13 Overrated Things That Do Not Add Value To A Relationship


Most people prefer to buy expensive gifts to show how much they appreciate their partners when gifting loved ones. Unfortunately, some of the gifts that people splurge on are overrated things that do not add value to the relationship. Some of the overrated things people spend money on for their partners include:

 1. Expensive Weddings

overrated weddings
Expensive weddings

Weddings have become increasingly expensive and a constant feature on the list of overrated things over the last few decades. A lavish wedding is a complete waste of money and time. It is a good idea if your social environment calls for it. Still, it is prohibitively costly for the typical individual, and the money would be better spent elsewhere when establishing a life together as a couple. Regardless of where you have your wedding, the essential part is marrying the love of your life. You may think a lavish wedding is what you need, but it is unnecessary.

 2. Honeymoon 

overrated honeymoon vacation to Maldives
Maldives honeymoon in paradise

A honeymoon is a time to bond with your partner, relax, and enjoy your new marriage. Honeymoons usually consist of lazing on a beach with your significant other. If you are leaving together for the first time, you need to think of all the financial responsibilities that lay ahead. It would help if you considered buying property and securing your financial future as a couple. There is no point in going for an expensive honeymoon when you could use that money to secure your future. You can always have your Honeymoon later in life.

3. Expensive birthday gifts

Birthdays are a chance to celebrate your loved ones and show that you appreciate having them in your life. There is no need to hire a fancy yacht for a birthday dinner when your loved one has been asking to spend quality time with you. Most people make the mistake of thinking expensive gifts are a way to show love to their partners. There is nothing that your partner will appreciate more than a thoughtful gift which is why it is essential to listen to what your partner says they need to make their life easier.

4. Lavish Valentine 

red flowers photography
Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on Pexels.com

Valentine is the day most people feel the need to show their loved ones how they think about them by buying gifts. Over the past couple of years, Valentine’s gifts have become more expensive, and it is no longer just about showing love to your partner. A reason why they make it on our overrated things list today. The advent of social media has made gift giving complex because you would want to give a gift that your partner can post online. Instead of focusing on gifts that are lavish and do not enhance your partner’s life in any way, could you give them the gift that keeps on giving? If there is a skill they want to learn, pay for it and help your partner become the best version of themselves.

5. Dinner Dates

sunset man dinner date people
Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

While eating out is convenient, it can be significantly more expensive than cooking at home. Not only that, but eating out almost always results in overindulging in meals that are not as nutritious as a home-cooked meal, resulting in weight gain. You can prepare a comparable dinner at home for far less money. Dining at restaurants is becoming more expensive, and the process of going out can be challenging when work schedules are involved. There are alternatives to expensive dinner dates that your partner would appreciate. The secret is to listen to what your partner tells you they need, and you give them that.

6. Loans to Buy Cars

overrated yellow luxury car purchases
Bespoke Rolls Royce

Some people think that taking out loans to purchase a luxury car is acceptable gift. When reductions are high, the last gift your partner needs is debt. Remember that your partner is inheriting the loan whenever you want to buy a gift that requires you to take a loan. For any significant gift and not overrated things, you need to ensure that your partner will not inherit debt and resent you when you are financially constrained as you try to pay off the debt.

7. Luxury Vacations

white sand and blue waters in Maldives
White sands and clear blue waters

People believe that the bigger and more costly something is, the better it is. Taking a luxurious vacation together is one of the overrated things that people do with and for their partners. However, if the couple likes spending time together, they may prefer to do simple activities closer to home, such as walking in the park together. If you’re interested in making grand gestures and taking extensive trips now and again, you may do so. The satisfaction of your whole relationship, on the other hand, cannot be measured by the one vacation you take every year. When it comes to developing a closeness with your significant other, it is the small, everyday things that matter the most to them.

8. Designer Clothing

Celebrities in designer fashion

Matching with a partner is something that most people love, and there is nothing better than his and her custom-made designer clothes. While it is undeniable that you feel good when you look good, splurging money on what you and your partner wear will not help the relationship grow. Therefore, making it an overrated thing to do in a relationship. As that money can be channeled towards other things you need or invested in, making retirement easier. Instead of buying luxury brands like LV, you can use that money to go on holiday and reconnect with your partner. You would be surprised what a change in scenery can do for your relationship, even if it’s just two nights at the local hotel. 

9. Luxury Watch

Many luxury watch brands are, but unfortunately, people ignore the watches other people wear unless your partner shows off. If your partner enjoys accessories like watches, you can always buy a watch that has all the requirements they need. It could be a smartwatch or watch that serves the purpose of telling time. Instead of purchasing a Patek that costs thirty thousand, you can use that money for a vacation or make changes in the house that your partner has been hinting about.

patek philippe watch
Patek Philippe watch
Rolex watch
Rolex watch

10. High-End Bags

luxury handbag Louis-Vuitton
Luxury LV Handbag is a great fashion statement

Statement bags are a must for most people, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to buy a bag. While many people would love to have high-end bags, durability matters the most in a bag. Purchasing an expensive bag leads to it being displayed in the house because you can not carry it around freely. Buying a Hermes Birkin bag that costs $200K compared to adding a walk-in closet that your partner has been dying for is a mistake you can avoid by looking at what will make your partner’s life more comfortable.

11. Collectible Shoes

YSL Heels & bags

We want our partners to be happy and give them everything they want, but some things do not illuminate the relationship. Some shoes cost thousands of dollars, and most of them become collector’s items. Your partner will surely enjoy the expensive shoes, but sadly the joy of a pair of shoes does not last long. Getting your partner Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels that cost almost a million dollars is questionable if your partner needs a new car or laptop. You could buy YSL heels if you want to spoil your partner if they need new shoes, ensuring there is a shoe for every occasion. 

