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Hello and welcome to our family and personal blog, Watudaily!! This blog was created in order to document and capture our own journey in the way we handle our finances, make investment choices, run our family business as well as raise our 3 children. We believe that by capturing and sharing our story, you might benefit from the lessons that we have gone through and vice-versa – we also hope to learn & grow from your personal stories that you share with us.

My name is Washington and my wife’s name is S’tha. We are a young family and are raising 3 beautiful children. We live in Sydney; Australia having migrated from Zimbabwe some 2 decades ago. Even though we both grew up in Zimbabwe, our journeys can be told in two different and separate stories in the way we migrated to Australia.

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Hello & Welcome!!

I came as a young man to further my education. I graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney where I studied Finance as an undergraduate degree and went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Commerce in 2004 from the same university. On the other hand, my wife migrated as a skilled registered nurse. Her caring and loving nature make her an amazing human being and it’s easy to see why she chose this career path. Back in 2005, we crossed paths and instantly fell in love at first sight and the rest is now history.

I have worked as a financial adviser for several years. More recently, I built a financial planning firm from scratch, helping individuals and families to secure their financial future. During the early phase of the business, I could not afford to hire staff or pay office rent. My wife stood by my side and helped out with paraplanning and other office admin work by day whilst she worked night shifts in her Nursing role. On top of that, our first child was only 2 years old and needed to be looked after at home and we couldn’t afford to pay for childcare. THIS WAS PROBABLY THE MOST CHALLENGING TIME OF OUR LIFE!!

” The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King, JR 

My wife took on a new challenge and enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree in Business (Financial Planning) in 2012. She was determined to study because she wanted to understand our newly formed business better so that she could serve our clients more effectively. She graduated from RMIT in 2016.

We have chosen to bring our children to be part of the blog because we feel that they can be the bridge in many conversations between our generation and theirs. This is why Drop Talk by WatuDaily was created. Drop Talk is a platform that answers popular and difficult questions our readers and followers drop in time to time. Thabo’s eagerness and inquisitiveness in many areas of life make him the perfect host for the show. We bought our first home in 2006. At that time, we were so determined that we wanted to have our own home when our first child was born.

Over the years, we have managed to cleverly use our home equity to invest in property. We have also been fortunate to be part of a group of friends where we buy long-term investments like shares and property together. Helicopter ride We are determined to pass on our knowledge on investments, business, and success to our children. We believe that this will equip them to avoid mistakes and gain motivation from an early age.

In our personal experiences growing up, we were never taught some of these life lessons. Most often, we stumbled, made mistakes, and have had difficult lessons along the way. As a family, we enjoy travelling. We also enjoy playing tennis, golf, and bushwalking.

Below are some of the memorable destinations we have been to thus far. We have a bucket list of destinations, and as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, we’ll be up in the skies again and can’t wait to share the experience with you.

Some Of Our Memorable International Destinations

Must see Destinations Within Australia