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Potts Point, Woolloomooloo – one of Sydney’s most picturesque and diverse suburbs. Its unique, juxtaposing architecture and scenic locations beautifully contrast with Potts Points’ renowned vibrant and charismatic nightlife. Nothing can bore you in Potts Point, with an abundance of rich heritage, luscious environmental scapes, and social activities. Built for both the relaxed and constantly moving, Potts Point has an impeccable accumulation of opportunities and endeavors to discover.



Not only is Potts Point positioned in an ideal place for anyone wishing to travel to Sydney’s CBD, which is a mere 3km away, but its car free design makes it accessible to almost anyone. With a regular and reliable train roster at Kings Cross station, ferries and buses, Potts Point is well connected with the rest of Sydney. Furthermore, if you wish to travel by the means of your own private vehicle, the roads work well, with little traffic and well designed roads


The people in Potts Point are all different and unique in their own right. It’s possible you may find a few backpackers along the streets, exploring the potential of the suburb. Or, young people heading out for dinner or a social beverage with friends after either a long day of work or school. Maybe even a young family spending their afternoon in the warm sun or refreshing waters of Pott Point’s environment. You may even find yourself lucky and find a celebrity gracing the streets of their neighbourhood or Malcom Turnbull shopping in the market. 

Currently, according to the 2021 census, approximately 18,187 people call Potts Point home, with a median age of roughly 39. A further breakdown reveals that 53.7% of Potts Point’s population identifies as male, while the other 46.3% are female.

General Information

Hospitals & Medical Centres

  • St Luke’s Private Hospital – Address: 18 Roslyn St, Potts Point NSW 2011
Medical Centres
  • Doctor Potts Point Fountain Medical – Address: 18/20 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011
  • My Health Potts Point – Address: Shop 6/111-139 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011
  • Macleay Street Medical Practice – Address: 48 Macleay St, Potts Point NSW 2011
  • Kings Cross Clinic – Address: 1/13 Springfield Ave, Potts Point NSW 2011
  • Potts Point Medical Practice – Address: Shop 6/111-139 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011
Dental Centres
  • Soothing Care Dental – Address: 667 Darling St, Rozelle NSW 2039
  • Potts Point Dental – Address: 308/46A Macleay St, Potts Point NSW 2011
  • The Tooth Place – Address: 108/24-30 Springfield Ave, Potts Point NSW 2011
  • Macleay Dental – Address: 133 Macleay St, Potts Point NSW 2011
  • Bay Dental Studio – Address: 39 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011

Police Station

  • Kings Cross Police Station – Address: 1/15 Macleay St, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011

Shopping Centres

  • Kings Cross Centre – Address: 82/94 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011
  • Pitt Street Mall – Address: 182 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Number One Dixon Shopping Centre – Address: 1 Dixon St, Sydney NSW 2000
  • MidCity Shopping Centre – Address: 197 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

The Nitty-Gritty

Dominant Housing Types

Potts Point’s current selection of dwellings is spread out between separate houses, semi-detached structures, flats, and apartments. However, the wide majority of dwellings are either flats or apartments, sitting at roughly 89.1%. This can be explained by Potts Point’s close proximity to Sydney’s Central Business District. This proximity favors and has an abundance of flats and apartments. Catering to small families, students, young people, or those who wish to live in a smaller space. Next comes semi-detached structures at 9.4%. In Potts Point, only 0.3% of dwellings are separate houses, highlighting the overall aesthetic and lifestyle in the suburb.

What attracts home buyers and investors

Potts Point has a wide variety of diverse and unique prospects which attract home buyers and investors. In terms of physical attributes; maybe it’s the suburb location. I mean who wouldn’t want to live so close to the city – THE CONVENIENCE! Or maybe it’s the creative mix of the old and new – combining nostalgic architecture with innovative and futuristic concepts.

The neon-lit streets add to its charm, adding much-needed color to the lives which grace its streets. And you simply cannot forget about Potts Point’s natural beauty. It stands on its own – scenically juxtaposing with the suburb’s industrialised center. But if you’re not blown away by Potts Point’s visual beauty, the people are in another league. A healthy combination of peaceful and avant-garde personalities suits the wide variety of people there. All possess diverse perspectives, cultures, and ethnic groups, sharing their stories through conversation and food.

