Colors impact our world. Have you ever attended an event that entailed a color scheme you didn’t particularly like? How did you feel vibrant or low? Colors have a way of affecting the mood of our daily activities. While some colors may make you calm, some may cause you to be anxious.

red, blue, yellow, green dices

So, what does this mean? Colors like the media are powerful tools for communication. Besides, people have learned to associate themselves with specific New Year’s colors as lucky colors. Such colors are essential during the New Year to get fortunate in the year.

For instance, different cultures select New Year’s colors that resonate with them. The US lucky colors for New Year’s Eve and the lucky Chinese colors are some of the known events that deal with lucky colors.

So, what are the lucky colors for the New Year, and what impact do they have? Read on to get more insight.

What is the Lucky Color for 2022?

Do you believe that there are specific colors that’ll help you get lucky in your new year? Everyone wants to get lucky. Therefore the New Year’s color might do the magic.

2022 new year sign
Move over 2021. Here comes 2022!

While you want to get lucky, choose the New Year’s colors on time. Whether your wall colors or wardrobe, add a pimp of the New Year’s colors and enjoy getting lucky. But, what is the lucky color for 2022?

According to the Chinese who hold dear the concept of New Year’s colors, water mint green and cerulean blue are the colors. Moreover, fiery yellow and fiery red to a minor degree are in consideration. The Chinese derive these colors from the five elements and the precepts of astrology.

While the Chinese settled on blue, red, green, and yellow, other companies have opinions of New Year colors. For instance, the Pantone Color Institute sets the official color for 2022 which will be revealed at a later date.

pantone color chart
Pantone Color Chart

On the other hand, Behr’s paint color for 2022 is Breezeway which is closer to green. It is green with a touch of silver. This color is a sign of moving forward, as many people are craving it. Like Pentone, Behr has Mykonos blue among the lucky New Year’s colors. Other colors selected by Behr include whisper white, Perfect Penny, and Studio Clay.

BEHR® 2022 Color of the Year: Breezeway

Lucky Color for 2022 and Travel

Traveling is a fun adventure. People travel for various reasons to countless destinations. New Year’s colors are not limited to fashion, sports, or beauty but travel too. As much as there’s so much adventure in traveling, it’s a significant cause of deaths today through accidents. So, who doesn’t want to get lucky traveling?

The lucky color for travel is gray. Coincidentally, ultimate gray is one of Pantone’s colors of the year (2021). According to Pantone, this color is practical and rock-solid but at the same time warming and optimistic. Furthermore, It is aspirational and gives us hope. We need to feel that everything is going to get brighter – this is essential to the human spirit says, Pantone.

Travel the world in color
Explore the world in color because it makes life more enjoyable.

Therefore, choose gray and add a pop of color – orange or yellow as your New Year’s color for travel. Orange is for adventure, so wear orange as you ride in a gray chateau. You’ll love it! Besides, with gray, you’ll have a sense of safety, and that’s what you need for traveling.

Lucky Color for 2022 and Family

Whether physical, mental, or spiritual growth, families are an essential part of one’s life. The world is made up of families. According to statistics, 38% of the world’s most common type of family is the extended family. And 33% is the two-parent family.

Did you know most people trust family business? In 2016, the Edelman Trust Barometer survey revealed that 66% of the respondents preferred to work with family businesses.

So, why all these statistics? Lucky colors affect families, and it’s crucial to get fortunate in families in 2022. Families must prosper. The value they add is incomparable.

Red Roses
Roses are Red!

Now, what’s the New Year’s color for the family, and how does it affect it? According to the lucky Chinese colors, red is best for weddings. Add some little yellow for good luck! When starting a family, you need everything to work out. Use the color red to succeed, for good fortune, beauty, and happiness.

blue for harmony
Blue for harmony, trust, calmness, healing & long life.

In addition, decorate your home with the color blue. It would be best if you had harmony, trust, calmness, healing, and long life for the whole family. So, wear blue, you’ll get lucky with your family.

