Pantone Color of The Year 2022 – Very Peri

color of 2022 very peri peri

Pantone, the world’s main color authority, has named “Very Peri” the color of the year for 2022. “A dramatic periwinkle blue color with a vivifying violet-red undertone. It merges the loyalty and fidelity of blue with the power and thrill of red,” according to the manufacturer. Pantone’s professionals pick out a color for the approaching year by analyzing color impacts from everywhere in the world. This includes the amusement industry and upcoming films, traveling artwork collections and new artists, fashion, domestic furnishings, design areas. Furthermore, it also includes famous tour destinations, in addition to new lifestyles, playstyles, and socio-economic conditions. They could also be stimulated by approaching the most important athletic events. 

What are Pantone colors?

When people speak about Pantone colors, they are generally relating to the Pantone Matching System color (PMS). This is a proprietary, standardized color scheme that is used in lots of manufacturing corporations. It assigns a number to every color (e.g. “PMS 125”). From designer to producer to retailer to customer, the Pantone system is the prevalent language for color communication. The name “Pantone” derives from Pantone Inc., the company that devised the system. Printers, manufacturers, marketers, artists, designers, and others have all come to simply accept and depend on the Pantone system.  

pantone matching system color
PMS for software & web applications

Pantone hues are color codes that represent a certain shade. The Pantone code may be used to communicate about colors. It is, in essence, the color preferred language, and we can most probably put it to use as a guide.  Pantone is a well-known ‘Color Matching System,’ wherein every color is recognized by a code number. Each color has an exclusive or particular code number. Thus it is easy to pick out any color with the help of the Pantone Color Guide. A page in this guide has more than one swatches for a single color. This shows that the brightness of any hue ranges from light to dark.  

Importance of Pantone colors

In the world we live in, color is certainly important. The strength of color must in no way be underestimated because it can significantly extrude your mood and impact your thinking. Color is a substantial shape of communique that can not be replaced. Every person ought to consider the colors they need in their life. Like, an astounding yellow providing you with a headache to a quiet lavender relaxing your eyes or a deep red sparking passionate thoughts. You must surround yourself with tints and tones that deliver out the best in you, from your apparel to your home.

colorful dandelions

Color traits frequently impact this, however, who chooses what the color of the year is? How do they do it? What led them to this conclusion? Color is important in interior design. So go for Pantone colors. Pantone is a prominent firm whose color choices impact many industries in the Western world.

Pantone is a symbol of the design-minded in the fashion, product, graphic design, and lifestyle-oriented industries. Pantone Lifestyle, the company’s consumer-licensing branch, creates items inspired by the company’s unique chip design. This is done to feature color and pattern in everyday life.
Pantone Lifestyle promotes a cutting-edge design aesthetic and assertive use of color through collaborations. The collaboration is with like-minded companies and licensing relationships in categories. These categories include home furnishings, clothes, beauty, travel, and computer accessories.

What is the Pantone Color for the year 2022?

Pantone, the world’s leading color authority, has named “Very Peri” the color of the year for 2022. “A dramatic periwinkle blue color with a vivifying violet-red. It undertone merges the loyalty and fidelity of blue with the energy and thrill of red,” according to the manufacturer. 

The colors driving the arena of interior design have been in the blue and green spectrum for several years. Even though Covid has kept us socially isolated and working from our homes. Experts say we crave their peaceful serenity and natural reminders. We want the forest, the sea, foggy summer mornings, lush green fields,  and beautiful blue skies to be evoked in our surroundings.

Pantone, the renowned authority on all things hue-related, has chosen Very Peri as the color of the year for 2022, and it is very purple. Pantone describes this color as ” a new Pantone color whose brave presence inspires personal originality and imagination.” further it will have an impact on the fashion,  home design,  and arts industries.

