13 Clever Ways To Save Money On Your Next Vacation Accommodation.

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The Struggle Is Real!

1. Look for package deals

Once you have created your travel budget and your chosen destination, you should have a pretty good idea of how much you can afford per day. Go online to see what kind of package you can get at around that rate. For example, booking flights, hotels, and car rentals on travel sites like Expedia can offer significant savings.

The struggle is real! pack and travel free hustle
Get deals, pack & enjoy the sun

2. Be clear about what is important for you and your family

If you are single, chances are you won’t care what your room is like because you will be outside of it most of the time soaking up the sights. But do check if you get stuck with a single supplement fee.

If you are traveling as a family, a suite with a refrigerator and microwave can help you keep the kids fed and costs down.

Remember, the less you spend on your room, the more you have to spend on other things. As a mom of 3, l have first-hand experience with how this clever tip has saved my previous vacations.

the struggle is real gif (family road trip)
The struggle is real to get organized on time for road trips!

3. Try staying with family

As the old adage goes, “family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” Having meaningful family relationships comes in handy in situations like these. If you have any family in the area, see if you can stay with them. This tip can save you quite a bit as it helps you reduce the biggest chunk of your vacation costs. Of course, consider getting them an amazing thank you present on your way out so that they can have you back again next time around.

the struggle is real to get quality family time
Family plays a major role in our identities…

4. Consider Airbnb

The Struggle is Real…. but Worth It!

Airbnb might be a new concept but definitely, one worth exploring. Some of the properties are great and a fraction of what you would pay for a hotel. Just be sure to check the location concerning all the places you want to visit. You may need a rental car if you are not driving to your destination, which can add to the cost. If your property is in a good location with plenty of public transportation you should check out the costs compared to hiring a car as typical uber costs can be significantly lower where feasible.

5. Consider motels

Motels have come a long way in the past few years, and now offer clean, modern, and full of amenities. Some of them can be a bit out of the way, but their cheapness can more than makeup for the location. In some cases be prepared and mindful that you might share some common spaces with fellow users like bathrooms and lounges – which are certainly “first-world problems” to some.

The struggle is real quote

When all else fails,
take a vacation.
Betty Williams

6. Watch your travel dates

Unfortunately, for most families with children that at school means that most of their vacations coincide with peak holiday seasons. Peak times will be during the holidays mainly the summer break for most locations around the globe. As a result, high demand means inflated prices for accommodation, car hire, and airfares. Therefore, it might be beneficial to plan your travel in the off-season which can cost a fraction of what it does at peak season.

7. Be cautious of the location

beach side hotels
Location, Location, Location….

City center hotels can cost a small fortune compared to others a bit further out. So too can airport hotels and beachside hotels to name a few. Consider the cost and availability and time factor concerning public transportation and/or taxis to where you need to go (and/or car rental), and see what makes the most sense.


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8. Loyalty programs

If one or a few of your family members are frequent travelers, join a loyalty program for the same chain of hotels such as Accor Group. It can add up to a range of perks and might also get you incentives like a room upgrade at no extra cost. For most families with a strict traveling budget, this option can benefit them significantly.


9. Look Into House Swapping

House swapping is becoming more popular, as families who want to visit certain locations but still enjoy the comforts of home exchange with others. Just be careful of location, and do be careful of their property and your valuables when you have anyone in your house. Having an up-to-date home and contents insurance cover to protect your possessions can be beneficial.

Love Home Swap as reported in The Guardian is one the world’s greatest home exchange websites where you can search for a holiday home.

10. Camping

The struggle is real but not when you can go camping.

Be it camping or glamping you can find perfectly cozy locations that offer great adventures. When traveling as a family you won’t go wrong by considering camping as an alternative for solving “the real struggle” of finding affordable options. Glamping offers options such as cabin camping, tent cabins, treehouses, and airstreams where you can sleep out in nature without having to set up a tent.

Nowadays, there are even dog-friendly camping, wifi, and bathroom facilities. It is important to note that some camping sites can be very basic but, offer good amenities. Therefore, always do your homework and research before securing the booking. It’s always a good idea to look at reviews and feedback from fellow campers and use the information to guide you when making your choice.


11. Caravan Parks

The Struggle Is Real! But, not when you have these alternatives….

Caravans are one up from camping in a tent. They are warm, and dry, have a stove and fridge and can be a fun way to enjoy a holiday by the seaside or other scenic locations. Gone are the days when caravans were basic, today you can get one to suit your style and taste. The only setback is that this has to be a local holiday destination. It’s important that you also check the local council rules and regulations regarding caravan spots and bookings that might be required. On the other hand, caravans offer flexibility and are cost-effective options.


12. Deals and discounts

You can never go wrong with looking for bargain deals, coupons, and more. Travel has been restricted in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but with most borders slowly opening up, now is the right time to take advantage of specials. Done right, you can see the world for a fraction of the price. Following daily deals: – sites like Scoopon can be a good start for securing a family vacation at a discounted price.

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13. Check the fine print

Before making any booking, be sure to read the fine print so you know exactly what things will cost. Above all, check local or international travel rules and regulations that might affect your amazing family getaway.


Bring It All Together

Now you have 13 great tips to consider when planning your next family vacation. It doesn’t have to be a real struggle for you thanks to these handy options at your fingertips. Go on and pack those holiday bags and create amazing memories with your loved ones! Till next time, happy saving.

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