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The suburb of Mosman is located on Sydney’s North Shore. It is known for its wealthy community, large and glamour properties as well as beautiful beaches which line the edges of the suburb. Having it located 8km North-East of Sydney CBD, Mosman gives you a sense of livelihood while also having a calm and pampered aesthetic.

Public Transport

Although Mosman has several buses running at almost every time of the day, it has to be mentioned that the lack of a train station means one has to walk a good 150m to get to catch a train to any given location. So if one does decide to knock that option off for now the buses don’t quite constantly run. Due to the narrow roads and the evident traffic one might encounter due to the hustle and bustle of sightseers and beachgoers. On clear roads, the estimated time to travel from Mosman to Sydney CBD by Bus is approximately 6-8 minutes, while a Ferry will take you 12 minutes and a Taxi, 9.

An image of Mosman Warf
An image of Mosman Warf


Mosman has had an increase in population since 2016. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2016 Mosman’s population stood at 28,000 people. As it stands in 2022, the population of Mosman sits at approximately 30,000 people.

What housing types are dominant in Mosman

Currently, in Mosman, the development of medium to high-density complexes collectively accounts for the most dominant housing type. However, there are still a large number of single-standing homes which line the coast and fill in the mainland. 

An image of a house in Mosman
An image of a house in Mosman

What attracts home buyers and investors to Mosman

Mosman has a lot of prospects that would intrigue the interest of home buyers and investors. For starters, the aesthetic of Mosman is great and holds up to its talk. The perfectly maintained greenery, lush beaches, well-manicured gardens, as well as breathtaking architecture, make it a great place to invest in or live in.

The high-end stores also provide the community of Mosman with a sense of luxury. Additionally, the abundance of boutiques, fresh markets, fancy bakeries, and gyms, amongst other things makes Mosman a suburb that is very much community-based. It should also be noted that the community is known for being friendly and very welcoming. Furthermore, the area is pet friendly and the vast landscapes aid the eye boost the value of Mosman.

An image of a house in Mosman
An image of a house in Mosman

Future infrastructure and development

Currently, the Council of Mosman hasn’t stated the progression or undertaking of new developments except for a new luxury retail location and the acceptance of new residential dwellings. Just like in any other council area, the construction of apartments is encouraged. Thus, the community of Mosman has seen the new buildings pop up almost everywhere.

An image of a unit block in Mosman
An image of a unit block in Mosman

What my money can buy

As of 2022, the median house price stands at $5,300,000 and $1,700 per week to rent. When it comes to units the median price stands at $1,250,000 and $563 per week to rent.

Mosman Café, Restaurants and Bars

One of the things Mosman doesn’t lack is the abundance of cafés, restaurants, and bars. These can be found almost anywhere and everywhere across the suburb. 

Popular Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Wahroonga

Cafe Mosman restaurant with water views
Café Mosman – Mosman
Café Mosman

Café Mosman is one of the most popular locations to visit in Mosman. The intimate, cozy, and friendly aesthetic of the café makes it a great place to visit when in need of a delectable breakfast, lunch, or coffee.

The Public Dining Room restaurant Mosman
The Public Dining Room – Mosman
The Public Dining Room

The Public Dining Room in Mosman is an amazing restaurant to visit when you’re in need of great quality and devious bite. The elegant Australian produce-based restaurant showcases the best of Australian cuisine while utilizing the natural and fresh produce they receive fresh every morning. Although the price tag is pricey, the waterfront views, amazing staff, and extraordinary food make it all worthwhile.

Hotel Mosman bar
Hotel Mosman – Mosman
Hotel Mosman

Hotel Mosman leads with elegance and class with delicious food and a vast collection of liquor. The seaside Bar allows its guests to dine and drink near the ocean while also taking in the breathtaking Mosman environment and aesthetic.

Chica Bonita Manly food
Chica Bonita Manly – Mosman
Chica Bonita Manly

Chica Bonita Manly is a Mexican restaurant that is known for its cozy Mexican vibe and amazing food which never disappoints. The food is always fresh, tasty, and authentic which can be accompanied by Chica Bonita’s amazing alcoholic beverages. 