Zendaya in Very Peri color
Zendaya in Very Peri (photo credit – WWD mag)

“Very Peri brings a novel perspective and vision of the trusted and beloved blue color family, encompassing the qualities of the blues,  yet at the same time with its violet red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions,” says Leatrice Eisman,  executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in a variety of industries for 23 years. These include fashion,  home furnishings,  industrial design, product packaging, and graph design. Experts at the Pantone Color Institute scour the globe for fresh color inspirations to arrive at the selection each year. The entertainment sector and upcoming films,  touring art collections and new artists, fashion, all aspects of design,  popular travel destinations. In addition, lifestyles, playstyles, and socio-economic conditions are examples of these. New technologies, materials, textures, and effects that affect color,  as well as relevant social media platforms, have an impact. Even future sporting events that attract worldwide attention,  may all have an impact.

Microsoft teamed with Pantone shortly after the color’s debut to bring Very Peri to life in the digital world. It includes special Veri Peri Teams backgrounds, Windows wallpapers,  a new Microsoft Edge theme, and a PowerPoint template. With its purple-hued light switch wall plates, Legrand goes all out. From love seats to blown glass vases, 1stDibs,  and the online design marketplace, are dusting off anything purple. RoomMates is releasing purple-hued peel-and-stick wallpapers,  including their Disney Princesses collection.

So are you ready to embrace a new hue? 

The pandemic has changed the way we live, and we are all unified in our transformation together,” says Gena Kirk,  vice president of KB Design Studio. “Very Peri is bold,  yet joyful and truly represents carefree confidence that we all need as we progress forward, together. As our digital and physical lives merge, and we continue to rewrite our story, Very Peri – a  flawless mix of red-violet and blue – is the perfect color to represent 2022. Innovative and transformative, it  lets us  break  free and dream of  unlimited  possibilities of the  future,  especially in our homes.”  

Very Peri is ideal for adding a splash of color to a room. Whether or not it is through a painted wall or accent furniture. Pick out blue or lilac glassware pieces and group them for impact. add some stems of lavender in case you only need a bit of Very Peri in your home. Look for purple-hued cushions and throws to include into your bedroom for an even simpler hit of Very Peri. 

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The Lucky Colors for New Year 2022

Lucky color of 2022 and family

Do you believe in color’s ability to influence people? Color has varied meanings for different people. Many cultures think that wearing the appropriate colors will bring good fortune, especially when starting the New Year. Those who think this typically believe that the colors you wear and surround yourself with can either attract or repel good fortune. This is why it is suggested that you choose your colors wisely in the coming New Year. If you want to bring some luck into your life (and who doesn’t? ), include some of these lucky colors into your New Year’s attire, as well as your home and office decor. Choose your color based on your objectives.


woman with blue eyes and blue material

Blue is a cheerful hue in general, regardless of the tint. It is symbolic of open expanses such as the ocean and the sky. Wear blue tones if you’re looking for creativity, imagination, knowledge, tranquility, good health, or just a positive outlook on the future. Blue can also aid in self-expression and equilibrium.

Blue is related to protection and trust in Western societies. The hue is frequently connected with masculinity, and it conveys authority, loyalty, and protection. As a result, several banks adopt it, and it has to turn out to be the standard for police uniforms.  

Blue is one of the most widely used colors in American marketing, and it is often regarded as a safe color for a worldwide audience because of its lack of significant bad associations. 

In Eastern cultures, blue is related to immortality, spirituality, and heaven. In Hinduism, the color is related to Krishna, who represents natural pleasure and love. 

Because blue is the color of the Virgin Mary’s mantle, Latin American nations equate blue with faith because of their big Catholic population. It is, however, occasionally related to bereavement.  


silver triangles

Silver is associated with prosperity, technology, high-tech, and intelligence, according to folklore. It is a symbol of optimism, unconditional love, and meditation. Silver jewelry is thought to remove negative energy from the body and replace it with positive energy. Wearing silver clothing or decorating with it for New Year’s will reflect energy. It will open new doors, and illuminate the path to the future. 

