Bamboo Forest and Hikes On The Road To Hana – (Ultimate Travel Guide)

road to Hana Maui Hawaii

Are you looking to visit Hana and have some fantastic travel experiences? This community is one of the most isolated in Hawaii but is worth visiting. Especially for its bamboo forest, which is everywhere.

Are you questioning the things to do in Hana and how long a drive on the Road to Hana is? Or, maybe you are wondering if there is anything to see on that road and if the road is dangerous. In the end, you will wonder about the hikes on that road and which one to choose.

Well, do not worry at all. If you are a hiking lover and admire nature, you will enjoy reading this post. Imagine experiencing a wonderful bamboo walk, and you will have a perfect view of all.

I have prepared a top list of the best guides to hikes on the road to Hana, including everything you should know about this incredible spot.

bamboo forest on the road to hana maui hawaii
Road To Hana Maui, Hawaii

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Some Facts About Hana

Location of Hana

Hana is a village located in Hawaii, United States. Moreover, it is on the east central side of Maui Island.

This village is considered a ”Real Hawaii” due to its breathtaking spots for relaxation. As a small town, it is a peaceful, exciting, but relevant part of the Hawaii population.

History of Hana

As for its history, Hana has a deep and rich history. Although this town is known as The Land that time forgot, it is worth visiting and enjoying your travel experiences.

One of the most popular pieces of information about Hana is the following. Do you know that one of the most famous people, Charles Linbulrg, is buried near Hana? Yes, that is true. When going to Hana, you can stop at his gravesite.

Things to do in Hana

Hana has some of the most beautiful beaches and landmarks in the world, but there are also plenty of other fascinating things to do here.

Here are some of my suggestions:

  • visiting the Hana Cultural Center & Museum;
  • browsing the art galleries;
  • Snorkeling at Hana Bay or
  • shopping at the local farmer’s market.

I can guarantee that you will love being in this town. So, once you are in Hana, I highly recommend you stay for a minimum of 4-5 days. That is enough time for the best way to enjoy Hana.

Just as information- there are many apartments and small resort properties available that you can find on Airbnb. But, you need to book well ahead.

On the other side, if you are a nature – lover, then camping is the best idea for you. However, due to its weather, do not expect to stay dry overnight because it will indeed be raining.

beach resort in Maui Hawaii
Beautiful beach resort in Maui, Hawaii

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Road to Hana

And here we are. The most relevant part is when speaking about this breathtaking town in Hawaii.

How to get there? Are there many roads and many hikes? Is the road dangerous? What should you bring to the road to Hana? Are possible to have bamboo walks along the road?

There are a lot of questions. Do not worry. That is why I decided to have a look at this spot, exploring every possible road of hikes to Hana and preparing my answers. I will give you answers to all your doubts you have about this road.

bamboo forest river
Breathtaking Bamboo Forest River

Is This Road Dangerous?

The Road to Hana is the crown treasure of Hawaii driving tours. The road is full of ocean sights, overgrown rainforests, and an enormous number of waterfalls and polls.

This road is around 65 miles long. It was built in the early 1800s but regularly opened in late 1926. Like Hana, this road has a location on the eastern side of Maui, Hawaii.

There are over 650 turns on the road to Hana. So, approximately twelve hours is a long drive along the road, including distinct stops.

However, as I said in the text above, there are plenty of things to see along this road. From waterfalls, beaches, and bamboo forests to hiking trails and parks. Paying attention to the mile tags along this road, you will have the best travel experience.

Nonetheless, in the text below, I will present all the best hike stops along the way. Contemplate that there are many stunning things along this road, so please do not miss it.

Yet, the first thing about the road to Hana is that this road is a pretty heavily traveled route. It contains a lot of bridges and harsh corners.

For example, it has approximately 600 curves and 54 bridges. The aim, this route can be critical to driving on. Just imagine the constant traffic, with the narrow one-lane roads, sharp corners, and wet conditions.

That is why I sometimes highly recommend choosing a guided tour to Hana.

What should you bring to the road to Hana?

oheo gulch seven sacred pool Maui
Oheo Gulch Pool Maui

As for your bag for the road to Hana, I suggest you take a big bag that includes towels, sunscreen, a change of clothes, food, and two-three bottles of water. That is all you will need on the first day.

Are there many waterfalls?

The fascinating part about the road to Hana is that there are different waterfalls (over fifteen!).

All of them are in all different shapes and sizes. Moreover, most waterfalls are longer during the drizzling seasons of the year on this island. You definitely can not miss seeing them.

