14 Best Places For Families To Snow Tube In Alaska

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Do you have the guts to go down Alaska’s fastest accelerating slides in a snow tube? Don’t be astonished if your heart starts beating at hundred miles per hour! Take a deep breath and prepare to ride Alaska’s ice slopes with your family. Plenty of thrills guaranteed.

Snow tubing in Alaska is a unique winter activity to go out with family and enjoy the winters. Snow tube activities are a lot of fun. You should try it if you haven’t done it yet. It is a great way to go outside, get fresh air, and feel revitalized. Allow the energy, thrill, and rush of lovely, crisp winter air to renew your soul. Allow the Adrenaline excitement as you slide down an ice slope in a snow tube.

This winter, spend a day in tubing down in the ice slope of Alaska for an ultimate experience. For an unforgettable vacation in Alaska, keep on reading this article. Here you will get to know about the mesmerizing places in Alaska where you can enjoy yourself with your families.

14 Best Places For Families To Snow Tube In Alaska WatuDaily TV

Unique And Fun Places to go to enjoy snow tube activities in Alaska:-

With its abundant wildlife, jaw-dropping scenery, and enormous glaciers, Alaska is truly mesmerizing. What’s more, the state has a diverse culture, rich mining history, and vibrant cities.

1. Arctic Valley

Undoubtedly Arctic Valley Ski Area Tube Park is the greatest snow tubing in Alaska. It is the most scenic park in the country! You’ll want to hit the slopes again and again. Thanks to the glistening days, heaps of pristine snow, and lovely winter weather. For an unforgettable day in Alaska’s beautiful outdoors, visit this excellent tubing facility in Anchorage. The longest tubing run in Alaska is at Arctic Valley Ski Area. Ride your tube through one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Alaska.

Arctic Valley is a popular destination for Alaskan tele-skiers, riders, and alpine skiers. Particularly, those who want to experience the wilderness while staying in the comfort and protection of ski resorts must-visit Arctic Valley. Intermediate to experienced skiers will enjoy the 25 kilometers of slopes offered in the Anchorage skiing area. Blue slopes account for 20% of the runs, while red and black slopes account for the remaining 80%. At Arctic Valley, beginner ski runs are not a draw.

2. Snow Tube In Girdwood

Girdwood is a small mountain town in the heart of Alaska, surrounded by forest and the Chugach mountain range’s peaks. It has stunning panoramas and rich history. This famous ski resort offers the ideal setting for outdoor sports. It has great weather conditions and a big average yearly snowfall. Girdwood, which has been described as a gorgeous town, strives to retain a sense of community and belonging. Girdwood offers travelers the ideal vacation with local lodging and an outstanding choice of cafés, pubs, and restaurants.

Girdwood Alaska

3. Alyeska Resort

At the Alyeska Resort in Alaska, you can delight yourself. All kinds of skiing and snow tubing are available at the hotel and on the mountain. Enjoy Alyeska’s 669-inch annual snowfall, 2,500 vertical feet, seven lifts, and steep slopes. If you don’t want to leave the slopes after the day is done. Don’t worry! Alyeska provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy night skiing. Night skiing begins at 4 p.m. and goes until 9 p.m., with the season-ending in March.

When you’ve had your full pleasure of snow, you won’t have to travel far to find a place to relax. Hotel Alyeska offers comfortable accommodations in a beautiful setting. Enjoy the hotel’s gourmet restaurants, the aerial tramway’s panoramic views, the saltwater pool and fitness center, or the spa.

4. Eagle crest Ski Area

One of Alaska’s greatest ski and snow tube destinations, as well as the state’s only ski resort in the south. This heavenly place is calling your name. In the winter, the Eagle crest Ski Area in Juneau, Alaska, is the place to be. With a vertical drop of 1,400 feet and an average snowfall of 200 to 500 inches. The resort also has approximately 650 skiable acres. Eagle crest’s lines cater to all skill levels, from beginner to expert. It makes it ideal for both families and professional skiers and snow tubers. The resort is open from December to April each year, and it is even open on holidays.

5. Hill Top Ski Area

Hilltop Ski Area, situated in Anchorage, is one of Alaska’s most iconic ski locations. The resort, which has been open since the 1950s and is located on the outskirts of downtown Anchorage. It combines the greatest slopes with the best of city atmosphere in one holiday.

Some many fun-filled activities for your families

The resort itself has slopes for all abilities of skiers and snow tubers, however, the majority are suitable for beginners. Hilltop Ski Area provides a ski school. Here you are taught all the techniques if you are just gaining your bearings on the snow. Hilltop, despite its modest size, provides an intimate, friendly experience. It allows you to hone your abilities on all of the tree-lined slopes.


6. Moose Mountain

Moose Mountain is ideal for anybody searching for a ski area with a variety of terrain and affordable rates! It has an area of 81 hectares that may be skied. The paths are mostly moderate in difficulty. However, there are enough beginner and expert runs to keep you engaged for the entire day. You’ll receive plenty of sunshine every day because of its south-facing location. Lifts aren’t found in everyday life.

A Terrain Park is also available for you to practice your stunts. There are also 5 kilometers of cross-country trails. Leave the busy world behind as you glide over the lovely countryside that surrounds the location!

snow tube fun times in Alaska

So, Moose Mountain Ski & Snowboard Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska. It is the place to be for a huge, family-friendly adventure just under your nose. The hills of this mountaintop resort provide vistas of the Tanana Valley while you run. Because of the slope and orientation of the mountains, Moose Mountain is quite warm. It is frequently 20-30 degrees warmer than the frigid temperatures in town. The majority of Moose Mountain’s routes are intermediate to expert, with verticals exceeding 1,300 feet. However, there are beginner slopes at the base that are ideal for beginners.