Silver is a treasured metal that, like gold, is usually related to prosperity and riches. It is thought to be a soul mirror, permitting us to view ourselves as others do. The color symbolizes hope, unconditional love, meditation, mystic visions, tenderness, kindness, sensitivities, and psychic powers as a gemstone.  

Silver acts as a conductor and communicator inside the mind and body, helping with public speaking and eloquence. Furthermore, it is thought to draw negative energy and replace it with positive energy.   


pink rose
Pink rose

Pink is a gentle color that symbolizes companionship, openness, and inner tranquility. Is your social life in desperate need of a boost this year? The color promotes connection, affection, and love.

The color pink has taken on many forms over the decades, from Barbie’s clothing to the saris worn by the Gulabi Gang, an Indian vigilante group. Society’s belief of it has also evolved, with it being categorized as feminine, sexy, kitsch, sophisticated, and transgressive at various eras. 

Pink has continually been a transitional color, and so have social attitudes concerning it. 


green leaf
green leaf

The color green is connected with vitality, rejuvenation, and nature. When it comes to healing, health, and growth, this color is regarded to offer good fortune. Because red is the color of money, it has long been associated with financial success. Green is also an anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and anti-nervous color. Let’s not forget that green is Ireland’s national color, and it’s connected with leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and good luck.

The color green is often related to the environment, progress, and good fortune in Western countries. The color is both harmful and useful to one’s health, fostering boom and longevity. 

Green, on the other hand, has an unpleasant meaning in Indonesia, wherein it is considered a forbidden color, symbolizing exorcism and infidelity. 

This color can also denote infidelity in China, wherein “wearing a green hat” denotes a man being cheated on by his wife. (In China, no self-respecting man wears a green hat.) 

Mexico’s national color is green, which symbolizes independence and patriotism. On the other hand, is the hue of loss of life in South America. 

Green is likewise related to Islam, and it is being utilized as a sign of that faith in diverse national flags like the Pakistani flag, Saudia Arabia’s flag.   


Red textile

Heat, love, desire, passion, courage, willpower, wrath, and tension are all connected with the color red. It is the color of fire. This color is ideal for individuals searching for love and passion. It can also offer good fortune in sectors related to employment and for people seeking positions of prominence.

Red is related to excitement, risk, urgency, and love in Western cultures. When red and green are mixed, the color scheme becomes festive—the typical Christmas hues. 

In Pakistan and India, the color red is connected with purity (a country where brides traditionally put on red wedding ceremony dresses). 

When red is mixed with white in Latin American cultures, it would have spiritual undertones. 

In the Middle East, the color red evokes images of danger and caution. 

Red is a fortunate and happy color in China (one purpose it is utilized in Chinese restaurants in the U.S.). It’s additionally the Chinese New Year’s hue. Red, on the other hand, can still conjure up images of communism in former Eastern European Bloc countries.   


white orchids
white orchids

White symbolizes purity, newness, spirituality, protection, a blank slate, or a fresh start. Wearing white can make you feel renewed, purify your thoughts and behaviors. It can purge your mind of bad thoughts and impediments that have been holding you back. Wearing white in some countries, such as Brazil, is thought to bring good luck and tranquility during the New Year.

In Western culture, white is connected with weddings, purity, and cleanliness. 

In many Asian cultures, however, the color denotes death, sadness, and humility. 


purple flowers
Purple Flowers

This is a royal color in every sense of the word. Purple has been the hue of choice for royalty since the dawn of time. It’s additionally a sign of enchantment, mystery, and spirituality. It is said to deliver good fortune in the fields of wisdom, passion, tranquility, independence. It provides creativity to individuals who put it on. Purple can also be uplifting, stimulating creativity and evoking spiritual feelings. It’s additionally an exceptional choice for people searching for professional achievement.  

The color purple is related to royalty, riches, power, exclusivity, and fame in lots of Eastern and Western civilizations. Purple dye was notably scarce and tough to create for decades because it was taken from sea snails. Garments in the color purple became a status symbol amongst kings, queens, and other rulers due to this.  

