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pendulum board

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If you’ve experimented with tarot, fortune telling, or even gone to a soothsayer, a pendulum board may be the next option to explore. This lesser-known arcane apparatus is easy to use and assemble.

On the web, there are several fallacies and theories about pendulums. Today, we’ll look into pendulum boards for self-care and everyday life tips. To do so, we must consider pendulums to be a key to our mind or a tool for channeling guidance. We delve into our subconscious when we ask our pendulum boards a question. The pendulum’s small oscillations might be subconscious, micro motions of our hand controlled by the mind that already knows the answer. If you want to go deeper into spirit work, your spiritual guidance of choice might be giving you hints.

Spiritual work is an entirely different skill set that needs a great deal of ground to protect yourself, a long-term commitment to improving your relationships with your guides (and identifying them as such rather than some random bored spirit), and research. If you feel compelled to deal with spirits, I recommend doing extensive research beforehand (particularly if you keep an esoteric diary or a witch’s grimoire).

Pendulum boards are versatile, simple forecasting equipment that may be utilized by anyone, whether locating missing goods, connecting with your deeper subconscious, making decisions, or balancing your chakra.

pendulum boards for balance of energy
pendulum boards and energy balance

What is a pendulum board?

A pendulum board is a compact, commonly circular board that can be used in interpretation when paired with a pendulum itself. On opposing sides of a standard board, you’ll see “yes,” “no,” and “unclear,” as well as “maybe” and/or “rephrase.” A person will pose a question while holding a pendulum stationary over the board, and the answer will be whichever word the pendulum swings over. While there is no scientific evidence for the answers, most people believe that they are accurate. Divination experts think that these boards function by assisting users in contacting their intuition and digging into deeper areas of their subconscious.

pendulum board
Pendulum Board

What is a pendulum board used for?

A pendulum board may help you acquire spiritual guidance, connect with your instincts, notice number unity, and have energy healing. You can also find missing possessions, work on your personality, and seek counsel from dark energy or spirit guides. Pendulums are often used for spiritual growth and improvement. When using it, you should be in a good state of mind since this might impact your interpretation. You’ll get more interesting advice if you focus on pleasant energy and have an open mind. Let go of any negative ideas that are bothering you.

chakra healing stones and pendulum dowsing
Chakra healing stones

Pendulum boards can be used for chakra balancing as pendulum vibrations can assist us in detecting chakra imbalances. This may be performed on a table with chakra reiki stones, over yourself, or over somebody else. Close your eyes and feel for vibrations while holding the pendulum over each chakra region (or crystal). This is excellent practice for all your senses. The pendulum’s total stability may symbolize a block. Strong swaying may indicate an overactive chakra. Neither one is good, nor do both circumstances require balancing. You may find several tutorials online that explain the symptoms of a blocked or over-balanced chakra and how to treat them.

chakra pendulum board dowsing
Pendulum dowsing

Types of Pendulum board interpretation

1. Moon Phases

They can also be used along with moon phases because many pendulum boards include moon phases. You may use them for concentrating on a subject and closing your eyes until you feel the pendulum’s vibrations begin to swing. You can utilize this when channeling your spiritual guide for guidance. The following are the moon-phase associations:

New Moon: Start over! This is the start of something new.

Waxing Crescent: Make plans and choices for yourself.

First Quarter: Enhance your endurance.

Waxing Gibbous: Collect resources to make your dreams a reality.

Full Moon: Take action now!

Waning Gibbous: Be thankful and remember your experiences.

Third Quarter: This is not beneficial to you.

Waning Crescent: Allow this energy to flow.

moon phase pendulum board
Moon Phase Pendulum

2. Deck Cards

Using a pendulum in place of affirmation cards, such as the La Muci Oracle Deck, can be used for affirmations. You may make a circle of affirmation cards face down for a guided message or face up with various messages you’re drawn to and discover which one connects with your present circumstance the most.

Finding Missing Objects

It is advisable for novices to begin with a pendulum board for discovering missing things. By recording the movement of the pendulum in reaction to different locales, you are effectively tapping into your subconscious memories. The following are the most fruitful questions to ask:

Did I misplace it at work?

Is something inside of it?

Is it located in the kitchen?

Did I pass this thing without seeing it earlier today?

However, you must have a clear, calm mind for this, as the pendulum may tap into your paranoia. If you’re sincerely concerned that you left your vehicle keys someplace in a café, your board will most likely show you what you’re channeling.

 Time Management

If you’re feeling overloaded with tasks, aren’t sure where, to begin with, a task, or are generally unclear about what to do next, you may combine the two tactics of Yes or No with Object Finding by crafting a one-by-one time-specific query in the light of:

In the next two hours is this a suitable time to do x, y, or z?

Is it best to do x, y, or z in the evening?

How is my mental state? Is it suitable for doing x, y, or z for the next 1 hour?

