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Have you ever wondered about traveling to Malibu and visiting this magnificent city? If yes, then you are on the right page. If not, I can guarantee that after reading this post, you will have in mind all these stunning Malibu images. You will probably be waiting for when to plan your next travel to Malibu. Therefore, we have prepared a guide to Malibu, with all details about this city, including the best Malibu images you will ever see. 

Malibu images - Malibu sign post 27 miles of scenic beauty
Welcome to Malibu

Keep reading, and you will find out the best activities and things to do in Malibu. So, let’s start!

Some Notable Facts About Malibu

Located in the Santa Monica Mountains area of Los Angeles County, California, Malibu is only around 350 km west of Downtown Los Angeles. Besides, Malibu lengthens along the Pacific Coast, or in other words, west of Pacific Palisades to the border of Ventura County.

This coastal city is very famous for its Mediterranean climate. And, just because of its beautiful Mediterranean climate, you can see the best Malibu images here. Malibu is also known as “the Bu.” It has many fantastic beaches, such as Malibu Beach, Zuma Beach, Broad Beach, Topanga Beach, Big Rock Beach, La Costa Beach, Las Flores Beach, Surfrider Beach, Dan Blocker Beach, and Point Dume Beach.

Malibu Beach

However, in Malibu, there are more than sandy beaches. There are many state parks with magnificent views where you can photograph the best Malibu images of your life. State parks, playgrounds and beaches on the Malibu coast include Point Mugu State Park, Leo Carrillo State Beach, Malibu Creek State Park, and Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach, with individual seasides: El Matador, El Pescador, and La Piedra. 

Also, there are plenty of modern restaurants, famous bars, and top-rated hotels with lovely views, where nobody can resist capturing some lasting pictures as a memory.

Nothing like dining with a view
Nobu Malibu
Nobu Malibu

What is most interesting when speaking about Malibu is that many famous and rich people call this town home. As an illustration, many Hollywood superstars live in oceanfront homes here, enjoying unforgettable sunsets. Therefore, this romantic and luxurious Malibu is known as a celebrity home.

Luxurious Malibu Mega Mansions on Billionaires Beach
Inside a $50 Million Malibu MEGA Mansion on BILLIONAIRES BEACH by – Eric Conover

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Is it Worth Visiting Malibu?

First, before we start looking at the best activities and things to do in Malibu, we have to answer your doubt about visiting this unique beach town.

YES! Visiting Malibu is worth it. And you do not have to be worried about which season you should visit this town. Whether summer or winter, there is always plenty of Malibu charm for visitors to approach. In this unique beach town, you can totally relax with sensational views of the Pacific. Besides, with incredible surfing waves, superb shopping, excellent restaurants, and unusual activities, you can definitely enjoy your holiday in Malibu. On top of that, as we mentioned, you can capture the best Malibu images of your life.

The Best Activities and Things to do in Malibu

In the text below, we will guide you through a short checklist of the best activities and things to do in Malibu. From historical arts like Getty Villa and Solstice Canyon to incredible sandy beaches like Westward Beach, Zuma Beach, and Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach, you can sum up that in Malibu, there is a lot to visit. But, let’s see these top ten activities and things we sorted for you today.

Visit The Getty Villa in Malibu

To visit the Getty Villa, you do not have to be a historical lover or an artist. You will be amazed only by its attraction.

Getty villa - Images of Malibu
The Getty Villa, Malibu

The Getty Villa is the original home of the Getty Museum, which focuses on Ancient Greek and Roman Art. It is the long-ago homeplace of Paul Getty. However, this Villa today operates as an academic center and museum that houses the J. Paul Getty Museum’s exhibition of more than 50,000 artifacts from Roman, Greek, and Etruscan nature. Moreover, for the UCLA/Getty Master’s Program, the Getty Villa functions as a campus for Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation. Just imagine visiting this old Villa, covered by a gorgeous formal garden of roses and other marvelous flowers. Plus, a few Roman statues snuggled among that breathtaking garden. Definitely, it is worth seeing this amazing Villa, and probably one of the oldest art in Malibu, just after the Stone house in the Solstice Canyon.

Visit the Solstice Canyon, Malibu, Southern California

Visiting the Solstice Canyon is definitely the next thing you should do in Malibu. Even more, if you are a hiking person lover, then – absolutely yes!

Malibu images – The Solstice Canyon
solstice canyon, Malibu
solstice Canyon, Malibu- image source (National Parks Service)

Placed in the Santa Monica Mountains, the Solstice Canyon presents many panoramic hiking opportunities. It is a fascinating ancient place covered by tall waterfalls. But, can you guess what the main attraction in the Canyon is? It is the shell of a stone house that dates back to 1865. This Stone house we mentioned in the text above and along with the Getty Villa – is the oldest existing stone building in Malibu.

However, the stone house resisted different large wildfires and was destroyed by the 2007 Corral Fire. But, a part of the walls is still existing. And now, you are wondering how you can access it here. Well, do not worry. Visitors have plenty of choices on how to access the Canyon. You can take an easy two-mile-long hike to access the site. In another case, you can take a severe six-mile-long hike leading into Solstice Canyon. There is also a beach from Solstice Canyon, which is a famous spot for family picnics and making some of the best Malibu pictures in your life.