7. Aurora Skiland

Ski at Skiland, which is open from December through April during the season. The resort is well-known for having North America’s farthest-north chairlift. Skiland provides hundreds of tree-lined courses for skiers and snow tubers of all levels, both residents and visitors. Skiland is a tiny yet charming resort that seems like a home away from home. Look up in the evenings to see the shimmering hues of the northern lights, which the resort is believed to be an excellent place to see.


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8. Mount Eyak Ski Area

Mount Eyak Ski Resort near Cordova, Alaska, is a must-visit for adventurers. The solitary chairlift that takes you up to the trails dates from the 1930s. Many of the lines in the little ski resort are isolated and rustic. Even though it still contains rental stores and restaurants to keep you fed throughout your time on slopes.

Mt Eyak – By Troy Tirrell

9. Birch Hill Ski & Snowboard Area

During the long Alaskan winter, keep the whole family engaged and physically active. Birch Hill Ski and Snowboard Area cater to all ages and abilities with skiing, snowboarding, and Snow tubing. Birch Hill is the first hill in the interior to open the only night-skiing venue in the Fairbanks area.

Terrain Park

A top-notch Terrain Park with mounds, rails, and boxes to execute tricks on. It has been built in addition to the skiing and snowboarding lines. The finest terrain park in Alaska, according to Alaskans, is Birch Hill.

Bunny Hill

Birch Hill welcomes beginner skiers and snowboarders of all ages. The Magic Carpet lift at Birch Hill allows beginners skiers to concentrate on their newly acquired abilities without worrying about chairlifts. Simply step onto the moving pad and stand comfortably while it carries you up the hill.

Tubing Hill

Snow tubing is a thrilling experience for everyone of any age. There is no need for expertise or skill to enjoy the three 800-foot runs. Simply climb into your tube, push off, and relax. The journey back to the top of the slope is made much easier by the use of a lift.

Snow Tube at Birch Hill

10. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

If you’re looking for a thrill, go to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Judd Lake, Alaska. Here your first adventure starts the moment you arrive. Because of the resort’s isolated location, visitors must fly from Anchorage to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. The lodge is well renowned for its heli-skiing. It has conventional slopes and mountains that give furious skiing and snow tubing. Heli-skiing is a type of off-trail skiing or snowboarding. In this, you are dropped off by helicopter instead of using a chairlift to the top of the slope. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers packages that include seven-day stays in the lodge. This also includes transportation to and from Anchorage. And Yes! A week’s worth of heli-skiing to make the trip of a lifetime more affordable.

snow tube gif
Snow tube = Family Fun time

11. Black Ops Valdez

Valdez Black Ops Heli-Skiing is a relatively new participant in Alaska’s skiing and snow tubing industry. They are poised to become the next big thing. Black Ops Valdez is fastly establishing a reputation for doing things better than the competition. It is exceeding the expectations of every visitor. Should you join Black Op Valdez for snow tubing in Alaska? Obviously… Make a dream a reality!

Ski slopes and snow tube for kids

12. Chugach Powder Guides.

Although it isn’t exactly a resort, we couldn’t leave this entertaining and unusual experience off our list. The firm serves the western Chugach Mountains. This provides steep routes, open bowls, and some of North America’s most exciting adventures. Cat-skiing is a common activity here. Rather than using a chairlift to the usual resort slopes, cat-skiing carries you up the mountains in a large snowcat. It is a vehicle that clears snow. You may access the rural, non-resort slopes by snowcat, which are sure to be less busy.

Alaska snow tube vacation spots
Visit North America’s beautiful snow tubing & ski resorts


13. Mendenhall Glacier

This skiing region is located in the center of the Mendenhall glacier. It has an astounding 38 main glaciers and stunning blue icebergs. It also has a forest and a range of mountains, resulting in an impressive panorama. Mendenhall Glacier is home to a diverse fauna. It also includes black bears, bald eagles, and porcupines. It has many paths, waterfalls, and salmon streams. All this makes it a perfect spot to come for snow tube activities and perfect for skiers wishing to see Alaska’s magnificent animals. Price ranges from mid-range to high-end. Visitor center hours are 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Keep an eye out for the wet rainforest and the Mendenhall Lake shoreline. Visit Mendenhall Glacier and enjoy Snow tubing in crisp winter.


Skeetawk – Hatcher Pass

HAX (Hatcher Alpine Xperience), a non-profit and member-driven organization, manages Skeetawk. Both skiers and snowboarders will enjoy the resort.

The alpine ski resort has ten kilometers of tracks with a vertical drop of about 375 meters. Three chairlifts provide access to the ski lines on this terrain.


Alaska’s snow tube facilities allow you to experience the thrills of speed on the snow without having to use the lifts. As you spin, bounce, bump and laugh your way downhill on a snow tube. You will have an infinite amount of fun and excitement. This certainly, sounds like an experience you need to tick off your bucket list if you haven’t already done so! Go on, set yourself up for the challenge, and explore the slopes. As always share your amazing stories in the comment section below l would like to hear them all. Till next time, continue to create memorable experiences.

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