Future Infrastructure & Developments

Being within the City of Sydney council jurisdiction, The council highlights the future developments in place to improve the suburb overall. According to Urban Developer;

“Concept plans have been lodged for a mixed-use infill development to replace a Potts Point residential ugly duckling that “pays no respect to its neighbours” including one of the Sydney harbourside suburb’s grandest buildings.”

The idea proposed is to redevelop Potts Point Tower. The idea is set to contain nine stories, with two basement levels, and a ground-level retail tenancy. Its 28 apartments are set to replace the pre-existing mid-20th-century 12-story residential flat with 80 studio apartments. The original structure has been officially identified as a “detracting item” which is outdated and doesn’t suit its surroundings. Additionally, the architecture is set to incorporate nature into the design, to make the area co-exist with the natural environment.

What Can My Money Actually Buy Me in Potts Point?

According to realestate.com.au, renting in Potts Point is on the pricey side at roughly $830 per week for a house. And $520 per week for an apartment or unit. Due to Potts Point’s lack of separate dwellings, realestate.com.au does not have sufficient information to predict the median house price. However, for an apartment, you can be looking at paying $840,000.


Potts Point’s History

In honor of Joseph Hyde Potts, a former employee of the Bank of NSW Potts Point was given its name. He bought six and a half acres of waterfront property in Woolloomooloo Hill, which he renamed Potts Point. A large portion of the land in Potts Point and the neighboring suburb of Elizabeth Bay was originally given to Alexander Macleay. Given to him after him due to his service as the New South Wales Colonial Secretary from 1826 to 1837. Now being remembered by the naming of Macleay Street. Another 19th-century public servant who owned property in the area was NSW Judge Advocate John Wylde. For whom Wylde Street is named. The poem William Street by renowned Australian poet Henry Lawson makes reference to Potts Point.

During the 20th century, Potts Point was the site of some of Australia’s earliest blocks of flats. The area was intensively developed along those lines from the 1920s to World War II. As a result, it has the highest concentration of Art Deco architecture in Australia. Among the most notable examples are the “Macleay Regis,” “Cahors,” and “Franconia” residential buildings on Macleay Street. As well as the “Carinthia” and “Carisbrooke” residential buildings on Springfield Avenue.

Orwell Street is home to two notable Streamline Moderne buildings in Australia. The Minerva (or Metro) Theatre and the Minerva Building. The Metro Theatre (as it was then known) was designed by Bruce Dellit and built-in 1940. It is a heritage-listed location that hosted the first Australian production of the musical Hair in 1970.

During the Vietnam War, the Darlinghurst Road precinct (commonly known as Kings Cross) straddled Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay. Quickly becoming a popular R&R destination for US military personnel, owing primarily to its proximity to a major naval facility. As a result, the area attracted organized crime syndicates and earned a bad reputation as Australia’s drug and prostitution capital. Dozens of hotels built at the time ensured that “The Cross” remained a popular tourist destination well into the 1990s.

The Rev. Ted Noffs established the Wayside Chapel, an unconventional Methodist ministry in the Kings Cross area, in 1964. It began as a small drop-in center in a flat block and grew into a large complex.

Almost all of Potts Point’s hotels were acquired by developers attracted by the area’s proximity to transportation and amenities. By 2004, the majority of tourist hotels had been converted or rebuilt as expensive unit developments. Which resulted in rapid gentrification of the area and an increasing number of gay residents who make up a significant portion of affluent same-sex couples in Australia, despite the continued presence of a number of large and small backpacker hostels in Victoria Street and surrounding streets, as well as dozens of pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and similar venues.

Cafés, Restaurants and Bars

Gypsy Expresso

This local Potts Point coffee shop is known around the area for providing the most decadent, delicious, and great quality beverages and breakfast items to their customers. Gypsy Espresso prides itself on the ongoing and positive relationships they have built with Origin farmers and workers to provide the best quality coffee possible for its consumers. They led most of their success on the work and quality of work their workers put into each batch of coffee beans, making Gypsy Coffee the store it is today. As well as providing customers with premium coffee, Gypsy Coffee has an impeccable menu that follows its coffee’s footsteps, with deliciously fresh food accompanied by fast and friendly service. From Monday to Sunday, Gypsy coffee is open from 7 am – 3 pm.


