Clever Ways To Upgrade Your Coffee Station At Home

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A freshly brewed cup of coffee will never go out of style, but kitchen cupboards stuffed with coffee pods, syrups, and cups will. With the establishment of a successful home coffee shop comes a slew of challenges to be resolved. Learning how to brew decent coffee is a reasonably straightforward process. Trying to decide where to put all of those coffee-making materials is a never-ending challenge. Any functional home coffee bar has, at a bare minimum, a coffeemaker, coffee signs, a mug to hold it, and a coffee storage area. It’s a lot of fun to create your coffee station (or coffee bar) from scratch.

For coffee enthusiasts, it’s the most recent craze to hit the scene. A home coffee station allows you to establish your area in which to enjoy your coffee. You designate a location in your home where you will keep all of your coffee-related supplies. It might be as complicated as having a separate table or buffet with chairs or as simple as having a space in your kitchen dedicated to this purpose.

What do l need to upgrade my coffee station?

The best coffee station does not only have a coffee machine, but it has utensils, fancy coffee signs, and mugs that invite you to settle down and have coffee. These are the upgrades you need for your coffee station:

Baskets, caddies, and canisters

You will need a place to store all of your coffee-making supplies. These are excellent for sugar and stirring. You may keep your Keurig or Nespresso machine in a lovely basket or canister to make it more appealing to look at. K-cups and Nespresso cups are generally visually pleasing, glass canisters are an excellent choice.

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi, Silver
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If you have a Keurig, you may choose from various K-cup containers, including drawers, rotating towers, and baskets, among other options. To ensure that your beans retain their fresh roasted flavor for as long as possible, keep them at room warmth in an opaque, airtight container with a lid. Coffee beans can be visually appealing, but avoid using clear canisters since they allow light to enter and affect the taste of the coffee. Keep your beans in the dark, cool place until they are ready to use.

Temperature controlling gold smart mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug – available on Amazon

Shelves or mug trees

Mugs can get stored on shelves if that is a possibility. Several shelves come with a coffee-themed décor, but any shelf can suffice in this situation. There’s a fantastic opportunity to include décor that complements your home coffee station by choosing shelves that compliment your kitchen aesthetic. If you do not have space to mount new shelves, you can get mug trees. There are plenty of beautiful mug trees that will fit into any coffee station without sticking out like a sore thumb.

New countertops

If you already have enough countertop space available, this is an excellent location for a coffee station. The majority of the time, you’ll find them in the corners of kitchens. We spend most of our time in the kitchen during our hectic mornings, so it’s a convenient location. While you are preparing your lunch for the day, you can stop by the coffee station for a cup of coffee. If you have a room and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this is a terrific option for you to consider. If you don’t like the countertops you have, you can measure your coffee station area and buy countertops that appeal to you. The countertops are the foundation for your coffee station, so choose them wisely.

Pick a color theme/pallet

All other accessories you buy for your coffee station need to fall into a specific pallet. Your cutlery and mugs should be unique from everything else in your kitchen. It makes it easy to identify cutlery that doesn’t belong in the drawer near the kitchen sink. You can buy cutlery with gold finishings and branded coffee mugs. The backdrop to your coffee station should tie everything together and give an ambiance of an actual coffee bar.

  • Unique coffee mugs
Gold coffee mugs available on Amazon

Bar cart

Bar carts are ideal for coffee stations that need to be kept small and portable. It doesn’t use much space and is easily transportable. It’s a great option if you don’t want to dedicate a large amount of space to your home coffee bar. It is simple to travel around your home if you’re consuming coffee in various locations around the house. You can purchase custom-made bar carts online. Modern bar carts are extendible with mirrors and different gemstones on them, so you can buy one that fits your personality.

I love coffee sign and canister

Coffee Signs

The whole purpose of having a coffee station is to know the area is designated for coffee lovers. Without coffee signs, your coffee station becomes a corner of the kitchen with utensils and mugs. You can buy black and white coffee signs because they compliment any kitchen, and even if you change the décor, you can still keep the coffee signs.

Timeless Gadgets

What is a coffee station without nifty coffee gadgets? When buying coffee pods and coffee machines, you need to save and buy the best you can. After a couple of months, a coffee gadget is released that will have you drooling over it. Do not settle when purchasing your coffee machine; buy one that looks good and has all the functions you need in a coffee machine.

Coffee machine and coffee station
Niffy coffee gadgets

As your coffee maker will be the focal point of this unique kitchen section, it should be amongst the first items you put on your new coffee station when you initially set it up. Ensure that there is enough clearance around your coffee pot so that you can reach all of its functions when you are placing it.

Decorative tiles/wallpaper or paint

A designated coffee station needs to stand out. Geometric designs, artificial foliage, and sleek tiles may all be used to make your coffee bar blend in with the modern appearance and feel of your house. Textured tiles and wallpaper will go a long way if you like to make videos or take pictures as you make your coffee. Not only do they ensure a beautiful backdrop, but they show your creativity. You can make your coffee station a DIY project and paint the coffee station. Choose bright colors that allow your appliances and cutlery to steal the show.

coffee signs and coffee wall decorative art
Wall Graffiti Art

Organized and well-labeled drawers

Everything in your coffee station needs to be well organized and labeled. To keep your coffee station from becoming simply another messy cupboard, you’ll want to incorporate practical storage options into the design of both the worktop and the interior of the unit.

Coffee stations usually take up a small amount of the hence the need to know where everything is. You can buy organizing trays to accommodate your utensils and mugs if you do not have drawers. If you have drawers in your coffee station, have designated places for utensils and all the other accessories you purchase to help you make the best cup of coffee.

A little decoration goes a long way.

The reason people enjoy going to coffee bars is that they never run out of things to look at. It can be the wallpaper or decorations on the table, but there is always something that catches your attention. To make your coffee station stand out, you can buy unique cutlery and accessories. Depending on the space dedicated to the coffee station, you can buy a vase or rhinestones. If your coffee station is on a cart, then buy a colorful cart and buy mugs and utensils that are unique and bring life to the cart. You can buy artificial flowers and a small vase to bring life to the coffee station.

Does my coffee station need to be in the corner of the kitchen?

A corner of the kitchen counter, a standalone cart, or an elegant sideboard positioned against an empty wall are all good options for coffee stations in the home. If at all feasible, you’ll want to find a location that has vacant wall space above it, as this will be useful for both storage and decoration purposes.

But First Coffee Sign…
But First Coffee Sign
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To build your coffee station, you must first choose a suitable location for it, and not just any vacant corner will do. It’s essential to select a place with enough space for all of your essentials to avoid breaking a mug. It’s also beneficial to choose a location close to the bin and sink can help so that you can quickly fill up the water tank and discard used filters without carrying them across the room. You’ll need a convenient electrical outlet nearby to plug in your equipment.

The takeaway

It is possible to recreate the fun of a coffee bar at home to experience the same pleasure as visiting a local coffee shop. The goal is to create a functional and elegant space where you can enjoy and keep everything you adore as you sip your morning cup of coffee. It’s also a fantastic way to save money. Once all is in place, you’ll have a coffee station that completes your kitchen, and you’ll quickly discover how convenient it is to have everything you need to brew the ideal cup of coffee in one convenient location.

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