Purple is the conventional color for death and mourning in lots of cultures, and it has the same connotation in numerous European countries, which includes the United Kingdom and Italy, in addition to Brazil, Thailand, and India, and amongst many Catholics.  

The color purple is traditionally worn with black in Thailand and Brazil whilst mourning the loss of a cherished one, and wearing purple without attending a funeral or related service is considered unlucky in Brazilian culture.  

It is a color of honor and heroism in the United States, is symbolized by the Purple Heart, the military’s highest ornament given to soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen for acts of bravery.  


yellow rose
Yellow rose

Sunshine, pleasure, warmth, and cheerfulness are all connected with the color yellow. Wearing this bold color can bring good fortune to people who are having financial difficulties. It can uplift the wearer’s spirits and provide them with a clear mind and a satisfied disposition. 

In the United States, yellow is a bright, joyful color related to pleasure, optimism, and warmth.

Yellow, on the other hand, has plenty of negative associations in other parts of the world. The color is related to loss of life and grief in Egypt and most of Latin America. 

Yellow is the color of envy and jealousy in German culture. In many countries, golden yellow tints are related to wealth, status, and material prosperity. 

Due to its affiliation with money and success, the color is most effective worn by individuals who hold distinguished social positions in many African countries.  


gold circles
Gold circles

Although gold is related to wealth, it isn’t always continually related to money. You can also get loads of experience, information, or love and help from pals and your circle of relatives. Gold gemstones are thought to enhance personal wisdom and strength. It offers achievement and fortune and removes darkness from the path to your favored outcome. 

In France, Gold relates to luxury, decoration, and light. Whereas in Great Britain, it symbolizes royalty and crown. In Europe, gold in its flag represents mysticism and harmony. Japan takes gold as the symbol of strength and wealth. In Mexico, gold is used for the decoration of churches. It is the indication of money, luminosity, and wealth in North America. 


orange splash

This color evokes sentiments of vitality, warmth, stimulation, motivation, excitement, and joy. It might Brthe person more confidence and help them make better decisions. Orange can also aid in the recovery of a person who has been disappointed or has a broken heart.

In Western cultures, oranges are related to autumn, warmth, and harvest. It is, nonetheless, linked with unhappiness and loss all through the Middle East. 

Orange is associated with love, happiness, and good health in lots of Eastern countries. 

The color orange (particularly, the yellow-orange hue) is respected in Indian civilizations. 

The color represents love, courage, and satisfaction to the Japanese.  

Sum It Up

This year’s hue promises to be a beneficial appearance for companies seeking to emanate each innovation and trustworthiness by merging consistency with enthusiasm. PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is a new perspective and vision of the trusted and beloved blue color family as we go right into a world of fantastic change. PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri has a sprightly, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and innovative expression. It encompasses the traits of the blues while additionally having a violet-red undertone.  

Author: S'tha Maz

I'm passionate about spreading positivity, and inspiration so that l can help others reach their greatest potential. I believe that we all owe it to ourselves to live a meaningful life and live it well. I am a naturally curious person, favour my creative side of thinking, and enjoy researching new topics and motherhood. I hope you find my digital storytelling intriguing and inspiring. I started WatuDaily to serve as a go-to source for families on various topics such as (home & living, travel, lifestyle, and wellness/success). – B Business – Financial Planning (RMIT)


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S'tha Maz

S'tha Maz

I'm passionate about spreading positivity, and inspiration so that l can help others reach their greatest potential. I believe that we all owe it to ourselves to live a meaningful life and live it well. I am a naturally curious person, favour my creative side of thinking, and enjoy researching new topics and motherhood. I hope you find my digital storytelling intriguing and inspiring. I started WatuDaily to serve as a go-to source for families on various topics such as (home & living, travel, lifestyle, and wellness/success). – B Business – Financial Planning (RMIT)
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