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Our Story

About Us

Hello and welcome to our world full of ideas, possibilities, inspiration, and relatable experiences. This is our family and personal blog, Watudaily!! This blog was created in order to document and capture some of our personal experiences in the way we handle our finances, make investment choices, run our family business as well as raise our 3 children.

Furthermore, we also share our love for travel, lifestyle tips, hacks, and many more. We believe that by capturing and sharing our story, you might benefit from some of the lessons that we have gone through and vice-versa – we also hope to learn & grow from the personal stories that you share with us.

Our Aim

We hope we can inspire each and every one of you and your families to live your lives to the fullest. Create plenty of meaningful memories along your life journey.  So we hope you find our website useful to help you uncover great topics, ongoing personal growth, and amazing destinations to visit amongst other things.

Who Are We?

Washington and l are originally from Zimbabwe, Africa and now reside in Sydney, Australia. We have been blessed with three wonderful children. We both enjoy parenthood with all its upsides and downsides.

The challenges we face in our personal lives make us stronger individuals. As a family, we share a number of similar interests that include the love of traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world.  We hope you find some of our digital storytelling experiences inspiring.

Here’s to living your best life.

about us - the Mazambani family
S”tha Maz, Washington Mazambani & Our Lovely T’s

Below are some of the memorable travel destinations we have been to thus far. We have a bucket list of destinations, and can’t wait to share the experience with you.

Thank you for visiting our site and you can get in touch with us using this contact us page.

Some Of Our Memorable International Destinations

Must see Destinations Within Australia