15 Best Intimacy Books You Must Read To Spice Up Your Relationship

Couple intimacy book

Have you ever been in love? What was the experience? Do you read intimacy books in your relationship? Did the love life last forever or end after some time? Love holds the highest rank in a relationship. Apart from the relationship, love is the greatest gift among all that God gave human beings.

Love has many definitions from people, and that’s why many people experience it in unique ways. Just a brief definition; love is a strong feeling toward something or someone. Love conquers it all, but sometimes people may pretend to love, yet they have personal motives; hence after getting what they expect, they call it a quit.

This article will help you spice the relationship which has almost reached an end or just the beginning. These intimacy books will provide insight into how to handle the relationship and avoid ending it. Stay tuned till the end.

1. The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm

The Art Of Loving by Erich Fromm

Since childhood, love has been discovered. Love is displayed in cartoons and films; we learn to love things we care about and people close to us. Love might seem simple as the way of its writing, yet it is an art. One must learn it and, with time, perfect it just like art which one must sacrifice and put effort to perfect the mastery. 

Just an insight from the book. If you love someone dearly and are indifferent to others, that is not loving but a symbolic attachment and a pompous ego.

In this intimacy book, Erich Fromm breaks down what love is and how important it is for people to learn to love in different ways. Erich has written more about his exploration of this divine feeling. In this book, there are some ways to master this art of love so you can secure a copy and learn more about love which will strengthen the love life of the relationship.

2. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Last by Gary Chapman

Intimacy book: The 5 love languages: The secret to love that love by Gary Chapman

Many have heard about the five languages of love. Love has five languages: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. 

This intimacy book will help to learn how to determine those languages since everyone has different ways to express their love and the same case with the receiver. Once you read this intimacy book, showing or experiencing love will be an easy task. 

So, if you need to spice this relationship that is almost ending or starting a new relationship, then the 5 love languages are the right intimacy book to read. Since Gary elaborates more about love and how to remain more robust and provides solutions to daily complexities and challenges in a relationship. This book is the best while one is hunting for love or a relationship.

3. Relationship Goals: How to win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex by Michael Todd

Relationship Goals: How to win at dating, marriage and sex by Michael Todd

Do you know that one can win in love but fail in dating? Your perspective on love and marriage will change after reading this motivational book by a pastor who also believes in God.

Author Michael Todd shares his open, sincere, and pragmatic views on dating and falling in love. He describes his romantic journey and how Michael survived heartbreak and found solace.e The secret of successful relations, as revealed in this book, is keeping God at the front. If progressing in love and relationship is in your mind, grab a copy of this book and read.

4. Mindful Relationship Habits: 25 practices for couples to Enhance Intimacy, Nurture Closeness, and Grow a Deeper Connection by S.J Scott

Mindful Relationship Habits: 25 practices for couples to enhance intimacy nurture closeness and grow a deeper connection by J.S Scott

Falling in love is easy and doesn’t require thoughts, but staying in love does. This book by S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport will help be mindful and careful in every relationship. The book’s title captures the message to be delivered carefully and its spirit.

Practices that are heartfelt and mindful in a relationship might result in a stronger and better bond between the partners. More advice on being proactive and sensitive to your better half is included in the intimacy book. Grab a copy and appreciate the material; the book is available on Kindle in written and audiobook formats.

5. Couples Therapy Workbook: 30 Guided conversations to re-connect relationships by Kathleen Mates-Youngman  

Couples Therapy workbook 30 guided conversations to re-connect relationships by Kathleen Mates-Youngman

This intimacy book will help revive a relationship going down the drain. Kathleen Mates-Youngman has structured this book into a beautiful series of 30 different topics relating to love and relationship. In addition, every topic has insight on how to deal with difficulties that might arise in a relationship. 

It addresses the most important issues, and the inquiries help to reveal any underlying emotions or insecurities that may surface, fostering strong interpersonal bonds. Communication is the key to a strong relationship that lays a strong foundation. The book is available on Kindle in paperwork.

6. No More Fighting: 20 minutes a Week to a Stronger Relationship by Alicia Muñoz

No More Fighting: Minutes a week to a stronger relationship 20 minutes a week   to a stronger relationship by Alicia Munoz

Alicia Munoz has given insight on how to avoid and tackle triggers that can lead to arguments and disagreements. Continued arguments in a relationship can be toxic and mentally exhausting. 

It addresses the most important issues, and the inquiries help to reveal any underlying emotions or insecurities that may surface, fostering strong interpersonal bonds. The book has 52 challenges couples face and how to find a way out of these challenges. The stories are true in real life, giving couples insight into showing steadfast love to each other. If you really need to learn those stories, this book is available in both paperwork and audiobooks.

7. The couples Quiz book: 350 Fun Questions To Energize Your Relationship By Alicia Muñoz

The couple quiz book: 350 fun questions to energize your relationship by Alicia Munoz

Do you know you’re partner better? If not, perhaps it is time to know them better. The best way to go about it is by taking some quizzes. The questions will help to revive the sparks of fun shared, which will help to bring excitement to the relationship. This method will help you to know your partner better in a compelling manner.