Should I do x, y, or z today?

Don’t be afraid to rephrase as many time-specific questions as necessary to accommodate your time constraints, and of course, never lie.

Where do you find pendulum boards?

Pendulum boards are rather easy to find, both online and in your local esoteric store. Always support small, local retailers near you, recognizing that many shops sell boards in a variety of shapes and themes. You may also design your own board, which leads us following points.

Example Questions to ask

Make a list of the queries you plan to ask. Pendulum boards work best with yes-or-no questions. Instead of open-ended queries or words like “should I,” use terms like “can I” or “do I.” Questions that are complicated or complex should be avoided.

Example questions to ask


Is it okay for me to eat at [insert time of day]?

Is this a healthy lunch for me?

Would [name of diet] be a good fit for me?

What food am l consuming and is it good for me?

The food I’m consuming is it causing me to become ill?

How beneficial to my health is the type of food I am eating?

Is eating less healthy for me?

Should I put my food down now?

Should I start eating right away?

Is it better to eat with or without?

Is it necessary for me to take this vitamin or supplement?


Is my career on the right track?

Am I now concentrating on the proper goal?

Will I be promoted?

Is it time to shift careers?

Will I be successful if I pursue my business idea?

healing crystal


Are they —my soulmate?

Will I find my true love?

Should I be more self-loving?

Am I prepared to start a new relationship?

Am I in a close relationship with the appropriate person?

Is this a real relationship?

Is this connection good for the development of my soul?

Does this individual have anything further to teach you?

Inner Harmony:

Is this form of meditation suitable for my spiritual development?

Is it preferable to write my affirmations in the morning?

Should I meditate before going to bed?

Is this stone suitable for use during my meditation today?

Will sleeping with this gemstone help me sleep better?

Is this the ideal purpose to set in order to achieve my goals?

While hovering a pendulum over your board, ask your specific questions clearly and thoughtfully. It will begin to swing, and whatever answer it lands on is the correct one. (Unless it lands over “rephrase,” in which case you’ll have to restate your question.)

wellbeing and holistic spiritual approach
Holistic spiritual wellbeing

 How to Make a DIY Pendulum Board

Yes, you can construct your own board, and it is actually fairly simple. You may construct both the board and the pendulum, or you can make one and buy the other. Templates can also be found online, which you can print or use as inspiration if necessary. Furthermore, if you make it yourself, the good energy that you put into it will become a part of the final pendulum board. When it comes to building your own, the sky is the limit; let your imagination go wild! There are no boundaries! Some metaphysical practitioners prefer to create their own since they don’t like the fact that others have used or even touched the board before them. They feel it has drawn bad energy, which they would wish to avoid. However, the choice is entirely yours.

What you will need to make the pendulum board:
  • A piece of wood, cardboard, or paper, preferably circle shaped.
  • Something to write with, i.e., a marker
  • Pendulum board template (optional)
  • Your choice of crystal (ideally with a pointed end)
  • A chain (such as what you would use for a long necklace)
  • Wrapping wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • Instructions to make a pendulum board
  • Design your own board, making sure to include “yes” on two opposing sides and “no” on the remaining two opposing sides. If you choose, you can additionally insert “unclear,” “rephrase,” and/or “maybe.”
  • Wrap your crystal in wire until it is secure (pointed part facing down, if possible), leaving a loop at the top for your chain.
  • Use your pliers and wire cutter to clip and tighten the wire.
  • Tie your crystal to the chain, allowing around 8 to 10 inches of chain free to swing.

Keep in mind that most pendulum boards are tiny, ranging in size from 4 to 5 inches. They don’t have to be big, which is great since it makes them easy to keep or set in your holy area!

How to use a pendulum for the first time! – By Jacob Trading Ye Old Rock Shop

How to Clean Your Pendulum and Pendulum Board

You can cleanse your pendulum boards in the following ways

  • Moon water
  • Sound vibrations or music
  • Cleansing crystals
  • Burn incense or candles
  • Salt

Cleansing pendulum boards will save you from receiving misleading responses and drawing negative energy.

Begin by holding the pendulum chain between your thumb and index finger of your hand. Then, dangle it over a pendulum board set on a level surface. Some individuals prefer to hold it in their non-dominant hand, but this is entirely up to you. To begin, the pendulum will appear to swing on its own, therefore you must determine which way is yes and which is no. You may accomplish this in one of two ways: Simply ask the pendulum which direction is yes, and which direction is no, or ask the pendulum a question to which you know the answer is yes or no.

Bring It All Together  

A pendulum board is a mystical device to use if you have simple inquiries about your past, present, or future. Whether you buy one from an esoteric store or try making it yourself, this simple board can guide you to some life-changing insights. If you truly believe in these divination tools and want your subconscious and spirits to guide you, you should absolutely try using a pendulum board as it is one of the easiest tools to use and understand its interpretation.

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