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Chatswood is a suburb known for its business-by-day, party-by-night feel. The vibrant suburb of Chatswood is one of the lower north shores’ major business and residential districts. It acts as the administrative centre of the Council of Willoughby. Located roughly 10km north of Sydney’s central business district. Chatswood has a great mixture of a relaxed and formal atmosphere.

Public Transport

As it serves as a mini city, you should expect the best, most reliable public transport. And you won’t be disappointed to see the ample modes and routes of transport up for offer in Chatswood. The suburb offers a wide variety of railway lines, bus and metro services, and taxi hubs. It acts as a mini central, connecting the lower north shore with much of greater Sydney and beyond.

a train at Chatswood train station
An image of Chatswood Station


Chatswood census recorded a population of 24,913 in 2016. Since then the suburb has had a steady increase in residents. 2021 estimates are roughly 25,745 and a population density of 5,226 persons per square km.

What housing types are dominant in Chatswood

Currently, as stipulated on the Willoughby Councils website, as of 2021 there are roughly 26.1# of dwellings are separate houses. The remainder 8% are medium-density dwellings, and 65.7% are high-density dwellings. Which is quite different from the majority of greater Sydney respectively with 53.4%, 18.8%, and 27.1%.

Chatswood high rise apartments
An image of a Chatswood Apartment

What attracts home buyers and investors to Chatswood

It is easy to see why investors decide that Chatswood is the place for them to invest time and money. The wealthy suburb not only serves as a miniature hub for almost everything in both upper and lower north shore. But also boosts a wide variety of housing types and neighbourhoods which suit the wide majority of Australians.

Whether you are a first home buyer, a student looking for realistic accommodation, or a wealthier individual looking to upgrade. Additionally, Chatswood has many businesses and shopping locations. All within a short walk or bus ride distance, meaning that individuals look to live in Chatswood for either a shorter commute to work or greater accessibility to the train or metro station to travel beyond the suburb.

Chatswood mansion with a pool
An image of a house in Chatswood

Future infrastructure and development

As the CBD expands over the next 20 years, the Chatswood CBD Strategy aims to create a solid framework to direct upcoming private and public development. It seeks to achieve great design, capacity for future growth, and a distinctive, robust, and vibrant CBD. The strategy will guide Willoughby LEP and DCP adjustments.

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Willoughby Council’s vision for Chatswood’s future
  1. To support office expansion in the central business district:- The central business district of Chatswood will be strengthened as a key part of the local economy. It will support and encourage longer term, Albert Avenue office expansion.
  2. Residential development near the CBD:- Chatswood is a reachable urban hub. Residential development will therefore be encouraged in the CBD but outside of the Commercial Core. 
  3. A rich and diversified mix of uses:- In addition to commercial and residential development, Chatswood will continue to promote retail, healthcare, education, the arts and culture, community, and recreational activities. 
  4. Wonderful public spaces:- Improvements to existing areas with the creation of new spaces and links to give versatility and flexibility.
  5. Outstanding public spaces:- Chatswood aims to offer a variety of high-quality, engaging public spaces in the future. New spaces and links will be developed together with upgrades to existing locations. 
  6. Sustainable and active transportation:- To meet future transportation demands in line with growth and to ensure sustainable outcomes for Chatswood, a balanced strategy will be employed with travel demand management at its core. 
  7. The attractiveness of the center is delivered through high-quality urban architecture and a harmonious environment. 
  8. Greening the center:- With Chatswood serving as the leafy North Shore’s focal point, greening the cityscape and adding greenery to new construction will reflect this.
an aerial view of Chatswood business district
An aerial view of Chatswood business district, taken from the west, looking east towards Manly.

What your money can buy you in Chatswood

As of 2022 in Chatswood, less than approximately $3 million can’t buy you much, unfortunately. As you’d expect, this bustling CBD is quite expensive. It’s median house price has gone up by 16.7% in the last 12 months sitting at $3,130,000. The median rental price has risen by 13.4% sitting at roughly $1,077 per week according to realestate.com.au

Chatswood Café, Restaurants, and Bars

One of the things Chatswood doesn’t lack is the abundance of cafés, restaurants, and bars featuring almost every cuisine you could think of. You will find these almost anywhere and everywhere across the suburb. 

Popular Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars in Chatswood

gram cafe chatswood
Gram Café & Pancakes- Chatswood
Gram Café & Pancakes

The picturesque and beautiful Gram café & pancakes incorporate the worlds of Australian coffee and create Japanese desserts and beverages to create a location that is as aesthetic as the food. With creative, appealing, sweet, and savoury takes on the infamous Japanese soufflé pancakes to classics such as French toast, the dine-in menu has everything for everybody. And if you are thirsty, don’t fret, because Gram Café & Pancakes has a wide variety of classic and innovative iced and hot beverages.

pattisons patisserie chatwood
Pattison Patisserie – Chatswood
Pattison Patisserie

Pattison Patisserie is a renowned bakery that is known for its delectable array of dessert options and excellently brewed coffee to create a sophisticated and Parisian-esk bakery within the Chatswood shopping centre. With a wide variety of cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, tea cakes, cupcakes, macarons, pies, savouries, and biscuits Pattison’s freshly brewed coffee from around the world not only makes a great bite but a great gift as well.

