10 Simple Ways To Have Romantic Sex In Your Relationship

Sex is not just a natural occurrence but a necessary and enjoyable part of adult life. It is a well-accepted practice and thus forms a normal part of people’s lives. Without it, we would not exist! Right? Or, better said – sex is an essential element of being fulfilled, humans. So, you surely need some dose of healthy romantic sex in your relationship.

Personally, I find all topics around, “sex and relationships” intriguing. Therefore, I decided to explore the subject a little today. Let’s dive in and see how best you cannot only have romantic sex in your relationship but also make it healthy.

intimate couple on the floor

Here are the sub-topics that will be covered in this blog post:

  • Why is sex education important?
  • How much is sex important in your relationship?
  • Can a relationship last without romantic sex?
  • What is romantic sex in your relationship? 
  • The 10 simple ways to have romantic sex in your relationship.

Why is sex education important?

Firstly, sex education is a serious part of our daily lives. Definitely, sex education should not be limited to certain people because of their sex, years, or parents’ views. Almost 80 % of American 19 years old have had intercourse. And around 97% of Americans have sex in their lifetime.

As so, sex education has been a specially popular theme for a long time. It is meant to educate you about sex to acquire facts about your body and how its functions.

sex education

Sexual Education Is A Must

Secondly, education about sex will help you understand what is regular or abnormal. Yes – nowadays, many teenagers face a difficult time when hitting adolescence. Many of them probably confuse certain things as abnormal.

But, there is no worry about it. You need to understand that your body is changing, so with sex education, you can find out what is normal for your physical health. Moreover, it can teach you when you need to look for seeing medical help.

How much is sex important in your relationship?

I suppose you are in a relationship, or you are just starting your new relationship and wondering what the importance of sex is in your relationship. Well, here we are. I will share why sex is meaningful and how much sex is enough in a relationship.

Firstly, the far-reaching thing you should look at is that there is no strict rule that suggests that sex is always necessary. However, many studies suggest that partners are happier when they have everyday sex with their partners. On the other hand, many people have healthy and happy relationships without having regular sex with their partners.

happy couple

Happy couples laugh more!

Or, maybe having sex once in a half year. So, while for someone that is totally unbelievable, for some couples that is normal. You need to find your properties with your partner and see what the best for both of you is.

Some researchers are finding that the frequency of sex depends on many causes like:

  • how much libido, or ”sex drive” does one have?
  • does the person live with some medical condition, like chronic pain ;
  • is the person single or married ;
  • or the person wants to date for a more time period before having sex.

However, keep in mind that how much sex you have does not indicate that your relationship with your partner is unhealthy. Even more, it certainly is not a sign that your partner does not value or love you.

So, after summing up that sexual activity is not always necessary to have a healthy relationship, let’s take a look at why this question is always present.

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When are you asking about the frequency of sex in your relationship?

Well, this question about the frequency of sex typically is asked when one side is less pleased with the quantity of sex they are having. For instance, a case of a different desire needs, or a situation where one side wants more or less than the other, is expected in reserved relationships.

Hence, it can also be that both sides are dissatisfied with the frequency they have in sexual relations.

romantic couple

forever love

So, sex frequency is definitely not a peculiar problem that you are facing only in your relationship. I can assure you that many partners have that problem over and over.

Many adult couples are wondering how much sex they should be having. From my analysis and reading studies, this turned out to be the most common question asked in the office of sex therapists.

Remind yourself that it is not about the number – but favorable experience with that encounter that truly matters. Yes – sex is much more than a number. Many partners in new relationship studies who were said to double the amount of sex were no more satisfied than before (with their regular sex).

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Can a relationship last without romantic sex?

As mentioned above, it is fair to assume that a relationship can last without sex. It does not matter if you have romantic sex every day or have sex once a year with your partner – it is your desire and comfort that matters. Above all, you both need to be on the same page with the decision you make.

love language

sexual bond & satisfaction

Have you heard about sexual satisfaction? Well, sexual enjoyment is better than everyday sex. But, that enjoyment can be better or (rarer) at certain stages of relationships. As life goes on, responsibilities increase and sexual satisfaction can slow down for some couples. However, it is up to you and your partner to set your own personal standard and be okay with it.

What is romantic sex in your relationship?

Romantic sex in your relationship is sex that goes beyond the physical. That means that romantic sex is like an experience full of powerful emotions which are intense and tender.
It is more than just two persons intertwining but also two souls highly connected, almost spiritual.