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Lucky Color for 2022 and Money

Have you come across the saying, money can’t buy happiness? Well, it can make you happy. Currently, money is the driving force of life. With the love of money amongst people in the world, everyone wants to get lucky with money.

This is one of the reasons why people go to all extents to ensure they secure their bags. Like travel and family, lucky colors affect money and there’re New Year’s colors for it. To have lots of money, the source of your money has to be secure and you need all the luck you can get.

new years color chameleon
Try shades of green for some luck said Mr Chameleon!

As you plan and think of the colors to wear or paint your office, try green. It’s a cool color associated with nature. It’s the color that’ll make you rich too. Who would not want to boost their finances and grow?

The lucky color green has the energy to make a difference money-wise. It’s the color of money! Lucky colors are best worn on New Year’s Eve, so make your goals right. When it gets to the eve of 2022, have your outfit with a touch of green ready. With the power to get rid of anxiety, you’ll work smart and achieve your goals. What’s best, settle on a color that works for you!

Year of the Tiger-Chinese Zodiac

Have you come across the term Chinese Zodiac? What is it?

The Chinese Zodiac is an arrangement founded on the lunar calendar that entails assigning an animal with its known characters to every year. The cycle repeats itself every twelve years. According to the cycle, the tiger is the third rank. And 2022 is the water tiger year. From the five elements, 2022 is water, therefore it’s the water tiger year.

The Chinese calendar begins on 1st February, and every zodiac lasts till 21st January the following year. According to the Chinese, Feng Shui helps them align the environment with whatever they want. Therefore, in the year of the water tiger, Feng Shui recommends several lucky colors.

Year of the Tiger

The people born in the year of the tiger’s personality are unpredictable, brave, confident, and competitive. In addition, they are tenacious and charismatic.

Known as the king of all beasts, the tiger symbolizes braveness, power, and banishing devils. In China, children identify a piece of clothing such as shoes or a hat with the tiger image to attain good luck. You can try it too!

Lucky Colors for 2022 Based on the Chinese Zodiac

Colors have power. And, surrounding yourself with the right colors is wise. Based on the Chinese Zodiac, green, red, yellow, and blue are the New Year Color’s 2022. Water mint green and cerulean blue, to be specific. Adding a touch of fiery yellow and red will make you lucky.

The Chinese zodiac has been used for years, and that should give you confidence that it will get you lucky. As mentioned, Feng Shui aligns because everything has energy.

sheep in new year colors
Green, red, yellow, blue, red pick your new years color!

For instance, colors have energy. So, while you plan to renovate your house or office, remember to use the lucky colors, a touch of green or, blue. Red or yellow will do you wonders getting into the New Year. Preferably, set it all up on New Year’s Eve as you await new blessings in 2022.

Do you want to stay pure, maintain balance and grow in harmony? Then green is your color. For power or royalty and good luck, yellow it is. If you want to stay happy, beautiful, successful, and with vigor, red will work for you. As a representation of fire, red is a strong color and represents the nationality of the Chinese.

On the other hand, wear blue as your New Year’s color. Paint your room blue, and you’ll enjoy calmness, longevity, healing, and trust. Yellow represents the earth, green the environment, and blue long life. The addition of white and golden colors balances with the five energy flow elements in 2022.

When everything is aligned, perfect feng shui.


As you look forward to 2022, remember what you want, your goals. Is it money, a blessed family, or travel successfully? Colors have a way of creating memories. With different personalities and possibilities, colors have a way of embracing you. Have you ever felt a certain color choke you, limiting your ability to express yourself? Try calmer colors for healing and simplify your life.

Well, the Chinese believe everything changes when you follow Feng Shui’s advice. One of them is, using their New Year’s colors, especially on the eve of the New Year. Do you think it can make a difference in your life? Is it possible to use colors to align your life like you want to? My guess is, you have your own opinion, and this read is what you need to get it right.

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