Westward Beach, Malibu, California

Westward Beach, Malibu

This beach is much more peaceful than Zuma Beach, but it seems to be one of the best sandy beaches in all territory of Malibu. This 3-mile-long sandy beach is beneath the west side of Point Dume. The water is incredibly blue, while the beach is all sandy. Here you can find one of the most famous restaurants in all of Malibu – the Sunset Restaurant. What makes this place more interesting is that there is a surprising spot for seeing sea lions, dolphins, and seals. So, when visiting Malibu, do not forget to give Westward Beach an opportunity and enjoy your views of sea lions and dolphins. Maybe you can picture some fascinating Malibu pictures with a dolphin by your side. 

Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach

Malibu Images
Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach ©2014, California State Parks Photo by Brian Baer

Another excellent thing to do in Malibu and another outstanding beach worth seeing is exactly this beach.

Located between Leo Carrillo and Point Dume State Beaches, this beach is a remarkable place to be visited. The area covers coves known as pocket beaches with names like El Pescador, El Matador, and La Piedra. All three mentioned beaches are suitable for meditation, surfing, and bird watching. When it comes to sunsets, then El Matador State Beach is precisely the one. This short beach is easily the most breathtaking stretch of coastline in the region.

Malibu Wine + Vineyard Tour

The first thing to remember is that Malibu has a fascinating wine. As so, there is a fantastic vineyard tour every visitor should absolutely take. In fact, you can choose where you want your vineyard tour to be. In other words, you can decide where you want to enjoy the wine – by the glorious Pacific ocean or in Malibu’s wild mountain canyons. Usually, these tours are small and private, with seating for a maximum of ten to twelve guests. However, it is worth experiencing, and you will never regret it.

Tandem Paragliding Flight With Instructor in Malibu
Tandem Paragliding Flight With Instructor in Malibu

Another cool thing to do in Malibu is an extraordinary flight beyond the sandy coasts of Los Angeles. You should participate in this tandem Malibu paragliding adventure and make some of the best Malibu pictures. This paragliding adventure is approximately a twelve or thirty-minute ride above the scenery of this gorgeous coastal town. You only have to determine if you want a mechanized or non-motorized flight above this breathtaking geography, flying beyond the blue Ocean.                                             

So, it does not matter if you are a professional paraglider – you should definitely add some adrenaline to your vacation in Malibu with this perfect adventure. Plus, it is meaningful to mention that this paragliding adventure contains all necessary safety equipment.

Surf lessons and Malibu Divers, Malibu, Southern California
Malibu images of a women surfing on a surf board riding a wave
Surfing in Malibu

Being in the Malibu area means that you must experience some water sports. For example, you should definitely visit Malibu Divers. It is the one-stop shop for diving fans in Malibu. This company gives diving courses that cater to beginners as well as professionals. What is very important for this company is that for beginners, Much more of the trips contain food, accommodation, and transportation costs. Lastly, Malibu Divers has resources and training for free divers, rescue divers, and beginners who are just getting into the sport.

Besides, you do not have to have your equipment, dive logs, manuals, etc. At the store, people who work there will pick up everything you need for the trip. Also, you can decide to take some surf lessons in Malibu. Of course, you do not have to be worried about your safety because it is quarantined in the Surfing area. The methods covered in these surf classes give surfers the tools to progress safely at each person’s pace. For people who are much more adrenaline lovers, this activity will be absolutely worth taking.

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Malibu Calabasas Food Tour

Similar to the previously mentioned thing to do in Malibu (Malibu Wine + Vineyard Tour), here is the Malibu Calabasas Wine Tour. Malibu Calabasas Wine Tour is more suitable for people who prefer more food than wine.                                                                         

Malibu Calabasas Food Tour – Photo credit

It is five hours tour in an airbus with central air conditioning and a superior music system. Moreover, you can choose a music program on the bus, which is very cool! The Malibu Calabasas Wine Tour is for an organization of five to ten people. With Malibu Calabasas Food Tour, you can see the highest parts of Malibu and Calabasas. Also, on this tour, you can view celebrity homes and see the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Malibu. Yet, you can see the notorious Fox farm, where many films were made in the 1920s.

This tour is an unforgettable experience that will last forever. Finally, you can enjoy lunch at this high-end shopping and dining area, while admiring the indigenous “Humaliwo”, which was a native Chumash Village. You will see wildlife such as Deer and Rabbits, and you can walk down to the beautiful lagoon if you like. But do not forget to take your mobile to capture some of the best Malibu pictures.

Malibu Waterfall Electric MTB & Hiking Adventure
Malibu Waterfall Electric MTB

This hiking adventure is to offer the most exciting electric mountain bike experience for beginners and professional riders also. So, it is not significant if you are a beginner or a developed rider.  All you have to know is that there is a proper course for your riding knowledge. Give a chance on this professionally arranged mountain bike and relax your body in nature. You’ll also have the option to receive coaching so that you can file your mountain biking skills and apply them on the ride. In other words, this two hundred-minute adventure is definitely worth it.

Well, after seeing the best activities and things to do in Malibu, have you imagined the best Malibu pictures in your head? I am sure you do. However, to sum up, this wonderful sandy town is worth visiting with all these mentioned things. From gorgeous sandy beaches to canoes and many adrenaline activities to do, Malibu has everything for everyone.

So, do not wait so long. Summer is here, and the surf lessons in Malibu are calling you. Or maybe tours with delicious wine and food. We have to put that decision for you to make which activities and things you will see in Malibu, but we hope that this post brings a different Malibu picture to your mind. 

Malibu Images – 21 Miles of Scenic Beauty

A Tour of Our Town Malibu, California: Scenic Drive up the Coast & Lunch at Neptune’s Net! – Best Life & Beyond

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