Some waterfalls are easily seeable from the road, but others demand a little hiking to get to them. So, I will describe the best guides to hikes on the road to Hana in detail in the text below.

The Best Guides To Hikes On The Road To Hana

bamboo forest
magnificent bamboo forest

So, deciding to hike on the road to Hana can be attractive. However, using a car along this road can make things much more leisurely.

You can drive from hike to hike and enjoy your day. In that way, you will not be sitting in the car too much, and your bamboo walks will be combined.

There are some stops to go hiking along the road to Hana and have fabulous travel experiences.

Below is my list of the best guides to hikes on the road to Hana.
This list also includes walks that aren’t necessarily definite hiking trails.

Some of them are more like relaxed walks that start near the Hana Highway. Still, all of these walks bring breathtaking views. All of them offer fabulous hiking, nevertheless, you are an expert hiker or just a starter.

And about the duration of these walks, they are around three to four-hour road to Hana hikes. Yet, if you prefer a shorter time – you can choose walks that are about 15-20 minutes walk, which can be good for stretching your body.

Let’s see some of them described in detail.

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Best hikes on the road to Hana ( with bamboo forest included)

The Waianapanapa Coastal Trail

Placed in Hana, the Waianapanapa Coastal Trail is in Waianapanapa State Park. Waianapanapa State Park means as one of the best Maui state parks here.

However, this hike requires a reservation. Hence, without a reservation, you can not go to Waianapanapa State park. It does not mind if you spend only 30 minutes or you spend 3 hours on the route, you will get incredible views.

Do not forget to take your camera and capture all these stunning sceneries. You will be hiking across lava fields with ocean views almost the whole time. And just from the beginning of the hiking trail, on the black sand beach, you will see a lava tube that opens up to the ocean.

Bamboo Forest

I can assure you that when you first enter this forest, you will fall in love with it. You will not want to go outside. You will feel like you are walking in another world.

This forest is one of the most amazing travel experiences. The entire hike is around four miles. That is two miles each way. So, save your energy for this marvelous experience.

It takes approximately 30 minutes from the start of the Pipiwai Trail to the first entrance into the Bamboo Forest. Once you arrive at the Bamboo Forest, it is another half hour to Waimoku Falls.

Hiking in Bamboo Forest is one of the best quick bamboo walks, combined with swimming, many waterfalls, and spectacular views.

Another bonus from hiking in this forest is seeing the rainbow eucalyptus trunks on the way back. Definitely the best bamboo walk and worth it!

maui hawaii landscape
Majestic Maui Hawaii Landscape

Waimoku Falls via Pipiwai Trail + Bamboo Forest

This hike is placed in Haleakala National Park on the road to Hana. Before you start your hiking here, you need to know the following. There are many going up and down rock “stairs”, but in general – is pretty reasonable.

However, you can enjoy bamboo walks, just like in Bamboo Forest. Apparently, just near the end of the Pipiwai trail, you will walk through the majestic bamboo forest.

As a bonus, here you will see the best view of the waterfall. Although many people share their pictures on social media where they are swimming in a pool above a waterfall, please do not do that. This applies to the smaller waterfalls too. You can easily be injured by a seemingly innocuous fall.

Oh, I need to add that on this hike, it is very important to get bug spray. You will maybe find many mosquitoes and other buggers, so having the bug spray will save your body.

Hike to Kaihalulu Beach

aloha on beach sand

Red sand beach Maui, or Kaihalulu Beach, is undoubtedly one of the most famous beaches in the world. It is one of the rare red sand beaches in the world.

Anyhow, this red sand beach can be dangerous, and I highly advise you to be very cautious, not swim too far out and not do anything you can not handle.

The beach is obviously worth taking the excursion and will always leave impressions you will never get out of your mind.
To experience this beauty, you should make your way to the eastern side of Hana.

Therefore, you will have a small hike along the water’s edge.
The hike down to the red sand beach will take about 20 or 30 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

Note* This beach is beautiful as Westward Beach and Zuma Beach in Malibu.

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Summing up things from the road to Hana

beach in Maui Hawaii
Beautiful beaches and views in Maui, Hawaii

In the end, I really need to add that I tried to summate all the best hikes on the road to Hana, but it does not mean they are entire. However, keep in mind all of these guides to have the best travel experience.

As a bonus, I will add the following hiking tips I have prepared for you. Here is a bullet list, and I hope you will use it on your road to Hana.

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