The questions cover the various topic, and a price is set at the end of each chapter which presents a lot of fun experiments. So, if you need to spice the relationship, this book is the right one, and I hope you find it enjoyable and worthy of reading.

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8. The ultimate relationship workbook for couples by Ari Sytner

The ultimate relationship workbook for couples by Ari Sytner

Has your love spark in the relationship fizzled out? Are you wondering which book about relationships is worth the time? If so, The Ultimate Relationship workbook for couples by Ari Sytner could be a life-changer.

The book is filled with dynamic exercises and guided conversations. Pieces of Advice are also offered in this book which can help a relationship be rock solid. It gives new insight into love, opening eyes to numerous possibilities one has been missing out on in relationship matters.

9. Best for ground-breaking discoveries: Seven Values that Make Marriage Work by John M. Gottman

The seven principles for making marriage work by John M. Gottman

With the best, most realistic, and wisest perspective on love, John Gottomon provides the best strategies for creating marriages that are solid and long-lasting. The author highlights the issues that cause marriages to end and provides a remedy in the form of seven useful ideas.

This book’s insight can offer a lot of information on how to make ground-breaking discoveries about love life. The New York Times bestselling book provides further details about money, religion, job, and family life. It illustrates how improved communication can foster intimacy and romance. 

10. I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind The Extraordinary Relationship by Michael S, Sorensen

Communication is one of the critical elements in the building of a strong relationship. Everyone in the relationship should be ready to offer a listening ear to each part side hence hearing what the loved one has to say.

This intimacy book captures the need for making daily tweaks to your communication. I HEAR YOU; Michael S. Sorensen has captured the need for effective communication in building meaningful relationships. So, it is time for conversation starters to read this book if there is a lack of communication between the partners. The book offers insights on different arguments and how to prevent them in the relationship. It’s available on Amazon Kindle store here.

11. 201 relationship questions: the couple’s guide to building trust

201 relationship questions: The couple's guide to building trust and emotional intimacy - By Barrie Davenport

Trust is one of the critical elements in a relationship, and it can either make or break it. Barrie Davenport offers insight on how one can build and develop trust. 

A series of questions spanning many subjects are included in the book to help you build a lasting friendship.

The question has been crafted in a way that will increase trust while also reigniting sensuality in any relationship. This intimacy book is available here, and one can spare some time at night and read with their person before retiring to bed.

12. As we grow: a modern memory book for married couples

As we grow: A modern memory book for married couples - Korie Herold

Marriage is a sacred commitment before God and the law. Once the vow has been made, the couples must stick together in the face of all challenges until death do them apart. Korie Herold helps couples build their marriage memories through the modern book for married couples.

Each page has a unique layout that offers a canvas for celebrating every marriage milestone and even recording family history. It serves beautiful memories which suit different occasions provided by the author.

The book keeps memories from the first time till growing old hence can help couples revive their youthful moments when they have grown old. It has a good design and layout, appealing to the eye. Available online here.

13. 175 date ideas

175 date ideas by Alida Quittschreiber

Dating can be tiresome when one runs out of ideas. This is because one can come up with many situations which might make a relationship come to an end. Reading this book will be a great idea if you struggle to get out of this sticky situation.

Alida Quittschreiber has come up with 175 date ideas that will work wonders in every relationship. Most of the ideas provided and suggestions offered are cute and practical.

Most of the ideas offered can be used in anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, and weddings since there are many brilliant ideas from the book. Accessing this book is the best decision for spicing the relationship and marriages.

14. Relationship workbook for couples

Another great book from Eva A Mendes

This is a fun-filled book written by Eva A. Mendes. It includes numerous quizzes and activities that lead to a positive relationship outcome since it entails more about couples.

Each activity has been carefully and thoughtfully selected to aid in developing and building intimacy among the partners. The activities also help in creating a more profound connection among the couples. So, if you need to spice the relationship you have been working on, this book, the relationship workbook for couples, is the best.

The good thing is that you can read the book anywhere you are, whether on the move or while preparing to take sleep.

The colorful cover captures the bond of love and commitment among the couples. A book copy can be easily found on the internet or listened to in audio form.

15. A couple of skills by Kim Paleg, Matthew McKay, and Patrick Fanning

Have you been wondering which superpowers can help your relationship last? The case is no; all you need is some basic knowledge and skills to help you interact positively with your partner. 

This intimacy book, Couple Skill, talks about the right way to communicate, cope with problems, and solve them creatively when they arise.

The book also covers acceptance techniques, which are crucial in a partnership. The abilities support embracing and accepting the partner’s talents and weaknesses without passing judgment. It also teaches how to build a better understanding and intimacy among couples.

Intimacy Book: The Takeaways

Love is a beautiful thing, and it makes people glow. Every couple deserves happiness and intimacy in their relationship; hence, a lot of effort must be sacrificed to flourish. Let sacrifice for our loved ones, and we shall experience the changes we need in our relationships. The intimacy books above will help that love and intimacy spice all through. Thanks for reading till the end hope you will have a fruitful relationship.

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