There are always times in a relationship when despite how happy both of you are, the sex component can take a dip – sometimes for hormones, stress, or being with your partner for a long time. When things get a bit boring, it is possible to spice things up.

passion and romance

passion and love

We put together a list of fun sex tips, which helped couples to spice things up. By having romantic sex, you will experience the sexual romance of expressing feelings of passion, love, and care through erotic touch.

So, to have more romantic sex, you’ll have to communicate how you feel about your partner through your sexual actions. Therefore, with that thought in mind here are ten simple ways to have romantic sex in your relationship.

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10 simple ways to have romantic sex in your relationship.

Before I dive into it, I need to add that is very important to communicate with your partner about how they feel about your sexual actions. It means you need to actually know your partner: his dreams, fears, desires, and personal character. After all great sex is all about that and more!

Do not communicate about it in the bedroom? Try something different and have this conversation while you are having dinner, having lunch, walking in the park, shopping, etc. Try to spend valuable time with them and get to know them well. And when you do all that and truly appreciate how perfect your partner is, you’ll be better able to bring the natural passion for them in bed.

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  1. Try keeping your clothes on

Do not use the old rule – having sex all naked. No, I recommend you to leave something on your body – a pair of sexy heels, your sexy bra, or your socks. That will definitely create a seductive atmosphere.

heel on romantic sexy woman

Leave the sexy heels on

2. Have slow and long romantic sex

Living in a busy world where all of us are worried about actual covid and economic crisis, and everything these past two years happened, romantic sex is very much necessary. Although there is nothing mistaken with busy sex like ”rip-each-other’s-clothes-off”, there are times when long intimate sex is all you need.

Studies show that slow romantic sex can up the production of those bonding-love hormones that help partners stay emotionally united. Intimate connection is vital for cozy erotic sex. Try to concentrate on intimacy, having eye contact with your partner while he does tender touches.

3. Set the scene

The third way to have romantic sex in your relationship is by setting the scene. Nevertheless, if you are a romantic or non-romantic person, you can achieve this with some effort. Simply put lift the mood with a bit of soft lighting, sexy candles, play soft romantic music, and sexy fun games.

Yeah, that will create the desired ambiance and truly set the scene for maximum excitement. You will understand that sex becomes what you make of it – if you make a romantic scene, the sex will be romantic also. Focus on your partner, give him your sexy attention and be as in the moment as completely as possible.

4. Talk about sex in your daily routines

Romantic sex can not happen without communication or effort. Try to tell your partner what turns you on and what fantasies you have. The more you speak about sex – the more romantic it will be. Talking about sex frequently will build intimacy and connection with you and your partner.

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5. Try to eliminate “every kind” of distractions

By every kind of distraction, I mean turning off your phones, the television, and everything else in your room. To have romantic sex, your time together should be about you as a pair and being current with each other.

romantic couple

set the mood up for a good time later

6. Include intimate slow foreplay

Further, it is so essential to make foreplay much longer. It is about getting to the right mindset so take your time to enjoy it. Try not to be predictable or monotonous before initiating sex with your partner. Make meaningful additions like giving them a soothing massage or making out for a long time in the kitchen before taking it to the bedroom.

7. Try to vocalize more with your partner

During sexual activity, use more sex talk to spice-up things. Do not be shy in front of your partner – let them know what makes you feel good and sexy. Be specific tell them how much you love them, and make it clear that you want to have sex with them.

8. Learn your partner’s inner character

Just like talking about sex, it is essential to learn what your other half finds romantic. When ready, ask your partner what romantic sex means to them, particularly. You can ask them how they want to be touched and imagine whatever else comes after that.

The more times you can speak about the emotions you have for your partner during sex, the more romantic your sexual adventures will be.

9. Hold your partner’s hand

Holding your partner’s hand while having sex is a romantic sexual experience that gives you a feeling of closeness and comfort.

hold hands

hold hand everywhere you go

10. Kissing while having sex in other places other than your mouth

Instead of regular kissing in the mouth – try to kiss your partner in more delicate parts. For example the forehead, the stomach, the back of the hand, and any other more vulnerable part of the body.

The Take-Aways

Having romantic sex in your relationship requires creating a sense of passion, erotic tension, and emotions. It is a fact that if you are naturally a romantic person, you definitely would not need this.

But, if you are not, I can guarantee that by following all these ways mentioned above, you will have some of the best romantic sex in your life. Try them, and let us know your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below. I learn much from you as you do from me. Till next time let’s create steamy, sexy, and romantic relationships.


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