12. The Latest Phone

New phones are released frequently, and it’s more expensive than the previous phone. People buy the latest phone to keep up with the latest trends, which can be a costly life to live. When you purchase a new phone, you need to get the accessories that come with it. 

iPhone world

13. Gold Toilet Paper

News broke of the 24-carat gold toilet roll that the rich and famous were using. While this is one of the most expensive gifts you can buy for a partner who loves luxury, one can use the million dollars for many other things.

The most expensive toilet paper in the world

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What non overrated things or gifts can I get my partner?

When you buy pricey presents for someone, they can assume you are insecure. Due to your fears, the only way someone would adore you is to buy expensive things to make them pleased continually. It is one of the reasons people end up purchasing overrated things that do not add any value to their relationship or help them grow as a couple. Some of the gifts you can give your partner include:

1. A romantic night in

photo of string lights on umbrella
Romantic Night In- Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

If your partner works hard, the last thing they may want is to pack a bag and get on a flight for a fancy holiday. A romantic night that will not cost anything could be what they need. Prepare a romantic surprise for your sweetheart by placing rose petals and candles on their bed. You might even put a present for him on the pillow to give him a pleasant surprise. Dimmer lighting and enticing smells help to arouse love sentiments. To create an incredibly romantic atmosphere, light the scented candles. A romantic night can be an opportunity to bond with your partner while spending time together. 

2. Go for a romantic walk

couple walking and holding hands at sunset
Go for a romantic walk

You would be surprised by the difference a walk can do for you and your partner. The options are endless like taking a bushwalk that trails a mountain. Alternatively, you can opt for a stroll in the park and hold hands with your partner. Catch up and reminisce about all the goals you had as individuals. The change in scenery and interest in your partner as an individual can be the gift that keeps on giving. Your partner can share their new goals and ambitions, and you can find new ways to support them based on the information you get on the walk. Showing your partner that you support and care about their aspirations as an individual will get significantly appreciated.

3. A staycation

Organize a “staycation” in your home to spend quality time with your partner. Look up the tourist department in your town or city to find out what activities and hot sites you may check out for two days. Please make a reservation at a hotel or bed & breakfast and surprise them with a brief and inexpensive trip. You may even schedule a romantic meal for two without ever leaving your hotel suite. You may have supper delivered from the restaurant of your choice. You’ll be shocked at how much visiting local museums and going on a dinner date can do to earn you enormous kudos for thoughtfulness in the eyes of your partner. 

4. Make a gift

Your present will likely have a significant amount of sentimental significance to your spouse if you produce it yourself. In many circumstances, they will be more grateful for this than if you had purchased them an expensive present. Getting a wonderful gift for your lover should not be a costly endeavor because it is the thought that matters. Whether you make a card or custom-made design jewelry, your partner will appreciate the effort. You can even enroll you and your partner in a class they have always wanted to take. It could be pottery, and you can take that opportunity to make a gift for your partner. Your partner will enjoy the time they spend with you while learning a skill they have always wanted to know.

handmade jam gift set
Sentimental & meaningful gifts

5. Couples massage at home

If your partner enjoys physical touch as their love language, a massage in the comfort of your home can do wonders for your relationship. You can use the lotions you can at home or buy essential oils to enhance the experience. Your partner will enjoy that you took the time to help them relax, and they will be more than willing to give you a massage. You can set the ambiance with flowers and soft music and take time to have fun and relax with your partner—Check in with your partner about their emotional state and how they are coping with the stresses of life.

6. Write a love letter.

Love letter

When was the last time you wrote a letter to tell your partner how much you appreciate them? Most of us will always say to our partners we love them, but we do not take the time to express our love and explain why we love our partners. Some partners make wallpaper out of the love letters they have written to each other, and they have their feelings be part of the decor in their homes. Your partner will be surprised and happy to receive a letter from you, especially if they have never received one before.

7. Plan a trip to their hometown

Because of how busy life can get, most people only visit their hometown during the holidays. The holiday seasons are packed with family activities, and no one gets to see friends or visit some of their favorite places. A weekend in your partner’s hometown can allow you to learn a little bit more about your partner without breaking the bank. 

Visting her African village – cheer, joy, vibrant and free

The Takeaway

It’s important to note that some of the most incredible things in life are entirely free, and there’s nothing wrong with surprising your spouse with a present on occasion. To be sure, the present does not have to be lavish; you may choose a gift for your spouse that you are confident they will enjoy for a fair price. An underestimated gift that is not on the list of overrated things is a hug and a listening ear. These are gifts you can give your partner daily, and they will improve your relationship

Author: S'tha Maz

I'm passionate about spreading positivity, and inspiration so that l can help others reach their greatest potential. I believe that we all owe it to ourselves to live a meaningful life and live it well. I am a naturally curious person, favour my creative side of thinking, and enjoy researching new topics and motherhood. I hope you find my digital storytelling intriguing and inspiring. I started WatuDaily to serve as a go-to source for families on various topics such as (home & living, travel, lifestyle, and wellness/success). – B Business – Financial Planning (RMIT)


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S'tha Maz

S'tha Maz

I'm passionate about spreading positivity, and inspiration so that l can help others reach their greatest potential. I believe that we all owe it to ourselves to live a meaningful life and live it well. I am a naturally curious person, favour my creative side of thinking, and enjoy researching new topics and motherhood. I hope you find my digital storytelling intriguing and inspiring. I started WatuDaily to serve as a go-to source for families on various topics such as (home & living, travel, lifestyle, and wellness/success). – B Business – Financial Planning (RMIT)
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