din tai fung restaurant chatswood
Din Tai Fung – Chatswood
Din Tai Fung Chatswood

if you are ever in need of extraordinary dumplings, noodles, fried rice, and wok dishes, the tech-cantered Din Tai Fung restaurants in Chatswood shopping centre are the place to go. The proclaimed “world’s tastiest dumplings” are made in the hands of the Din Tai Fung chefs. However, their other dishes are as amazing and the staff completes the experience with their amazing supporting service. Yes, I said supporting service – because what makes Din Tai Fung Chatswood special are the robot waiters who take you to your table and deliver your food to you. When seated, you simply need to order your meal on your provided iPad and wait for the adorable robot to make its way to your table with your food and drinks

haidilao hot pot chatswood
Haidilao Hot Pot – Chatswood
Haidilao Hot Pot

Now if you can’t get enough of the robots who roam while you dine – and amazing Asian cuisine, of course, you need to visit Haidilao Hot Pot in Chatswood. The hot pot restaurant has a great selection of meats and side dishes to accompany your base soup of choice and the hand-pulled noodle show live in front of your eyes makes the atmosphere exciting and vibrant. 

playon5 chatswoood
Playon5 – Chatswood

Playon5 Chatswood is no average sports bar. The exclusive sports bar located in Chatswood not only has a great variety of food and drink options for you to indulge in during the night, but they also have snooker tables, golf simulators, karaoke rooms, VR platforms, outdoor cabanas, a full bar and a restaurant to make a great, lively place for you and your friends and family to relax and have fun in 7 days a week.

the bavarian chatswood
The Bavarian – Chatswood
The Bavarian

The Bavarian Chatswood offers a German-inspired, Australian-embraced dining experience. Three fundamental qualities—great food, unrivaled German beers, and a tonne of fun—are the foundation of iconic credentials. The reasonably priced, family-friendly restaurant serves traditional fare like mouthwateringly warm, freshly baked pretzels, roast pork belly, enormous hog knuckles, and schnitzels, staying true to its Bavarian history. There is no other place in Australia where you can find seven different imported German beer styles on tap and served in steins. At The Bavarian, a distinctive fusion of a diner with Bavarian influences and a neighborhood pub, patrons may enjoy great cuisine, great drinks, great fun, and the best of both worlds.

Chatswood Schools

Chatswood has a wide variety of education centers to guide children throughout their learning ventures.

Primary Schools In Chatswood

chatswood primary school logo
Chatswood Primary SchoolChatswood
Chatswood Primary School

Chatswood Primary School offers students a safe, embracing community that is filled with support, education, and joy for both students and teachers.

Visit Website

Our Lady of Dolours - Chatswood
Our Lady of Dolours – Chatswood
Our Lady of Dolours

Our Lady of Dolours School is a warm, uplifting, and welcoming community that offers exceptional Catholic education. The inclusive culture of our school, where our kids, parents, and staff members have a very strong sense of belonging, is deeply ingrained with an understanding of and respect for “diversity.” The constant encouragement and support that our community provides contributes to this feeling of belonging

Visit Website

Secondary Schools in Chatswood

chatswood high school logo
Chatswood High School – Chatswood
Chatswood High School

Chatswood Primary School offers students a safe, embracing community that is filled with support, education, and joy for both students and teachers.

Visit Website

mercy college logo
Mercy Catholic College – Chatswood
Mercy Catholic College

Our Lady of Dolours School is a warm, uplifting, and welcoming community that offers exceptional Catholic education. The inclusive culture of our school, where our kids, parents, and staff members have a very strong sense of belonging, is deeply ingrained with an understanding of and respect for “diversity.” The constant encouragement and support that our community provides contributes to this feeling of belonging

Visit Website

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Medical Centres In Chatswood

Chatswood private hospital
Chatswood Private Hospital – Chatswood
Chatswood Private Hospital

The modern Chatswood Private Hospital was established in the Chatswood neighborhood of Sydney’s north shore in January 2016. Precision equipment is housed in their specially designed facility, which also has a highly skilled nursing staff that follows best practices for sanitation. They take pride in the fact that, on average, patients only spend three and a half hours with them, which results in excellent recuperation with little interference in daily life.

Chatswood medical and dental centre
Chatswood medical and dental centre – Chatswood
Chatswood Medical & Dental Centre

Chatswood Medical and Dental Centre is both a medical and dental center where individuals can receive quality service from skilled and amazing doctors, nurses, and dentists.

Sport, Health & Fitness Facilities

Whether you are looking for a team sport for either yourself or family members, or a sport for yourself to take up, Chatswood has a wide variety of sporting, fitness, and health-conscious activities and clubs for you to join.

Chatswood Outdoor Facilities and Areas

An image of Chatswood Park
Chatswood Park

Chatswood Parks’ new playground equipment is suitable for families with toddlers. It also caters for kids through to tweens. This is thanks to the newly installed equipment at Chatswood Park. This renovated area has gained significant popularity since it reopened. It’s a terrific location for kids to explore, especially if you live in a neighbouring apartment buildings. Residents with young children like the green, open space for the kids to run around in. The refreshing spot gives kids the fun-space that they appreciate. Its an awesome space to break away from being dragged around the stores.

Ferndale park bushwalking loop
An image of Ferndale Park

Ferndale Parks bushwalking loop is not only a great way to fit exercise into your day, but a great area to admire the beauty of the Willoughby area. The natural bush reserve has magnificent flora and fauna to look at while you either walk or jog your way around the loop.

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