“Uliveto is taking a stand to change the perception of the cross”. This European-inspired cafe strives for not its excellent food quality and friendly service, but also its local approach. Uliveto is a part of “Keep it Local”, which aims to support local students, local produce, and local education to improve the lives of everyone in the community. The cafe has excellent coffee, accompanied by delicious options on their breakfast,  brunch, or lunch menu. Additionally, their season-inspired service, music, food, and beverage rotation make each time of year special and unique – centering the cafe around the freshest of ingredients and the best mood-setting music for any given seasonal month. Uliveto is open from 7 am – 4 pm throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday.


Splurging is a great activity to pass time. I mean who doesn’t want to spend money on themselves and those close to them – enjoying an exquisite meal with amazing conversations serving as entertainment? Métisse in Potts Point, a French-inspired fine-dining restaurant, offers guests an experience that is holistically incomparable. Métisses’ Chef, Opel Khan, is an acclaimed global chef known for his existence in the Australian food scene for over three decades.

Chef Opels’ extensive knowledge and skill in a wide variety of an array of cuisines showcase themselves in his food – utilizing local farms to ensure his ingredients are the best. Moreover, his modern approach to protecting the environment includes educating himself and others on sustainability, and how fine dining can be sustainable using the correct techniques.

Additionally, Opel Khan is passionate about an immersive experience and outstanding service, frequently gracing the restaurant floor to aid diners with any questions or concerns. His daughter, Lucinda Khan (the youngest Head Chef in Sydney) has not only had extensive kitchen experience but also shares her father’s passions. Both of them lead the operations at Métisse, ensuring that their menus and dishes are of the highest quality for both the diner and the environment. From Tuesday to Sunday, Métisse is open from 5:30 pm – 11 pm.

Merivale Ms.G’s

Merivale Ms. G’s approaches dining in a fun, playful manner. Taking inspiration from an array of Asian cuisines, Merivale Ms.G’s creates balanced, textural, and delicious dishes. The executive chef,  Dan Hong, leads the kitchen with charge – often concocting the most amusing dishes which cater to almost everyone. This mentality follows Merivale’s aim, which is to “ bring a little magic into every day”. Thus being committed to delivering the most unique and memorable experience to every individual who steps foot into their restaurant. From Tuesday to Thursday, Merivale Ms.G;s is open from 5 – 10 pm, 12 pm – 11 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 1 pm – 9 pm on Sundays.

Potts Point Hotel

A known location in the local community, Potts Points Hotel offers customers an accepting and friendly experience. The cozy bar, grill, and restaurant all provide customers with different, flavourful, and unique experiences which are known for being unforgettable. Potts Points Hotel’s assortment of bars across each level makes the location an exclusive and different bar to enjoy food and beverages. Furthermore, the bar’s unique curation of meaty meals, cocktails, craft beers, and wines genuinely fit any occasion – proving versatile yet tasty. Throughout the week Potts Point Hotel 12 pm – 4 am.

Schools In Potts Point

St Vincent’s College

St Vincent’s College

St Vincent’s College is a non-selective, modern Catholic day boarding school for girls within Potts Point. The current philosophy is based on the idea that an autonomous education should be advantageous rather than a right. According to the College, to truly live a life modeled on that of Jesus and his concern for people, we must combine the wisdom and understanding that come with education with the virtues and values of religion, such as love, compassion, care, and justice, as called for by the motto “Scientia cum Religione” (knowledge and faith united). In essence, St Vincent’s College is all about enabling young women to be autonomous in thought, compassionate in attitude, and confident to act as we look to a future full of opportunities for women in Australia.