An image of food from L'Heritage Mosman food
L’Héritage – Mosman

L’Héritage in Mosman is an exquisite restaurant to visit if you are ever in the area. The simple shabby chic interior exemplifies the fine French food served, creating a beautiful dining experience. The romantic dinner is also accompanied by a fantastic view of the ocean and the friendly staff accommodates your needs.

An image of food from Ormeggio at The Spit Mosman
Ormeggio at The Spit – Mosman
Ormeggio at The Spit

Ormeggio at The Spit is an Italian restaurant that specializes in innovative Italian food with locally sourced produce accompanied by the sea breeze. The seafood-based menu is sensational with wines and beverages to enhance the flavors created by the chef. Ormeggio at The Spit is a great place to visit when you are in the Mosman area and you feel like spoiling yourself for a few hours by the ocean.

Mosman Schools

Mosman has a wide variety of education centers to guide children throughout their learning ventures.

Preschools In Mosman

An image of the SDN Mosman playground
SDN Mosman – Mosman
SDN Mosman

SDN Mosman is a childcare center that looks after and educates young children on the fundamental skills needed in primary school.

Primary Schools In Mosman

For primary education, Mosman has two main places to attend.

Mosman Public School official school logo
Mosman Public School – Mosman
Mosman Public School

Mosman Public School is known for its great education and amazing learning environment. Mosman Public School prides itself on being an accepting community to all children from different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

Visit Website

Scared Heart Catholic College Primary School (Mosman) official school logo
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School – Mosman
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School provides children with reliable and great Catholic education in a safe religious environment. Leading with the motto faith, generosity, and courage, Sacred Heart is a school that aims to challenge children to complete the work of Jesus with hands that, ‘reach up in prayer and out with care’. 

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Secondary Schools in Mosman

The suburb has one high school but has several in its surrounding areas

Mosman High School official school logo and playground
Mosman High School – Mosman
Mosman High School

Mosman High School has great staff, amazing facilities, and overall has everything any student would need to prepare for the real world. A school community fostering creativity, individuality, and leadership while striving for excellence in teaching and learning.

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The Mosman Medical Centre Logo
Mosman Medical Centre

The suburb has a few choices when it comes to seeking medical attention. There is Mosman Private Hospital as well as Mosman Medical Centre which both have friendly staff who provide excellent medical care and are well trained in their occupation.

The Mosman FC logo
Mosman FC

Just like most suburbs, the suburb has popular sports such as Mosman FC, cricket teams, basketball teams, netball teams, and rugby teams however they also have specialty sports to provide a variety of sports to help aid the health and fitness of Mosman’s community. These include Mosman little athletes, a material arts center, a swimming center, tennis clubs, golf clubs, and squash clubs

An image of Headland Park
An image of Headland Park

Due to the area’s abundance of greenery and naturalist aesthetic, the walks around Mosman are quite exquisite. One worth mentioning is the Headland Park Walking Track which takes you along the shore of Mosman. Through this track, you really do see what is protected in the Australian bush. This includes the natural species of flora and fauna flourishing. Undoubtdly, the walk itself is quite lovely and allows you to escape the hustling and bustling of the beaches.

Taronga Zoo
Taronga Free Flight Birds! An Aerial Extravaganza!

An image of Taronga zoo Mosman
An image of Taronga zoo

Mosman is also home to one of Australia’s most famous zoos, Taronga Zoo. The zoo is huge with almost every animal category you could think of from land dwellers, sea creatures, and flying spectacles. While also overlooking Sydney Harbour, Taronga Zoo makes a great place to visit with family and friends.

An image of a hotel in Taronga Zoo
Accommodation at Taronga Zoo

This zoo has beautiful hotels and restaurants to stay in when one wants to be a part of nature. Taronga Zoo makes an amazing spot to go with your family. The staff is friendly and helpful and the animals are the icing on the cake. Making the visit worthwhile.

For beach and coastal people the beaches in Mosman are breathtaking and showcase true Australian beauty. Balmoral beach is one of Mosman’s most popular beaches for its amazing track and astonishing beach. As a bonus, the community and people in the Mosman are polite, joyful, and friendly making the experience in Mosman great.

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