/ Period

Have you ever considered a working holiday? Missing travel because of financial constraints can be very overwhelming and draining. You can overcome this by trying a work holiday travel. Try looking for side jobs you can enjoy working on while on holiday. Maybe teach a language or do some freelance work. There are many options available for you if you are willing to step in. Working on a holiday will help you raise more finances to help fund your travel. To Miss travel should never be your reality. 

freelance working so that you don't miss out on travel
Freelance work whilst you travel

8. Consider Affordable Accommodations.

Instead of booking an expensive hotel room, consider going for dorm rooms in hostels nearby. Sharing a room will help you cut costs and communal bunk rooms offer the opportunity to meet people who might be happy to explore with you. AirBnBs and Couchsurfing are also a better alternative to expensive hotels that will have you spending an arm and a leg. Booking an Airbnb and/or Couchsurfing means you will have the opportunity to be hosted in a local house nearby. This will get you the opportunity to have the most authentic experience in the city you’re visiting. Try to engage with your host, who might be happy to be your personal guide and show you some of the cheapest places to visit and affordable eateries around. 

Another way of cutting costs on accommodation to ensure you are not missing travel is to consider staying with family and friends who might be living in the city you’re traveling to. Having native friends and family around will help you explore places you have never thought of. Your social network is very powerful. Do you know a college friend living in Italy? Does your relative have a colleague in Thailand? Exhaust all your social networks. You might be surprised how much knowing someone in the town you’re visiting can be such a life-saver!

family in the village
African family celebration

Group travel is a great hack if you are traveling on a budget. Solo traveling can be financially draining if you think about it. Solo travels mean that all expenses are on you. The benefit of traveling as a group is that you get to split costs on a lot of things. You will end up cutting costs on accommodation and even cheaper rental cars. 

7. Apply For International Volunteer Programs Or Exchanges

If you have never thought about volunteering abroad and you are missing travel because of a tight budget, it might be time to start considering volunteering work overseas. There are a lot of organizations that offer various international volunteer programs. If you have a passion for any area of volunteer work, you can chip in and enjoy your travel while volunteering for something you love doing. Some of such organizations will sponsor your flights, accommodation, food, and some extra stipend. 

volunteer sign
Volunteer so that you won’t miss travel

Volunteering in countries abroad will expose you to a lot of things you would never have known. It is a good way to learn about travel while doing something meaningful as well. Volunteering is among the best ways to learn about other parts of the world.

6. Travel During The Low Seasons And Avoid Peak Seasons If Possible

Visiting during the low seasons can save you a lot of money. Sometimes the low season just means it’s getting a little colder or it rains just a bit more. Low seasons are never bad times to travel after all. They are just unpopular, and nothing else. If you do not want to be missing travel and yet still enjoy good times with a tight budget, then the low seasons might be one of the best times to travel. 

Gold Coast Australia
Gold Coast, Queensland Australia is beautiful all year round

You will get access to cheaper accommodation, cheaper flights, and even food! You will have great moments and experiences in your life without spending too much money. Take advantage of these low seasons and see how much of a difference it makes in terms of the fees you will pay. After all, is said and done, try as hard as possible to not travel on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. At the same time, always be on check for any early fare sales from airlines.

Travelling is always about making memories. Have a good life, and enjoy the good vibes while at it. Make sure you dedicate your time to having fun and enjoying the new environment and experiences. 

5. Prioritize Affordable Means Of Travel.

If you are visiting a new place, find out some of the cheapest ways to travel while exploring the new town. Check out their railway costs or bus fares. Paying for bus fares is definitely a great way to cut on the costs you would incur by booking an expressive flight, for instance. 

Using public transportation during your trip can save you from using a lot of cash. Public transport is often way cheaper than having a taxi take you around. If you have booked a rental car for a road trip, use it to carry people along the way and have them pay for your fuel/petrol. 

Red two story buses in London streets
Consider taking a bus when in London easy & fun

For relatively long distances, check out low-cost airlines that regularly offer low-cost deals. Additionally, to avoid missing travel and ensure you cut on costs, try flying on weekdays as opposed to weekends when flight tickets hit the ceiling. Traveling on Mondays and Tuesdays for instance is much cheaper than flying on a Saturday or Sunday. Choosing to fly on weekdays will have you saving a lot of money. 

4. Conduct Robust Research Prior To Your Travel Dates

Researching your destination before you start off your travel can make all the difference. You need to know which hostels are cheaper, how much hiring a taxi costs, and so much more. Doing a little bit of research will enlighten you on a lot of things that will help you save on costs. 

Check out museums that will have subsidized entry fees during certain days of the week, galleries that allow free entry, local eateries that are cheap and affordable, and the list goes on and on. Find out everything you need to know beforehand. There are very high chances that if you are flexible enough, you will always get very good deals. Carry out robust research and you will never worry about missing travel.

museum in Paris
Miss Travel? – Look for cheaper deals for museums, parks, etc

Traveling on a budget in order not to miss travel means you always have to be prepared to keep your options open. Being flexible and having an open mind will have you saving a lot of money. There are tons of destinations that are relatively cheaper but are sure worth your consideration. Consider traveling to destinations that are cheaper and more affordable. 

3. Check Out For Free Tours

Many cities worldwide often plan and organize free tours once in a while. Some of these tours are headed by guides who might only need just a small tip. All you have to do is enjoy the moment, and experience the new environment. 

free tour
Free tour

If you fail to find out about the free tours, do not be stressed out. Sometimes self-discoveries end up being the best memories we ever have. Plan out everything in advance, take a stroll across the street and view the beautiful galleries and buildings you will discover as you move along. Nothing can be more refreshing.

2. Purchase A Local SIM Card 

If your phone plan doesn’t include international data coverage, then it is imperative that you purchase a local SIM card. The local card will help you cut your mobile data costs. It is also very convenient especially if you intend to make local calls and texts. You do not have to keep relying on WIFI connections to communicate with your friends and family. It is also easier to get help from the local police if you already have a SIM card. 

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1. Plan Ahead

Planning remains to be the most important rule in every travel experience. If you want to make sure you spend according to your budget and cut on costs as well, then you need to have a very clear and concise plan of your travel escapade. Make sure you factor in everything you need and prepare a strategy that will help you spend the least amount of money to meet your needs during your travel. 

Clearly indicate how much money you will use for your flight tickets, the places you are going to visit, the specific travel dates, and everything you are planning to buy during the entire period. Keeping such clear records will help you track your spending to ensure you are within your budget plans.

Travel planning
Plan Ahead & research

Is the fear of missing travel a constant concern to you? Have you ever applied any of these tips? How did it work out for you? Drop your responses in the comments section below. Do you have any other tips you wish to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below as well. 

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