Darlinghurst Public School

Darlinghurst Public School

The inner-city Darlinghurst Public School (DPS) is tucked away next to St. Vincent’s Hospital. The school was founded in 1883, and its buildings have been designated as historic sites in the local area. The playground is dominated by copious amounts of immersed greenery. At least half of the playground is shaded by vegetation, which is useful in the heat. The majority of the classes are held in the 132-year-old structure, which, like the tree, is a defining characteristic of the institution. The school’s motto is “strive to achieve,” and it’s expected that best teaching practices will help students achieve excellence. A commitment to innovative technology, high-quality instruction, and the arts are present. The school fosters excellence in instruction and learning, tolerance, and inclusion, and it has a vibrant and engaged parent community.

Plunkett Street School

Plunkett Street School

A little neighborhood school called Plunkett Street School is situated in Woolloomooloo. It features award-winning architecture, a lovely location with a garden, and a preschool that offers early learning for a head start on Kindergarten. Small-group instruction, intense support for children as needed, extension and acceleration for gifted and talented students, and a focus on “hands-on” learning is all part of the organization of teaching and learning programs. These tactics help the school reach its objective of having all pupils actively engaged in their studies. Togetherness, the school’s slogan, describes the collaboration between students, their families, faculty, and staff as well as the community to achieve the best educational and social outcomes.

Sydney Grammar School

Sydney Grammar School

The culture of grammar is one that is vibrant, inspiring, and meaningful, and it is based in large part on the enduring ideals of the Western European Enlightenment. Even while it is an extremely recognized aspect of the school’s reputation, exam performance only represents a small portion of a boy’s overall intellectual, physical, and social growth throughout his time at Grammar. The boys’ everyday lives still depend heavily on their love of learning and their passion for the greatness of the past, the vibrancy of the present, and the opportunities of the future. Additionally, there are a staggering number of possibilities outside of the classroom, including ones in music, sport, debate, drama, and much more.

All About Pott Point’s Natural Environments

Arthur McElhone Reserve

The serene and secluded natural reserve which is Arthur McElhone Reserve is quite special. The picturesque yet quiet reserve features luscious foliage and greenery. Which are accompanied by the water feature and bridge within the area. The secluded nature of this park makes it perfect for special events, such as weddings and ceremonies, to occur. Furthermore, the well-kept, manicured lawn and flora add to the overall peacefulness within the space, making it quite special.

Embarkation Park

In conjunction with magnificent city views and Potts Point skies, Embarkation Park should be on everyone’s “go-to” list. The park is located on the roof of a naval car park. Yet still stands as one of Potts Point’s best parks for good reason. Not only is the location secluded from much of the public, but the vantage point of Sydney’s CBD is undoubtedly unique. Additionally, the park’s flora, lawn, and foliage are all well kept – making for an amazing picnic spot.

Accommodation In Potts Point

Hotel Challis Potts Point

The beautiful Hotel Challis is really amazing. Their selection of boutique accommodations sits on the elegant Challis Avenue in Potts Point in an extravagant heritage-listed building. The chic location lends itself to its Parisian appearance, adding to the magic of this hotel. Only minutes away from a wide selection of amenities and restaurants. Including cafés, bars, restaurants, and artisan shopping locations, accompanied by fantastic views of Sydney CBD, Hotel Challis offers guests an exquisite place to sleep.

Hotel Challis Potts Point

Larmont Sydney By Lancemore

Larmont Sydney By Lancemore

Arguably one of Potts Point’s most picturesque places, Larmont Sydney By Lancemore stands with its reputation. Located in the Avant-garden hub of Sydney, Larmont Sydney offers a rejuvenated feel to the classic, bohemian heritage Potts Point holds. Being within walking distance of the CBD and only minutes from Potts Point’s renowned strip. Larmont Sydney By Lancemore combines the worlds of luxury accommodation and Potts Point.

Ovolo Woolloomooloo

Ovolo Woolloomooloo

Located in close proximity to Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, Ovolo Woolloomooloo intertwines the worlds of luxury and avant-garde. The boutique accommodation offers guests a unique and holistic stay. Offering a wide variety of activities, amenities, and restaurants to eat from within the hotel. However, if you don’t wish to stay within the abstract walls of Ovolo Woolloomooloo, the Potts Point strip is only minutes away. And if you need to travel the city, Sydney CBD is a short and scenic walk or ferry ride.

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